Are at Record Highs

Are at Record Highs

A new from the found that the number of increased by 65% in 2023.

Talk to the boat next door.

Finland's amazing success story as a small nation of great game studios and talent hasn't gone unnoticed.


This book interviews 11 award-winning Finnish Gamedevs about their design philosophy, tips, and more!

Today on 'Writer's Treasure Chest' a post about Earthquake Ethan, that piques your interest and makes you want to read this amazing story.

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

Belfond Le de Franck Leduc, , est une entre deux intelligences, lune dmoniaque et lautre dont la mission est Servir sans faillir ! Une confrontation au haletant !


A referral-
with a forward by co author
from ICB's
The Inner Lives of
by Schnell et al

"In this article, we consider the sum of our progress towards understanding the inner lives of cephalopods."

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find GREAT books!

(Culture of the Teutons Chapter 3.)

A new Essays on the Great Depression by Ben Bernanke benbernanke Jan 2024 PrincetonUPress

"The eQuality Toolkit" (2019)
Laura Weingartner, Emily Noonan, Amy Holthouser, Jennifer Potter, Stacie Steinbock, Suzanne Kingery, and Susan Sawning

Build a Large Language Model (From Scratch)

What's the story behind YOUR Gamertag

"Gamertag Stories" is a book that features over 130 tales from around the world, and a brief look at the history of Gamertags from one gamer's perspective.

Learn more about the book here in

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Biblio File column!

Sometimes The Soul Needs Chocolate: Pandemic Odes by Paul Belz.

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TWO MAGICAL OUTCASTS join forces on a quest to discover a lake of mystical power. Vividly drawn fantasy set in a fascinating world offers memorable characters. B PLUS

The Forest Wars: The ugly truth about what's happening in our tall forests, David Lindenmayer

The book
"lifts the lid on destruction of native forests by government corporations and logging industry that is making bushfires worse, killing wildlife and costing taxpayers millions, for the sake of woodchips for export."

"Since colonisation, Australians have been frantically logging our native forests as if our lives depended on it. Our lives do depend on the forestsbut on keeping them, not destroying them."

"Despite what we are told, logging makes bushfires worse for decades after the chainsaws stop, and kills iconic animals and birds each year in droves, driving many species closer to extinction. The trees that are logged mostly end up as paper and cardboard. And it's not profitable: taxpayers are funding it."

"Lindenmayer reveals an unholy alliance between state forestry, the timber industry and unions. Loggers routinely breach regulations, and industry intimidates anyone who questions what they are doing. Worse still, even where native forest logging is supposedly ending, efforts are being made to continue it under a different name."

'In the face of all the lies and industry spin, an evidence-based account that's clear, humane, and trustworthy.' - Tim Winton

Professor David Lindenmayer is a world-leading expert in forest ecology and resource management, conservation science, and biodiversity conservation.

Algorithms for Modern Hardware

It's not often I stumble across Russian

In 2021's "Game Room" (), author Alexander Vetushinsky delves into 's cultural impact through the lenses of philosophy, psychology and media theory.

Book 11 of 2024. This book was supposed to be destroyed but was published anyway. Not sure gabo would approve. It is incomplete and missing a left arm. But it's unmistakably Marquez.

Neneh Cherry Announces Memoir A Thousand Threads -Pop

A good friend of mine lost someone very close to him recently and I found this challenging. He's been such a positive influence in my life and I went a couple weeks without any news. This won't solve or fix things, but if you're a nerd, please consider reading his book or sharing. That's how we met, in a writing workshop. Thanks.

Le 3me du se tient en ce moment . La Cte d'Ivoire est le pays l'honneur. Comment vont la et le secteur de l' dans ce pays

Final pattern done for Pattern Book V2

Here's an extreme close-up preview of the last one I did, Retriever 09.

Just need to finish writing the thing now.

What Doctors Fail to Tell You About Iodine and Your Thyroid by Robert Thompson MD - Audiobook -

The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow, David Brownstein MD - foreword - Audiobook -

I just finished reading Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros. I had put off reading it, but I'm so glad I finally did.

If you love high fantasy about a military war college with students learning to ride dragons, this is your book. Think of it as hogwarts meets the hunger games with a sizzling hot romance, and found family.

Les champignons comestibles du Canton de Neuchtel by Favre, Louis - 1822-1904

George Hoyningen-Huenes mysterious Divers

"Demon-Lovers and Their Victims in British Fiction" (2009)
Toni Reed

"Quel minuto prima di te" su
Un di formazione sulle scoperte poco piacevoli, sul ricrearsi una vita altrove e sull'importanza dei sentimenti, dell'amicizia e dell'essere fratelli. Sergio ha bisogno anche di te. Sei pronto a sostenerlo

Another fantastic set catalogued into .

The MEDIA PAL collection of Encyclopedias offers nearly 3,000 pages of coverage for the Adventure, Arcade, Simulation, Action and RPG genres!

Right On!: A Documentary on Student Protest
David L. Burke, John Naisbitt, Maryl Levine
Item date: 1970.


Clavis Diplomatica
Item date: 1737.


Lovely afternoon catching up with old chum who is rarely through here, so not seen her in ages.

Followed by a long walk back from Stockbridge, so pausing partway home for refreshments and read in Ryrie's.

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Our Italian Adventure: Living in the historical center, or not

Alright fans: more console history lit released from the folks at

Next up is Oscar Lemaire's celebration of the !


A new review just appeared on my Puglia book! Check it out please.
Stories from Puglia: Two Californians in Southern Italy

Ok, I'm not a woman, so what do I know, but I feel like Andy Weir did a less than stellar job of writing a female protagonist in Artemis. Am I wrong

Be sure to preorder my latest novel - FERAL! A terrifying tale. Coming May 29.

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