And Im almost finished another book

And Im almost finished another book

Make Something Wonderful

Tellement heureux d'avoir achet ce livre, qui est, si j'ai bien compris, rserv aux employs Apple dans sa version papier. Vous pouvez dans tous les cas tlcharger l'EPUB sur internet, sur le site officiel (et je vous encourage le lire).

Juste du bonheur

This can only happen to me. I ordered a book from the public library and I accidentally picked the one in the original language.


ALEX VAN HALEN Says His 'Brothers' Book Is Love Letter To EDDIE VAN HALEN: 'I Was With Him From Day One'

Finished the Lies of Locke Lamora series (or at least whats published of it) and I now want to be referred to as a Gentleman Bastard.

William Gibsons Neuromancer getting an adaptation at Apple TV+. Details here

Image: Neuromancer (Brazilian edition cover) by Josan Gonzalez

woot! this paperback just arrived in the mail! it tells the story of a neuroscientist who cycles across america in seach of birds & recovery!

thank you rose the magnificent & Chelsea Green books!

Estou muito feliz e ansioso pela srie baseada em Neuromancer, que um dos meus livros favoritos da vida! Tanto que em 2022 fiz um desenho do Case, o ou um dos, protagonistas. Quem mais t ansioso ai

I'm really happy and excited for the Neuromancer-based series, which is one of my all-time favorite books! So much so that in 2022, I did a drawing of Case, the main character or one of them, from the book. Who else is excited here

Retrospective 2024-08
"I have been reading Anticipatory Systems by Robert Rosen this week. The book is an inquiry into what makes anticipation a characteristic of the living."

#book #books

How Life Works by Philip Ball is a superb book


Hey Fedi, I need a new . Any recommendations for some with a good story I've read too many recently which were mostly about worldbuilding, without a real plot.

I wrote a ! "Hey, There's Science In This" is a collection of science essays that started out as science blog posts over the years. It's available for pre-order now (more shops rolling out soon) and will be published March 28. Please buy my book :)

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Just finished "Dangerous Spirits 1: Green Fairy" by Kyell Gold. Surprisingly harsh twisty followed by a satisfying ending. Had some parts that were a bit too long, especially in the past sections. But overall, a very good book. Really enjoyed it. Already got the next two here.

'Kids Can Learn Guitar' (Eight Note Method) Book One
and Book 2 (No Bugs Allowed)

A proven guitar method with junior children in schools. Using my fun & light-hearted, eight note method, children learn to play the first three strings of the guitar. Once the eight notes are mastered, the same eight notes are used in reading music.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

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Another horror novel recommended to me:

"The Ghost Woods", by C.J. Cooke, is a cross between feminist Gothic horror and "The Last of Us". Super creepy and readable.

"Victorious Insurgencies" (2010)
Anthony James Joes

I had a similar slow, sit and digest, experience reading The Unfortunates by J K Chukwu, a fictionalised account of life as a black woman student at a USA university where and cultural bias are factors in too many black students, especially women, ...

Extremely well told even if it cuts too deep.


My review of by Parini Shroff is live on !

I loved The Bandit Queens. Highly immersive, totally enchanting and irresistible from beginning to end.

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My book birthday! When Fragments Make a Whole is now available

In just one week, we're going to be celebrating World Book Day and regardless of where we are in the world, this is something we can all get excited about.

Everyone loves a good story and book lovers speak the universal language of shared interest. So, let's kickstart the countdown to the 7th March with three classics by E. Nesbit.

I loved these books growing up and I still recommend them to reader's today. I'm sure people would agree that a good story never gets old

Want to read MindAnticipation and Chaos by Mihai Nadin

Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!

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Currently reading Anticipatory Systems by Robert Rosen

La tua assenza tenebra - Jon Kalman Stefnsson

Lock up your libraries if you like but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind. Virginia Woolf, A Room of Ones Own

Just finished reading The Unfortunates by J K Chukwu, a fictionalised account of life as a black woman student at a USA university where and cultural bias are factors in too many black students, especially women, ...

Extremely well told even if it cuts too deep.

Story of real death by suicide of Antoinette Candia-Bailey, formerly of has echoes of Chukwu's thesis.

BLEAK, STUNNING ALTERNATE HISTORY, set in a US where white male supremacy is de jure as well as de facto the norm, intertwines the stories of a brilliant young Black woman seeking freedom and her 19th century ancestor. A MINUS

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Great great great .
A really engaging story within a really engaging story. Full of characters that are wonderfully constructed.

Kindle Edition FREE until March 2nd!

"Jewish Communities on the Ohio River" (2007)
Amy Hill Shevitz

Fun book. It has been a second since I read sci-fi. I like the perspective in this one. Book 8 of 2024. Mostly candy.

Listened to audiobook COME AS YOU ARE: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life (2021) - Emily Nagoski, PhD

This was such a great book Special shout-out to Richard Coulton for his handful of male narrations

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