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Also part of Tumblr

Here I talked about what I like about thr movie as an adaptation and why I have been obsessing over it nonstop

I loooove poetry. And Places Far From Home is my new book! 120 pages of in to help you find your place, and make it feel like home


This week I am shining a on by Reed Logan Westgate!

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/#SelfPublished authors, to have your book featured fill out the form in the post!

Today is my stop on the for by Jennifer Dugan!

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Has anyone here read God's Own Country by Ross Raisin (It's a completely different story to the film of the same name)

I was hooked on the story but also very disturbed by it, which I think the author intended. I'm curious to hear the thoughts of anyone else who has read it.

Making a Phone Call - English Speaking Practice

Cover-to-Cover 10/17:
Tglich ein Cover. Der Pfeifenheini: Habt ihr einen gestrten Nachbarn Oder kennt ihr einen Typen, der euch permanent auf den Geist geht Auf der Arbeit oder im Privatleben ja Der Pfeifenheini ist schlimmer.

"Mexican Lobby" (2014)
edited by Thomas D. Schoonover


A bundle of all five of my Summer Garden fairy books is together!

New Bombs With Just 3,000 Copies Sold

Jeffe Kennedy talks fantasy, adventure, romance and sexytimes in this

Tohle vypad m zdailou knihu :)
Lid tete

I'm reading "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing", by , and the former bird site is mentioned frequently in it. A year ago, this wouldn't have been notable, but it's strange now to read about Twitter when it technically no longer exists.

The novel is a thought-provoking treatise on the effects of social media on individuals and society, which Green has personal insight into, and is making me question my continued use of social media.

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

When One Of Us Hurts: a of a novel.

Patreon is the only place where you can read the entirety of my flash fiction story, "All In", originally published in the Big Book of Orgasms Volume 2 by Cleis Press.

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Its done.

Nearly two and a half weeks of work and its finally ready.

My comic book, Life in the : Octobers First Day, starring as the , is now available as a standard & also a version w/ . You can get it either in ePub or as a PDF! Its available for free, but if you would like to purchase it, pay what you want for it! welcomed!

Ive listened to Sphere by Michael Crichton. This about underwater possible-alien discovery & first contact follows reasonable science until the last fifth, when it starts getting pretty existential & esoteric. I enjoyed it. I dont remember & dont have record of this before, even though Ive most Crichton .

I've been having a recurring dream that Chuck Tingle agrees to write the foreword for my next , and I wake up so excited and driven to more each and every time. A can dream

The thing most people miss is that Islam is the half-point of Arab history.

Arabs were already established in Iraq and Syria before Islam.

Heaven forbid though you say that, you will be labled an Arab supremacist even if you cite a Jewish Israeli author (The ancient Arabs : nomads on the borders of the fertile crescent, 9th-5th century B.C.)

Go ahead, click on the link below and so who the publisher is:

Check these great middle grade reads gifted by Candlewick Press ! You will find them very soon in the !

In the CITY OF STOLEN MAGIC, by Nazneen Ahmed Pathak, Chompa and her mother Ammi live in a small village in 1850s India. Chompa is slowly learning to read and write so that she can craft magical charms, but she much prefers the easier spellcasting approach of pointing her finger at something and thinking "hot" or "grow". Both mother and daughter are djinn-born who have innate powers.

Then Ammi is kidnapped by the all-powerful Company that controls India.The Company is publicly trying to stamp out magic, but has secret plans to exploit the djinn-born for its own benefit, and has taken Ammi to London. Chompa must ally with her mother's friend Mohsin and go there to try and rescue her. (1/2)

A Thoroughly Modern Prometheus - sung by The Peasant Boys

"Come on Baby, let's start a fire - I'm gonna make the flames go higher!"

Choosing Earth means choosing a new relationship with the Earthwhich means choosing a new relationship with the totality of life. By our own hand, we have created the conditions that force us to look at our behaviors more consciously and to deliberately choose our path ahead
Duane Elgin, Choosing Earth: Humanity's Journey of Initiation Through Breakdown and Collapse to Mature Planetary Community #book

The naturalist's library by Jardine, William - 1835

Holy shit*.

John is coming to my local (sort of) Half Price Books on a book tour. Tickets, which include the book, were very reasonable, so I bought two! People never come to Dallas, usually Austin or Houston, and if they do, its somewhere expensive or hard to get to. Cant wait. Gonna see if hell sign Fuzzy Nation, too.

(*Pardon the swear. Im really excited.)

COMMUNITIES AND MUSEUMS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. EDITED ByKaren Brown, Alissandra Cummins, Ana S. Gonzlez Rueda (Routledge, 2023, CC BY-NC-ND).

"Communities and Museums in the 21st Century brings together innovative, multidisciplinary perspectives on contemporary museology and participatory museum practice that contribute to wider debates on museum communities, heritage, and sustainability."

"With its focus on global societal challenges, this book will appeal to museologists and museum practitioners, as well as those working in heritage studies, cultural studies, memory studies, art history, gender studies, and sustainable development."

Asemic poem -chaotic lines 1
Created using a number of online text, including Elements of Arithmetic 1830 by Augustus De Morgan

, , , , , ,

"Tales from Kentucky Doctors" (2016)
William Lynwood Montell

Been away from Mastadon for a bit. Taking the "Hermit" part of my moniker far too serious. Time to start flogging the books again.


The incredibly kind things readers say:

Oldest book I have found so far clearing out an old family house. 1859!

I started a new today: "Aelfreds Britain". A of King Aelfred and successors efforts to adapt and survive incursions of the into . Having an interest in things Viking, and being of Scottish / English descent, I think I'm going to really enjoy this book.

reminder! Be sure to claim a few novels - for !

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My first ever Interview:

In a Whole New Way is a photographic self-portrait by New Yorkers who are serving a term of probation. The book also lifts the veil on this second-chance justice intervention that has spread from its origins in 1841 Boston to most of the world today.

August 14th. Completed Learn the Right Way #3 (Susan Polgar), a really beautiful and useful .

It focuses on defensive , one of my many very clear weaknesses.

I now have a different objective in my , but I think I will go thru it once more very soon, I feel there is still a lot of I can can squeeze from that

New of .

Rustin changed the course of and he changed the course of . And he did this not just on August 28, 1963.

Finished reading Black Lies from Mercedes Mercier.

Prison psychologist Laura Fleming works against the clock to get a terminally ill inmate to reveal details of a murder he committed 15 years prior, only not everything is as it seems.

This is fast-paced, page-turning thriller writing done right.

Full review :

Definitely a book worth buying.

SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook*

Jerry Whitaker, CPBE, 8-VSB, and the Society of Broadcast Engineers

The Engineering Handbook features in-depth tutorials that stress key topics throughout, complete coverage of radio and television technologies, and is written from the perspective of the broadcast engineer.

More than 50 authors have contributed their expertise to the ten sections of the book.

Sleep paralysis