Contact a boating buddy today!Contact a boating buddy today!
Free Boat to Boat communication for everyone!
*Send messages to nearby boats.
*Find people with the same kind of boat as yours.
*Warn nearby boats about damaged covers etc.
*Ask for advice on equipment used by others.
Of course it's not real ship to ship radio, but it is a free and easy way for you to contact nearby boats and others who own a boat like yours.
How does it work?
Simply Register your boat with us. You can then send messages to other boats by simply visiting this site. Any messages sent to your boat will arrive by email. You won't get spam because no one sees your email address.

So the next time you see someone's boat cover flapping loose, you can actually alert the owner and save them further damage to their vessel. And of course people can alert you to problems with your precious boat.


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