Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light. I've

Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light. I've been looking around for weeks trying to figure out a way to acquire Bill Brandt's Perspectives of Nude. The few photos of that series I had seen seemed so outside of the frame of reference of nude photography that I wanted to see and understand more about it. But I can't afford this never reprinted 1961 book. Shadow and Light, it turns out, is a retrospective of his whole carreer including some of the nudes, and I'm very glad I got it because Brandt's earlier work, particularly his photographies of Northern England before WW2 are striking both in what they depict and in the compositional flair that Brandt seems to have at all times, not matter what his subject matter is. The book has a detailed but not too long biographical and artistic notice at the front, very well written and legible. It then details his work in roughly 5 sections : Photos of London, Photos of the North, Portraits, Landscapes and Nudes. In reality this distinction is only partly relevant, at least for the last three because his nudes are conceived as landscapes but are also portraits. Stunning book with stunning photographs throughout.

Zania and her friends must contend with storms, pirates, sorcery and even other exiles from the Throne of the Sun. But their greatest test will come when they reach the elven kingdoms -- a test which may tear their bonds of friendship apart and change their lives forever.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-


Not a novel about homosexuality among the British gentry, unfortunately

As I've mentioned a number of times now - I'm extremely proud of my wife for pursuing her dream of being an author. She's just released her 2nd book. If you're into "spicy books" or know someone who is, perhaps give it a read If you're so inclined, a boost for visibility would be appreciated.

At the Center of Photography, - The week-end of 16-17 September 2023
during the Geneva Art Week,
the fair is open to Swiss & editors.


knowledge graphs, 155
memes, 150 but no cheezeburgers
Minto Pyramid Principle, 96-99
nesting boxes, in diagrams, 21 no birds involved!
perspective-driven documentation, 143, 150-155
sarcasm, 91, 108 oh, really
technology radar, 232, 263, 264-265
ubiquitous language, 93, 95
"Whack-A-Mole" decisions, 172 smash them!

What else do you think is in the index

I finished the index review Fancy a preview

Aristotle (see rhetoric triangle) what's he doing in a book on technical communication!
asynchronous sandwich, 233
Conway's law, 129 couldn't not mention this
deuteranopia, 35-36
echo chamber, 110-111, 160 hello hello hello
fractal perspectives, 152-153
groupthink, 111, 185
HiPPO (highest paid persons opinion), 230
just-in-time architecture, 167-170


Mitch McConnell told Mitt Romney that Trump is an 'idiot' who 'doesn't think when he says things:' book

I'm reading 'The Killer', the complete graphic novel series. I'm a fourth into the book and pleasantly surprised. I feared this might be just some simplistic take on a murderous person's lifeas with 'American Psycho'but this book has a few things going for it, especially during some of the protagonist anti-hero's inner discussions. At times, philosophical. Other times, nearly depressed. The book is quite carefully written.

It'll be interesting to see the film that's based on this book the film is written by Andrew Kevin Walker, mainly known for having written 'Se7en', the film. David Fincher directs this film (having also directed 'Se7en') and Michael Fassbender plays the lead rle:


Today I am sharing my of by Chloe Gong!
My favourite book read so far in 2023, and possibly one of my favourite books ever!

Here's what I thought:

Two young men slip through a rift in time into occupied France, and their lives are changed ... forever.

Buy in the UK:

Buy in the USA:

Talk to the boat next door.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I Heartbreaker by Linda Howard. It was originally released as a Silhouette Intimate Moments category in 1987. In 2016, it was re-released in ebook & , when I first learned it was a 3rd of 4 . Ive had an OG paperback of this since about 1988 when I was 13-14 yo. TW for cowboys & alpha male OTT attitude that John does eventually learn to tone down with Michelle, at least sometimes.

In 2022, Wood Street Mission distributed over 20,500 books to disadvantaged young people across Manchester and thanks to support from the public, its brilliant that each child gets to take home 5 books to keep.

Let's keep this going! Through such acts of kindness, you are helping to overcome barriers that children in low-income families face and we'd love for you to join us.

Read more here:

Pre-ordered Hercule Poirots Silent Night by Sophie Hannah, released 26 October.

New book released today, the fourth in the Thursday Murder Club series, the Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman. There are some good books being released in the last part of this year and this should be one of them.

Looking for of the by

What 3 - 5 standalone books would you recommend for the new & both welcome

Please boost for visibility, thank you!

(List of books at bottom of link)

Olen lukenut reilut 21 % Susan Cainin Bittersweet -kirjasta. Thn menness kirja on ollut hienoinen pettymys. Kirjailijan aikaisempi Quiet-teos mullisti elmni, mutta en odottanut uuden kirjan tekevn samaa. Odotin silti aika paljon enemmn.

