A Dweller on Two Planets

A Dweller on Two Planets

Today's review!

The Beast of Loughby Island by Matt Doyle:

Ulysses: "A skillfully written and fairly relentless horror story. 5 stars."

Maryann: "A quick and terrifying read, filled with non-stop suspense."

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The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

"By Southern Playwrights" (1996)
edited by Michael B. Dixon and Michele Volansky

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The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I as Antonio by DB Reynolds ( 15/Vampires in America).
Most recently in the series. It reflects Reynolds's turn toward more paranormal than early in her career. The is thin & the action is emphasized. Given how much I love this series, this one was ... fine but not great.

A HIGH-POWERED BLACK EXECUTIVE quits her Fortune 500 corporate job and takes on the challenge of turning a struggling hair salon back into the neighborhood icon it once was. Entertaining urban fiction with a positive spin. SOLID B

"The Dentist of Auschwitz" (2001)
Benjamin Jacobs

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Blind Curves: A Woman, A Motorcycle, And A Journey To Reinvent Herself by Linda Crill.

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Picked up a new book this weekend from the local thrift store.

I have questions.

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

Loren Grush

After reading The New Guys, I was curious if a book more focused on the first six American women in space might have different details. Yes, slightly. The inscrutable George Abbey seems much less problematic here. Hoot Gibson sounds like quite a charmer. There's also no sign of rivalry between Sally Ride and Kathy Sullivan. Unfortunately, post-Challenger missions get compressed into the epilogue. Still, the history remains compelling as ever.

The Beast )

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Another Canadian recognized at the ALAs this year is for . The received an for the best 10 books for adults that appeal to children.

Bad Cree is a -infused novel that centres around a young woman named Mackenzie, who is haunted by terrifying nightmares and wracked with guilt about her sister Sabrina's untimely death. The lines between her dreams and reality start to blur when she begins seeing a murder of crows following her around the city and starts getting threatening text messages from someone claiming to be her dead sister.

Praktische Handleiding voor de beoefening der schrijftkunst
J. Oomkens, Roelf Gerrit Rijkens
Item date: 1827.


wins major American children's literature award
Her middle-grade novel was awarded a and a honour.

Jai dcouvert ce premier livre au hasard dchange de livres numriques avec des amis. Et jai dvor les trois publis en franais ce jour dans la foule.


My latest Mother E this week explores uncertainty, erosion (broadly interpreted by Terry Tempest Williams and learning from the . .

Upside Down, by Danielle Steel, My rating:4 out of 5 stars, Read from: 02/04/2024 - 02/04/2024.

Book description: Oscar-winning actress Ardith Law is a Hollywood icon. Radiant at sixty-two, she is the epitome of glamour and a highly respected artist. But her success has come at a she has a strained relationship with her daughter, Morgan, who at thirty-eight still blames Ardith for putting her career before being a mother. Morgan is a successful plastic surgeon in New York Cityand the distance from Ardiths Bel Air mansion is not lost on either of them. Ardith became a single mother when Morgan was seven, after her unfaithful husband died in a helicopter accident. In recent years, she has found amiable companionship with fellow actor Bill West. But Ardiths comfortable world is turned upside down when she hires a temporary personal assistant, Josh Gray, while Bill is away filming in London. Joshs rough-around-the-edges persona is the opposite of what Ardith is used to, but an unexpected tragedy brings them closer, stirring up conflicting feelings in her for this younger man. In New York, Morgan is swept off her feet by world-renowned TV anchorman Ben Ryan. Though more than two decades her senior, Ben is handsome, charismatic, and just as smitten as Morgan. But when a blackmail scheme puts his careerand their relationshipon the line, Morgan doesnt know where to turn. Perhaps . . . to her mother As each woman navigates an unconventional romance, they cautiously approach each other on new terms and attempt to put aside their past for a new future. In Upside Down, Danielle Steel tells an unforgettable story of bold choices, second chances, and the hope of reconciliation.


"The very attempt to narrativize and moralize fascism translates what is perceived as the object of this moral narrative, the event of fascism as a "lived experience," into representation, which consequently implicates such moral and political representations of fascism in the restaging, stylizing, or aestheticizing of such an event."


Some chapters are available in

"This book brings together prominent scholars in the fields of international cultural heritage law and heritage studies to scrutinise the various branches of international law and governance dealing with heritage destruction from human rights perspectives, both in times of armed conflict as well as in peace."

"Chapters deal with high profile cases from Europe, North Africa, The Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, with a substantial afterword on heritage destruction in Ukraine."

Just finished the graphic novel "Cassandra Darke" by Posy Simmonds. It is a thriller set in London and more wordy than comics usually are. I enjoyed it. The main character is an utterly unlikeable old, rich woman who decides to let out her basement flat to the daughter of an acquaintance. Her lodger starts dating a young man from a questionable background who one day turned up with a gun.

Thank you so much to everyone for you recommendations, very much appreciated

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The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

"Impact of War on Federal Personnel Administration" (2014)
Gladys M. Kammerer

Today's review! Damage Controlled by Miski Harris, Don't Ask, Don't Tell book 3:

"Teddy Washington, aka Phoenix, has entered a nationally televised drag queen contest... Gregory Grayson is a vet who returned home with a traumatic brain injury... amazing. Five stars."

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"The antarctic, a very short introduction" is a by Klaus Dodds, focusing on the discovery of the continent, the importance of the Antarctic Treaty for geopolitics, biodiversity and the protection of economically interesting resources. Short indeed, but a

This is going to be a great to ! Imagine writing your at 87!

"Andrew Robinson reviews five of the best science picks."


Battle Royale, by Koushun Takami


Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Wow, this was bad, really bad. It starts with the reason for this novels po...

"Poor Things" ist als modernisierte Neuinterpretation des klassischen Romans von Alasdair Gray einfach brillant. Ein Muss fr alle Filmfans und besonders Filmkunstfans!