Book #3 for 2024 is Weyward

Book #3 for 2024 is Weyward by Emilia Hart. 5/5 This book was incredible. I dont know how to talk about what I loved without spoiling it so suffice to say it is as good as that fantastic cover might lead you to believe.

Do you want to mitigate the & see be done

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thinking led to a refusal to admit the most important limit of capitalism: market failure.

When scientists discovered the limits of planetary sinks, they also discovered market failure. The toxic effects of DDT, acid rain, the depletion of the ozone layer, & were serious problems for which markets did not provide a spontaneous remedy.


T. C. Lethbridge - The Painted Men - Hardcover 1 Jan. 1956 (Book) - Iron Man Records

New releases:

So Pucked Up
Charity Parkerson

Words Not Necessary
Lisa Oliver

His Midshipman
His Second Chance
Stephanie Lake

Unfinished Business at Crofton Hall
Rebecca Cohen
Comedy, Contemporary

Saint Lakes V3
April Kelley

Old Time Religion
E.H. Lupton

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T. C. Lethbridge - E.S.P: Beyond time and distance (Book) - Iron Man Records

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

"Infer the presence of ignorance
in anyone whom you see answering all that he is asked
or giving expression to all that he witnesses
or mentioning all that he knows."

- Ibn 'Ata' Illah, 'Hikam'
(The of )

Inspired by someone else who did this I headed over to Snapfish and ordered a mug

8 for Devops Engineers

RAE's Digital Library

Biblioteca digital de la RAE (Real Academia Espaola)

A huge amount of texts in Spanish available in digital format through the web. A treasure!

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T. C. Lethbridge - The Legend of the Sons of God (Book) - Iron Man Records

Two books, one on R and the other on Python, cover geospatial analysis, modeling, and data visualization with Open Source software

"...the Sagan effect (i.e., Venusian death): a strong positive feedback loop between warming and CH4 release. Planetary temperature increased by an additional 6 degrees Celsius over the 5-degree rise that had already occurred.
The ultimate blow for Western civilization came in a development that, like so many others, had long been discussed but rarely fully assimilated as a realistic threat:
the collapse of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet"

LUTON HOO LORDS of the MANOR / Animated Book

Talk to the boat next door.

Another excellent 5-star review for my book, Blood and Earth.

T.C. Lethbridge - Gogmagog: The Buried Gods (Hardcover) 1 Jan. 1975 - Iron Man Records


Today on I am sharing this week's post. Find out what I've recently finished reading, what I'm currently reading and what I plan to read next!

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editionsLattes DansGrand Seigneur,, lors de lagonie de son pre, nous fait partager ses ressentis et se rappelle la fois lhomme et le parent quil fut. Bouleversant !
Ce soir GrandeLibrairie


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find GREAT books!

EditionsFayard NetGalleyFrance Nol Balenraconte son , dans, le pass dengagement de ses parents, leurs actions militantes au cours des annes 60 jusqu la grande dsillusion des annes Mitterrand, les annes 80.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I Boss In The Bedsheets by Kate Canterbary. This comedy of errors is not my favorite plot device, but I did the FMC. A lot goes on for one week in a 300+ pg . TW for past neglect & emotional abuse.

"The Book of Count Lucanor and Patronio" (2014)
Don Juan Manuel

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British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

1983 A yellow and red sign with text

The image showcases a vibrant sign that predominantly features the colors yellow and red.
The sign is rectangular in shape and contains text, the content of which is not specified.
The text appears to be the main focus of the image, indicating it could be a form of announcement or advertisement.
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Devil, Journey, Vapour and Traveller all were back at the entrance that would lead them back to their base. A few minutes later Seal, Hole, Fate and Lost returned. After a few minutes of talking between themselves the group headed back through the door and then down the ladder to eventually return to the train that would take them back.

Sat on the train were Seal and Devil next to each other. Well that was interesting, Seal said towards Devil. Did you see that bird asked Devil. We did, It looked huge, it was just a bird wasnt it Seal replied. I think so, but we needed to get closer to it really, Devil said. I think we need to split up into three groups, two groups of three and one of two, we have the other exists to check out as well, Seal said. I think you are right, we can work things out when we get back, Devil replied. How was your group, anything to report Seal asked. There a good lot, no complaining or anything, Devil smiled, How about yours Fine, everyone seemed happy enough, Lost came out his shell a bit more, Seal replied. You were worried about him wasnt you Devil asked. Yeah I was but I was probably worrying about nothing.

I am Lost and I decided not to go back with the others on the train. I went back on the train and just before Seal pressed the buttons to start it, I left and now I am heading back up the ladder to go back above ground. I just made the decision there and then, I wondered if they would even realised that I was missing. I climbed up the ladder and through the way out and back again I was above the ground in the clean air, sky, trees, grass and I felt happy. I looked around, no birds around and I saw the strange towers in the distance so I decided to head off in that direction. As time went by I felt oddly alive but my clothes felt tight on me, like I had grown a bit or something, I dismissed the idea that I had grown away, I mean like I would just suddenly grow all of a sudden.

