1/ Perhaps you know this feeling:

1/ Perhaps you know this feeling: unpleasant current events come thick and fast, & & can almost paralyse us. What's really good then: immersing yourself in , shifting perspectives. What was it like on this between the ice ages and the greenhouses Why was the never empty even when it looked desolate And how does work

Youre truly One of the Kind is an adorable picture book about diversity and cherishing our individuality. It shares a sweet message of confidence, love and friendship. I love how Sonali Patodia uses Indian mythology and culture to explore all these concepts.

Amazing to see these rankings for Unsung Women in Somerset!

Thanks to all who've bought it so far!

"Hitchcock Lost and Found" (2015)
Alain Kerzoncuf and Charles Barr

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"What's Wrong With Atheism" - Video Review of PragerU - SciPhi by Answers In Reason


Virtual Cities, my atlas and exploration of 45 classic video game cities, is currently very cheap on Amazon. Here:

Last Fables: Fraudewolf - Page 13

An adaptation the fantasy novel, Last Fables: Fraudewolf

The full epic tale, available in Physical, Digital and Audiobook!

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A new in the OAPEN Library: , Culture, and Religion

holds up our favorite pro-democracy new
Heather Cox Richardson
Democracy Awakening

Communicate with your local boat owners.

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

I'm making 12 suggestions to read in December at my blog. Today is Marple, 12 short stories by recent authors using Miss Marple as a character

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Review The Illusion of Control JonDanielsson The Illusion of Why Financial Crises Happen, and What We Can (and Cant) Do About It, YaleBooks June 2022, UK

For fans, this instance of may be of interest.

As winter sets in and people try to keep warm, nothing beats a thick blanket and curling up on the sofa with a good book.

Have you read any of these titles They are all available in bookshops and will deepen your knowledge on Iraq.

Each of these books will also provide you with fascinating insights into subjects rarely discussed here in the West.

Everything you thought you knew about Iraq, will certainly be challenged.

Philip gave Alpha Max five stars!

"Witty and exciting. Thoroughly enjoyed this book which mixes philosophy and science fiction to explore the concept of the multiverse. "

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Review of by Ronald Malfi

Review of by B.P. Walter

Review of by Clare Mackintosh

Day 25

Today I am delighted to welcome Babs Wilkie of to to share 3 favourite books published in 2023

Find out which 3 books Babs chose here...

Pilze der Heimat eine Auswahl der verbreitesten, essbaren ungeniessbaren und giftigen Pilze unserer Wlder -1913-

THE FAMILY THAT SLEUTHS TOGETHERfinds out more about themselves and each other in this charming, engrossing California murder mystery starring three generations of smart, sharp women solving a complicated crime. B PLUS

You know how they say if you want to a you need to a lot of -
Is it also true that to be a you should watch a lot of

Kindle Unlimited3

Book Wars
John B Thompson covers the rise of the ebook and what it meant for publishing. From the dominance of Amazon, to the metoric rise, then slow dwindle of ebook readers...there is something here for anyone that is interested in the industry of writing and books.

Read my longer review of Book Wars

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Learn to Love Reading
When I heard about Alex Wieckowski I thought I had a kindred spirit in a reader, but after reading his book and following his newsletter it's mostly fluff. This is nothing more than a bunch of quotes about reading, some of them from very questionable people, who were questionable long before Alex included them, like Jordan Peterson.

Yes there are also some quotes from the likes of Haruki Murakami, but the fluff

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty
This was an excellent look at finding love after heartbreaking loss. One of the best fiction books I read in 2022.

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The mysterious past of the newest at

1987 A group of women sitting on a couch

This image captures a scene of camaraderie between a group of women who are comfortably seated on a couch.
The room they are in seems to be indoors and is characterized by a nearby window and a wall.
The women are all dressed in different styles of clothing, contributing to the diversity of the scene.
There's a sense of intellectual engagement as a book is visible, perhaps being read or discussed by the group.
Their faces, expressing a range of emotions, are distinctly visible.
This scene is presented in a striking black and white format, enhancing the timeless and universal appeal of the picture.

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

This event is coming up next week already. A Nearby Country Called Love: A Novel: Finding Humanity Amid Chaos with Salar Abdoh
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Tender, deep, but with a truly enjoyable prose. It gave me goosebumps.

Evening all, back from performing at a choir gathering. it was muchly needed. I finished my current book earlier and now looking for a nice, happy christmasy kind of read. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.

Next up is Hogfather, and its the perfect time of year for it too!

Let's talk some more. Read a ncew chapter of at

I want to play but I SHOULD write

I remember when I read Eragon for the first time nearly twenty years ago. How exciting to discover the latest book of the series released a few weeks ago !

Master storyteller and internationally bestselling author Christopher Paolini returns to the World of Eragon in this stunning epic fantasy set a year after the events of the Inheritance Cycle. Join Dragon Riderand fan favoriteMurtagh and his dragon as they confront a perilous new enemy!

American Alphabets
W. A. Dwiggins
Item date: 1930.


Which of these best selling book genres would you be most likely to read

If you know a kid who is fascinated by animals, this guide could make the perfect ! Presented in an interactive question-and-answer format, this book introduces the reader to the world of mammals.

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