Kirja alkoi kiinnostavasti, mutta alun jlkeen lukukokemus on ollut aika tahmainen. Minun on jotenkin vaikea saada kiinni siit, ett mit Susan haluaa kirjassaan sanoa.

Kirjan ensimminen viidennes on ollut tynn erilaisia tarinoita, joilla tuntuu olevan hirven vhn tekemist keskenn. Huomaan usein tarinoita lukiessa etsivni niiden yhteytt kirjan aihealueeseen. Ne ovat niin vaikealla ja maalailevalla tyylill kirjoitettu, etten aina ne niiden punaista lankaa.

Pidin Quiet-kirjasta, koska se rakensi sanomansa paitsi hyvien esimerkkien niin mys tutkitun tiedon varaan. Bittersweet tuntuu rakentuvan lhinn epmristen tarinoiden plle. Lisksi kirjassa on lsn outo uskonnollinen hhmisyys.

Tm onkin yksi piirre josta en erityisesti pid. Minulle tulee lukiessa fiilis, ett agnostikko tutkija on kntynyt uskoon, ja yritt nyt houkutella lukijoitaan omaan maailmaansa. Jonkun ilmin selittminen uskonnollisilla teksteill ja tarinoilla ei minun pss ole selittmist lainkaan.

Aion kuitenkin jatkaa kirjan lukemista koska aihealue kiinnostaa. Toivottavasti kirja saa vauhtia ja lihaa luiden ymprille. Susan onnistui edellisess teoksessa kertomaan siit, miten introverttiys ei ole vika joka pitisi korjata vaan vahvuus, josta on paljon hyty. Uskoisin hnen osaavan tehd saman katkeransuloisen tunteen kanssa

I'm now pretty much at the 20 year mark in my life. Here is an article I wrote on my about a year ago, detailing my history as a . I'm considering making this into a , but I'm honestly not sure how to.

"Contemporary Public Health, second edition" (2021)
edited by James W. Holsinger Jr. and F. Douglas Scutchfield

Finished reading Gabrielle Zevins Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and now all I want to do is ditch my job and hobbies and start making video games with my best friend (who, incidentally, is literally studying video games for his PhD)

I make a virtue of my suffering
From nearly everything that goes on round me.
In other words, I know wherever I am,
Being the creature of literature I am,
I shall not lack for pain to keep me awake

Robert Frost, New Hampshire

( )

"The Ballad of Nanta"
That scene where the Ewok dies and his friend tries to shake him awake It gets sadder.

"Trooper Trouble"
The story is told through humorous log entries, featuring stormtrooper unionization efforts and a droid with a pathological mean streak.

Launch Day!
Letters From Elsewhere is a collection of speculative short stories, ranging from SciFi to Fantasy to Horror, with sprinkles of spice.
For print version, check out your local Amazon or Barnes & Noble site.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I Dante by Sadie Kincaid ( 1/Chicago Ruthless). This is a / debt trope with a HEA.

The site of the Nazis burning at Humboldt University in , . Never forget, means never forget, .

Composed the Auts Subscription on my site. All files are up. I think Ill release it October 1 when the new story is out.

Also revised sales copy for three uncollected short stories. Two Lovecratian horror (Doorway Down and Short of a Long Holiday) and an LGBTQ/religious thriller (Just).

You can check them out here on my site

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Audiobooks: Reading allowed

Check it out!

Anytime I spend time in Berlin, I always need to visit and grab a souvenir. This time it was an treat: 1000 Record Covers - a beautifully crafted filled with most significant album covers from 60s to 90s.

and After .

Leave my out of it, the of responded when a his in a .

It's been a MASSIVE few days. We're saying goodbye to our wee housesitting cat friends here in the on Friday, we've just launched our comic fantasy whoddunit , OverLondon and we're headed off to a conference before going to the next stop straight after...

So I'm totally justified in treating myself by playing one of the best RPGs ever made, right

And if you've never heard of Torment, or haven't played but love rpgs or just excellent storytelling, this is Disco Elysium's great grandaddy. So worth checking out.

And if you haven't played Disco Elysium yet. Please, please do yourself a favour and go check that out too :blobsmilehappyeyes:


A blurb is like a trailer for a movie it provides a tantalizing glimpse into the world that lies within the pages of a book. Crafting an effective blurb is a crucial skill for any or , as it serves as the first point of contact with potential . Lets examine the art of creating a blurb, offering insights and examples to guide on this essential aspect of .

Les champignons (fungi, hymnomyctes) qui croissent en France - 1878

This really is more of an exploration of the Gogol and his dead souls, its cultural relevance in than it is a discussion of the current war in though it is relevant

"THE FATNESS is a story of socialism gone wrong is set amid a plausible backdrop with witty characters who will steal your heart and snag your cheeseburger if you're not careful."

It's also about the absurdity of capitalism, that is, when it's not being a love story. me

Australian fabrics