Everybody off! shouted Seal as the train stopped. The group left the train chatting to each other when, Seal where is Lost Devil asked. Seal looked around, Lost! she shouted, Lost! The whole group turned around looking at her and then looking around. Devil ran back onto the train to look while Seal checked around the area. Are you sure he even got back on the train Vapour asked Seal. He must have, Seal replied realising that she didnt remember seeing him. Hes only little, poor man, Vapour said. After searching more Seal made the decision, I will go back to find him, Devil you will be in charge while I am gone, okay Yes boss, Devil replied as Seal jumped back on to the train.

Lady Rose woke up, cold, naked and confused. Where I am she whispered. She realised that she was on a bed, the small room was dimly lit by some kind of magic she could not see. Looking around she saw two more beds which appeared to have people in them. Slowly she arose and looked around, the walls were a blue colour, there was only one way out. Lady Rose sneaked towards one of the other beds and pulled the corner of a blanket up slightly to see who or what was underneath. Demonblade, she whispered to herself once more as she wondered who was on the other bed. She wondered if she should wake him up but decided to leave him, she then sneaked towards the other bed. Pulling a corner up she peaked down to see a naked women, who appeared to be sleeping with roses which appeared rather odd. I am not asleep, the voice said quietly startling Lady Rose. Do not worry girl, I mean you no harm, She said as she moved her legs off the bed and pulled the covers away with the roses appearing to be moving with her. Lady Rose moved away slightly. Do not be afraid, I am The Rose Queen, she said as suddenly Lady Rose realised exactly who this was. Demonblades love, Lady Rose said smiling. His love asked The Rose Queen, You know Demonblade she asked. Lady Rose stared at her for a few seconds, seeing the beautiful women and how alike she was to herself. We have a lot of talking to do, should we wake him yet Lady Rose asked. Leave him while we talk, The Rose Queen replied.

I am Lost but at least I am free from those Unbound lot. I loved walking in the woodland, through the mixture of trees and plant-life. I look on towards the towers which did not appear any closer to me then the last time I had looked. I heard a tearing sound and my left leg trouser was ripped, I guess I must have got a tree branch of something stuck in it. I loved the way the trees swayed in the small breeze and the way the clouds moved in the clear blue sky, I loved the way the trees were of all different types and shapes and how their branches would make strange shapes that I noticed more from a distance. I walked a little bit more when I heard a ruffling type noise ahead of me, I stopped and examined the way ahead. I suddenly saw eyes, then movement as a little blue creature which was tiny appeared. It was perhaps as big as my foot with little arms and legs and blue eyes that were really round and funny looking. Hello, I said not knowing if it heard me or not. The creatures scurried off to my left leaving me looking in that direction after it. I carried on walking as I wondered what it was and what it was called.

I am Seal, Lost, Lost, I shouted. I was still wearing my high heel shoes, I could hardly move wearing them. I took them off and moved bare footed although they hurt as I walked on the twigs and rough ground. I scanned my surroundings searching for Lost but I could not see him. I wondered which way he would have gone, probably towards the towers at a guess. I looked at the ground for clues like his footprints but I could see nothing to help. Why did he not come back with us I said to myself as I began walking. He was only small so maybe if I made good speed I would catch up to him, I had to bring him back, he was Unbound and we needed him.

So he thought that you were me asked The Rose Queen smiling. Yes, he thought that I was you and I fell in love with him and I was ready to die to give Dream Maker a chance with that special talking sword, Lady Rose said. You know Dream Maker too The Rose Queen asked in shock. Yes I met her as young girl and looked after her, she live with me, Lady Rose replied. This is a rather complicated tale, you said Demonblade thought that you were trapped in some kind of in-between world The Rose Queen asked. Yes, he originally thought that we were in heaven until he realised he had got it all wrong and now I have no idea where we are, she replied. The Rose Queen stood up and walked and moved around. I never used to have these wings either, but I love them, she said. I just thought they were roses stuck to you, Lady Rose laughed. No they are wings and I was flying with an angel until she disappeared, You can fly asked Lady Rose. Yes I can fly like a bird! she said happily.

I am Lost and I am walking slowly towards some weird looking towers. The towers look all rocky and wobbly and I have no idea what I may find in them, I could just be heading into danger. I had my knife with me still but that was all I had in terms of weapons. I was starting to feel thirsty and hungry but I had no supplies at all and I had not seen any fruit on any of the trees. I thought that I maybe would have found some other places by now but all I could see was those towers. I carried on a little more when that little blue creature suddenly appeared again making odd squeaky noises which made me laugh, Hello, I said again but then the creature went off again. My clothes felt so tight and then another tearing noise and my top ripped leaving me confused, I must be growing Surely I was not growing, maybe my clothes were shrinking I resumed my walking staring towards my target, the rocky towers.

