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Paper Boat Paper Bird is out today Mina travels to Japan Beautiful illustrations by Kirsti Beautyman Its The Times Childrens Book of the Week Our world would be a little less without this touching sensitive book about the joys of new experiences and chance meetings

davidjalmond Newcastle Paper Boat Paper Bird is out today! Mina travels to Japan. Beautiful illustrations by Kirsti Beautyman. It's The Times Children's Book of the Week: ‘Our world would be a little less without this touching, sensitive book about the joys of new experiences and chance meetings.’ Author: Skellig, Bone Music, Brand New Boy, The Dam etc. Carnegie Medal. Hans Christian Andersen Award. Emeritus Prof of Creative Writing, Bath Spa. FRSL. OBE.
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chiefkeeffangrl im the mysterious girl on the boat wit 1 backpack and a book 🤭 nezneznez
gwilliams_ian Crewe, England If you enjoy reading WW2 action and adventure stories, then you'll like my debut novel based about an audacious attack on Washington DC. Can one of Hitler's super weapons alter the course of the war? 📣 @eBookLingo 📚 Married 38 years, 2 children. Born in Liverpool, UK. Fascinated with WW2, hence the fictional novel. Lived in Toronto for 2 years, love travelling, now retired.
seannymacthedon FL Guess #1) Steam boat w/ mushroom captain Guess #2) character sleeping with a book covering its body, while the bow is showing Just another guy. CNFT degen. @DeadRabbitRS mod. surgical optics qc. subpar gamer. fantasy football. sports cards. to live and learn is what i try and do best.
wnpr Connecticut 🔊This hour on @wherewelive, we preview journalist Erik Hesselberg’s new book about the vibrant history of steamboats in our state, taking a trip on “Night Boat to New York.” We are WNPR + CPTV. Connecticut’s public media source for news, information and ideas.
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marianlthorpe Guelph, ON & Norfolk, UK @SusanJenniferH1 @MaximeJaz @EmmalineStrange @Audasaurus_Rex @katkinneywrites @DanFitzWrites Thanks, Susan! Lena sailing her boat into harbour at sunset. GIF the opening scene of your first book @Areaer_Novels @bayne_wendy @joanne_paulson Author, essayist, poet. Lover of landscape, history, & birds (also cat & spouse). Contributor to @musereview
NKG0774 United Kingdom Coastguards heli is up overhead, life boat is out that means someone is or couldn’t be in the sea, usually gossips are speculating on the book of face like flies to 💩. Who ever it is hope they made it to shore…….. Single, Happy female, No DM’s unless friends
Lisa7Pettifer Cumbria @stoneman_claire Northumberland is ace for castles, also has great book shops, cafes, fish and chips, beaches, boat trips and harbours. Education bridges the gap between the disadvantages of the past and the opportunities of the future. Chartered College of Teaching member 001.
sandrikNFT Here. I am now, and always will be, a book person. (Those other guys sure missed the boat on this one.) @jenkinsthevalet #wearebookpeople Multimedia producer, wearer of many hats | editor - @nfnews_io | @ds_studiosnft | NFTs, crypto, boating, traveling, just enjoying life, @FLSNFT @SteezyApeGang
ArroyoSeco5 Los Angeles Are you a fan of Red Boat Fish Sauce? Pick up Pham’s The Red Boat Fish Sauce Cook Book for a plethora of delicious recipes featuring that condiment check out the book ( try the ebook ( A regional branch of the Los Angeles Public Library located in Highland Park.
spurdog1916 England, United Kingdom @BootleBee @deirdrenugent4 My brother used to do that when we were growing up. So infuriating when I got to the end 😡. Then when we fished on the same boat years later I tore the last 3 pages out of the book that he was reading. ☺️ Living in beautiful Kernow Cornwall but originally from Wexford. Net Rigger for Silver Dawn Fishing. DLA at Penlee RNLI. TTID.
thegreatanimal well @RRRRRRAT and i have been too overwhelmed by life to do much advance planning but we just managed to book a cabin on a lake for our anni next week, w a private boat launch, and it’s near the place we went stargazing together when we made it official so :) ☆ | gunslinger | undertaker | heartbreaker | ☆ cotton candy heart typa bitch ♡ 29 ♡ they/she ♡ icon by @cquirkart !!
theboychunder @CamelToad Loch Ness is a good day out. I was there 2 weeks ago. Take a boat trip out into the water and then head to the castle. You’ll need to book your castle time in advance as it will become fully booked. Just book in the morning when you know. 🇬🇧 now in 🇳🇴. Rangers fan and football shirt collector. Love Juventus Kappa shirts from the 1990’s
IN_IT_THE_BOOK Prison Reform War Room @RishiSunak is about to announce which member of the audience on @SkyNews #ToryLeadershipContest has won the speed boat and caravan. #battleforno10 Idiot who went to jail... and wrote a book... and then wrote another one... ON IT...

New Zealand.