About 's To Arrive This Week

About 's To Arrive This Week

Communicate with your local boat owners.

Im probably going to finish all the books I brought with me to the beach, with time for maybe one more quick read. Looking for suggestions.

My most recent reads were one of the Witcher books, Sally Rooneys Normal People, and a Japanese whodunit murder mystery.

And, go!

Today's indie author review! The Vitruvian Mask" by BJ Sikes

"A fascinating read that does not take the easy route... There is a flicker hope by the end of the book well have to wait and see if there will be any silver lining to the rain clouds that hang over Paris."

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"Portrait Of A Father" (1998)
Robert Penn Warren

Dive "into" the world of once again with the 2nd volume of this incredible fan-made anatomical art project!

Across the book's 300+ pages, you'll explore the biology, behavior, and abilities of the second generation in stunning detail.

You've read the tales, now get the books!

Sbastien Broca
Utopia del Software Libero
Dal bricolage informatico alla reinvenzione sociale

Nato negli anni 80 dalla rivolta degli hacker contro la privatizzazione del codice informatico, il movimento del Software Libero, non sembrava destinato a rinnovare limmaginario politico. I suoi valori e le sue pratiche si sono tuttavia estesi ad altri campi, elaborando gradualmente una vera e propria utopia concreta. Eppure il Software Libero solleva anche molti interrogativi per le sue relazioni con leconomia di Internet, per lentusiasmo tecnofilo o per le ambiguit politiche. Sbastien Broca li evidenzia, raccontando una storia in cui gli hacker ispirano il pensiero critico e gli imprenditori open source si confrontano con i sostenitori dei beni comuni.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Started reading the book The Entrepreneurial State about how most of is not funded by private investors but by the state.

I'm re-reading the Anna Travis series of books by Lynda Le Plante. I like most of those. I do think that is the best series she wrote.

I'm reading "You Will Find Your People: How to Make Meaningful Friendships as an Adult", by Lane Moore, and I teared up at the chapter "Yes, Animals Can Be Your (Best) Friends". Stories about animals changing people's lives tend to give me all the feels.

Thank you, for this beautiful gift of a review

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

Unravel the mysteries of like never before in "Demonic Archive: The Mythology of Demon's Souls."

This is easily most exhaustive dissection of Demon's Souls' lore in existence.

A SHIMMERING TAPESTRY OF ESSAYS, poetic and direct, woven from stories about life and love, illness and health, connection and loss. B PLUS

"Foundations of the Nazi Police State" (2004)
George C. Browder

Today I finished the final, final, final, final, final edit of my manuscript. It gets packed up with the images, an image spreadsheet and permissions docs and delivered tomorrow evening to my publisher.

A new episode has been published on

Show: Redefining Society With

Episode: Book Growing Up in Public: Coming of Age in a Digital World

Guest: Author Devorah Heitner

Podcast format: Audio & Video


I A Deal With The Devil by Elizabeth ORoark. This is an enemies-to-lovers , which is not my favorite trope. But I do admire the authors determination to realistically portray the difficult choices families have to make.

I'm coming back from , where I attended the , a language event at the Consulate with , , representatives from the county's and more. I spoke about my "La Noche en la zona M" (Night at the M Zone), a for young readers. I'm grateful for the invitation and wishing to return!

Nice overview.
Foreign-language books translated into English increasingly popular


TLDR: choose what you want to give a f*ck to, wisely.

A of rest was in order. Slept well past 9 (which never happens). Enjoyed my cup of by the with my hubs and . Did a long, slow ride through the neighborhood. Enjoyed brunch and some bloody marys followed by chores around the house. Then spent the afternoon floating in the pool with an adult beverage and good .

Ive always struggled with a decent work/life balance but am getting better. Especially on the weekends.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Chapter 4 on spanking, within the book, Domestic Discipline, by Jules Markham.

Please see the new Domestic Discipline community at LemmyNSFW:

Hatch would like me to quit reading and Do Something Interesting (but he's now settled for moping on my feet)

I got the book from which is my new favourite bookstore. I'm reading "To Shape A Dragon's Breath." This is a "magic school with dragons" but the protagonist is indigenous and she's stuck with the culture shock of going to the only available dragon school with a bunch of people who think she's uncivilized and... Look, the culture shock is a pretty common theme in young adult fantasy but hers feels deeply real to me in ways that I'm not sure I could explain. It's hooking into some part of hindbrain from my own cultural adaptation to the US and the small moments of "Oh your English is so good" (thanks, it's my native language) from my experience as an off-white teenager. But more than that, the author is a genius of using language and stories and myths shared among people and cultures. I'm only halfway through and I *need* there to be more in this series so you should all go buy a copy or request it at your library.

Which is all to say that poor Hatch might have to wait until I get hungry before I get up

In this hilarious second book in the Middle School and Other Disasters series, witch-in-training Heidi Heckelbeck wants her crush to notice her. Featuring black-and-white illustrations and doodles throughout and sparkly foil on the cover!


My last item on special today is the paperback edition of my collection, Unlikely Muses. This collection ranges from drama to humor, from fantasy to sci-fi, from the past to the (possibly) distant future, with introductions along the way to the unlikely muses who inspired the stories.

"Traces of Ink. Experiences of Philology and Replication is a collection of original papers exploring the textual and material aspects of inks and ink-making in a number of premodern cultures (Babylonia, the Graeco-Roman world, the Syriac milieu and the Arabo-Islamic tradition)."

(Eds.). (22 Feb. 2021). Traces of Ink. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. (57)


35/52 Familie
Family Album
A first thought for this week's motto was the photo album that probably every family has in one of their bookshelves. Memories of important events, everyday life, funny or sad things were recorded, sometimes supplemented by a few words. Often we took it from the shelf, leafed through it, and recalled these days that we didn't want to forget.

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Van Rooy, R. (12 Apr. 2023). New Ancient Greek in a Neo-Latin World. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. (56)

Development of the Trinity in the Early Christian Church by Reason to Doubt

We'd Recommend Checking this one out!
'In this episode Jared is flying solo and going to discuss how the doctrine of the Trinity developed throughout Christian History.

Interact with us!
Twitter: Reason2Doubt PressXtoDoubt'


Im thinking about what sort of cover I want for Out of Time, even though I wont need it for a while.

"Style and Status" (2007)
Susannah Walker

Vim the Smart Way, Moving out of MacOS, and JSON Serializer in Python

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Today's queer spec fic release: Nita Round's fantasy steampunk book A Touch of Unity.

Bring your people home, Ascara. Bring them home. The echoes of the betrayal continue to rumble throughout Veritas. Weeding out the rot is no simple task. Not when the roots of secrets and lies run so deep that they infect...

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Electronic cigarettes from 1953:

Today's queer indie author review! Reading It Wrong by A.L. Lester:

"Darcy and the shy, cute Paul are so made for each other... I highly recommend Reading It Wrong - it's a quick, fun read with a little mystery, silly crooks and very likable characters."

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