I am Seal and I am trying to find Lost who either got lost or ran away from us, more like the later. He seemed odd from the first time I saw him when I awoke him and again when I let him out of his room. I had been less worried when we went off in our groups together but now I am very worried. Why did he run away from us We didnt do anything bad to him at all. Lost I shouted, several times but no reply. I had shouted, ran fast and I even tried climbing a tree which did not go so good and I ripped my dress. I came across a weird blue creature that made a squeaking noise which I found cute and funny, so at least we know life is in these woods. I had not seen any more birds or anything but I kept my eye out. I walked as fast as I could searching for some kind of clue about where Lost may be. What if I was just wrong and he had gone the other way, I didnt even know if I would be able to get back to the base, the train, the others now. I had messed this up hadnt I I should have left a trail so I could follow it back and now I was going to possible be as lost as Lost was.

So Demonblade, whats this about you been in love with me asked The Rose Queen. Demonblade, who had only woken up seconds ago turned bright red, I, I dont know what you are talking about, he said smiling with embarrassment. Look your Rose Queen has wings! Lady Rose said. Demonblade was not awake properly yet but looked towards her, I must be dreaming, he said as he lay back down on the bed. Hes embarrassed, but he cant afford to be because we have no idea where we are or anything, The Rose Queen said. I agree, wake up! Lady Rose shouted in Demonblades ear making him jolt upright. Alright, alright I hear you! he said as her stood up out of his bed and then realised his nakedness. We have seen it before Demonblade, The Rose Queen said with a sigh. Where are we I was with Lady Rose and then I am here, he asked. We have no idea, but one things for sure is that we are here and we need to work out where we are what we are going to do, The Rose Queen said. Something has moved us here for a reason, some entity has brought us all together, Lady Rose said. All we know is that we are alive in some way or another and that I am now reunited with The Rose Queen again who has wings and that we are in a room with some beds and I am naked and cold, Demonblade said smiling with his two favourite women in the whole universe glued to his words, And I miss Paul1576, he said. Whos he Lady Rose asked.

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These six names could be traded to the Phoenix Suns before the deadline PHNX Suns Live Show

First book this year is by , loving every minute and words!

Inclusive + list:

There's a group in Aotearoa New Zealand called "Resist Gender Education". They believe in fixed binary views of gender and oppose gender affirming support for kids who don't fit those boxes.

Why link to their site Their list of to avoid has some good choices that may deserve support.

RGE want to exclude the books from . Maybe read them before you decide

My year's has started very slowly. I've been so phenomenally much, plus there's been to contend with. But now starting my 3rd of the year so far. This one is inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights tales. by .  

Now on sale for $2.99!

Stories from Puglia: Two Californians in Southern Italy

My 2024 Reading Challenge

I currently use and love as my audiobook provider of choice. They posted a 2024 Listening Challenge at the beginning of January. I plan to do this challenge this year for two reasons: to keep myself out of a rut and to get me out of my comfort zone. Anyone else doing the challenge let me know

Von Material zu Architektur (Bauhausbcher 14)
Lszl Moholy-Nagy
Item date: 1929.


The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos, by Mark Chiusano, My rating:4 out of 5 stars, Read from: 01/22/2024 - 01/23/2024.

Book description: From the dogged Long Island reporter who has been on his trail since 2019, the bizarre, page-turning, and frankly hysterical story of Americas most outrageous grifterUS Representative George Santos. America has grown used to larger-than-life politicians: Teflon Don, AOC, MTG, Dark Brandon, and all the rest have injected DC politics with an unmistakable edge of celebrity flair and tabloid intrigue. Yet in 2022, a new player on the national scene outshone them all. George Anthony Devolder Santos, and his revolving door of pseudonyms, shed glaring new light on how far wed all let our politics slide as his claimed resume was shred to bits in the wake of a longshot run to office from New Yorks 3rd Congressional District. From Wall Street gigs to an amateur volleyball career, from embellished claims of Jewish heritage to a fabricated 9/11 story involving his mothers death, Santoss legend continued to grow as his web of lies evaporated in real time. And the only thing wilder than this charlatan embedding himself in the warm, consequence-evading arms of our nations capital was the Queens con artists refusal to bow his head in shame. The Santos show continues, as he joins the ranks of high-wattage fakers like Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes. Newsday alum and PEN/Hemingway honoree Mark Chiusano tells the full (well, as full as can be given the subject) story of Santos here for the first time. From humble years spent in Brazil, to glamorous nights on the west side of Manhattan, to the stunning small-time scams employed to ease his slippery climb up the American society ladder, The Fabulist tells a story youll have to read for yourself to believeand even then, its George Santos, so whos to say for sure. Combining the very best of boots-on-the-ground journalism, dishy backroom dealings, and glittery details about Gold Coast mansions and bodice-baring drag shows thatd feel just as at home in your next summer beach read, The Fabulist is truly stranger than fiction.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

proud of my collection

Having so much fun biking around and getting stamps in my public passport (an initiative from more than 15 years ago but I just got mine)! Eight branches down, only 19 to go!

T.C. Lethbridge - Herdsmen & Hermits: Celtic Seafarers in the Northern Seas Hardcover 1 Jan. 1950 (Book) (No dust jacket) - Iron Man Records

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