Coucou mes Bookinautes chris ! Ceci n'est pas un poisson...! En ce 1er jour du mois d'avril, je vous parle (enfin !) de "Et chaque fois, mourir un peu (Tome 1 : Blast), le nouveau roman noir de Karine Giebel, paru le 28 mars 2024 aux ditions Rcamier...

Rsum dans ma chronique !

Ma chronique :

On en parle ensemble Dites-moi tout en commentaires... Et bonne soire tous !


New: Fyn Alexander's MM sci-fantasy dystopian book Gold!:

The year is 3,550. Fifteen hundred years ago, Earth became a very dark place to live. A cabal of evil men was attempting to make the population into Serfs ruled over by the cabal. Five families decided ...

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Top 10 (new) posts in March 2024

Today's review! Green Hills and Daffodils by Celyn Kendrick:

"An engaging first book in the series, and I'm hoping they continue to get better from here. A four-star tale about dragons, a possible serial killer, a strange new culture, and the American woman who finds herself stuck in the middle of it." ...

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Discover the awe and majesty of Uranus!

New podcast episode Asleep in Armageddon - by Ray Bradbury

Reading a short story by a sci-fi master before moving on to my next big book.

Listen anywhere:

Your bedtime story read aloud for grown ups.


Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques.

Helpful essay explaining the real agenda of the banners: the destruction of our public institutions, including and .

With loads of examples from .

The latest YA novel in The High Republic continues to develop our younger characters while progressing the overall story of the Nihil vs. the Republic and the Jedi.

So and I are on a real-book reading adventure - Brave New World is mine published in 1932!
Its not a fluid read and can see where other authors have taken inspiration (Harry Potter) - but thats how we all learn and are influenced.
Ive nearly finished and taking a fresh look at the boredom of continual happiness - its overrated - and so much more.
Im also sleeping better with no screen /real book thats for sure!!

"The View from the Ground" (2006)
edited by Aaron Sheehan-Dean

You've read the tales, now get the books!



The Sympathizer The show from Park Chan-wook and Robert Downey Jr. gets a new trailer. Watch it here

I enjoy at the moment.
Yesterday I finished The Labyrinth Of Dreaming Books

today Im starting to
Prinzessin Insomnia & der alptraumfarbene Nachtmahr
I think the has only been published in German so far.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

"To loosely paraphrase Virgils famous dictum, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (I fear the Greeks even when they offer gifts), let us beware of the familiar especially when it looks too familiar."

Image attribution: National Gallery of Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Page URL:

No joke! The Odbolz Comic: Omnibus 3 is OUT NOW! via Amazon includes issues #9 to #12 available as HArdback or Paperback.

On AI labelling:

'How does he know if hes done it right Sometimes, its not clear, he tells me. Then you just have to go with how you feel.'

Call it a Day (2022) 2 min by Jiwoo Lee

Here's my review of 'Milk Teeth' by Helene Bukowski from my regular newsletter 'Through the Biblioscope':

This was chosen at random from the 195 reviews I've published so far. More with every issue.

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Fully Alive: The Apocalyptic Humanism Of Karl Barth by Stanley Hauerwas

Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Die Gegenstandslose Welt (Bauhausbcher 11)
Lszl Moholy-Nagy
Item date: 1927.


"Daily Life Depicted in the Cantigas de Santa Maria" (1998)
John E. Keller and Annette Grant Cash

And if anybody tries to steal my or copy my work and claim it as their own, good luck and godspeed because:

1) I always keep at least three backups of all my work (shout-out to )
2) I got witness all over the Internet, from Wattpad to Instagram.
3) Since aJoara went inactive, I make my own coversand I keep all my files as well as my drafts on , and .

#1 reason why Im going the Shop route with my :

I think Amazon is a horrid company and the less business I do with them, the better I feel. I hold Amazon in the same regard that I hold Wal-Mart and McDonalds. Ive seen and heard way too many horror stories from that use Amazon. Too much inconsistency and uncertainty for me. Ill take my chances using guerrilla tactics to inspire word-of-mouth traffic to my hole-in-the-wall, pay-what-you-will shop.

Vital Point Strikes: The Art & Science of Vital Target Striking for Self-Defense.

Here's a new Sadler's Honest Book Reviews video, this one on Will Johncock's 2023 work, Beyond the Individual: Stoic Philosophy on Community and Connection

Early access on Patreon: The 'Three Body Problem' Problem: Impressively Grand, Yet Disappointingly Small
I was ready to BINGE the series on day one, but we paced it out for Marie who hasn't read any of the books.
Finally finishing the series, I have some thoughts...

Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

New: Rick R. Reed's new MM horror book Beautiful Monster:

Hank Donner-Varian yearns for something beyond his perfect, but routine marriage. Forbidden fantasy beckons until a chance encounter with the enigmatic and devastatingly sexy Abbott Lowery turns ...

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Today's review! Beautiful Monster by Rick R. Reed:

"A dark, psychological thriller which brings to mind a phrase be careful what you wish for. I highly recommend Beautiful Monster, but be warned, its intensely frightening and may have triggers. Well done."

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Dans ce nouvel pisode, avec nous parlons de :
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son dveloppement, son fonctionnement et son financement
sa communaut, ses outils et intractions
du rapport de inventaire avec des dfis et limitations autour du Fediverse et l'implmentation d'
plein d'autres choses !

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What was your favorite read in March

Look at all the great books I read in March ! I hope you had as many great reads as I did ! Let me know what you read in the comments.

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The Nature of Witches

Blue Stars : The Vice Principal Problem

Cress Watercress

Nothing Special Volume 1 : Through the Elder Woods

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