Cook your way through the seasons!

Cook your way through the seasons!

The Official STARDEW VALLEY Cookbook celebrates seasonal ingredients through unique recipes inspired by the game.

Over 50 mouthwatering recipes!! Read more right here in THE VIDEO GAME LIBRARY!

In the captivating steampunk fantasy "AetherRift, a tale of power, friendship, and dark intrigue unfolds. Meet Prince Chandler and Magus Armand, an unlikely duo bound by a shared past and a common purpose.

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On 'atheism requires faith' by Answers In Reason

Hugh Howey

A centuries-old community lives in a mile-deep subterranean silo, forbidden from mentioning anything "outside" or "before." That pressure cooker ratchets up the tension while confidently answering each question raised by the central premise. No interminable mystery boxes here. The world unravels just enough to tantalize. What a blessed relief it is to sense the author has an endgame in mind and does not dawdle. Props to the editing team.

David Weber

I haven't recorded my thoughts on each of the SAFEHOLD books since my opinion has only lessened over time. The nautical stuff was fun, but increasingly rare amidst other cringey, repetitive plot points. (I made a bingo card of Weber's oft-used phrases, like "he showed his teeth.") This is not the last book, but I'm ending here since it took nine doorstopper novels to close just *one* major arc. That's it, I'm done.

talk with Nick Mott & Justin Angle authors of This Is Wildfire

September 20, 2023 7pm

The , THIS IS WILDFIRE explores the history of humanity's connection to flames and analyzes how our society arrived at this perilous moment. Learn from the mistakes of our past to inform the work being done in the present. Practical advice, from choosing your insurance and making your home resilient to burns, to packing an emergency go-bag and rebuilding after a fire.



Gareth L. Powell

I'm hungry for more Banksian space opera. I recognize that same yearning behind the plot here:

A regretful war criminal under a new identity. Space objects built by inscrutable ancient intelligences. Ship minds with their own relationships. A predator stalking higher dimensions.

All these familiar ingredients are cooked well enough, but they don't quite sate my hunger. An appetizer, just enough to lead to book 2.


One of my best friends, the author of this short book, died a few short years ago, and I still cant believe theyre gone. They are/were larger than life: Punk rock, punching Nazis, living in the streets, friends with pop culture legends, and rescuing dogs from dogfighting rings. Here is one autobiographical chunk of their fascinating time on this planet. I wish theyd lived long enough to finish the series. Its free, so please check it out: Larry (My Life On Autodestruct Book 1)

edition Her Hidden Genius by Marie Benedict. Based around the story of Rosalind Franklin, the woman who discovered the structure of DNA and then had her work stolen by her male colleagues. I am already annoyed reading this book. I knew I would be. I knew parts of the story to begin with. The terrible truth is you can imagine exactly the same thing happening today. Excellent story telling, furious situation.

Holiday reading.

I found an interesting at the called 83 Days in Mariupol, A War Diary by the brilliant and poignant .

It's a powerful and gruesome read, and unforgiving on all fronts.

Readers beware.

"Oh, he's just everything that a young mortal ought to be! He is sensible, and lively, so very lively, and good humoured, too! I never saw such manners, Lizzy! He's so calm and kind, like a son of Chiron."

Elizabeth held out a hand for the hair, and the elder one passed over one from the man's coat. They both stared in anticipation as she dropped it into the flame of the candle...

by Steve Hudson

Release Date: September 9, 2023

This will show you how to establish a good foundation to getting your band out of the or and into the .

Price: $2.99

Release Date: September 9, 2023

Your , Your - By: Steve Hudson

This book will show you how to establish a good foundation to getting your band out of the basement or garage and into the venues.


Este pasado mes de agosto me llev una grata sorpresa leyendo ms de lo acostumbrado
Coincidimos en alguna lectura

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Here's an idea for a high-end device:

The device opens like a real , has two screens, left and right, each one mounted on a self-expandable/inflating pad, its thickness measuring the pages read/left. Front and back covers of the e-book currently read are always visible on separate screens at the front and the back of the e-reader's case.

Boost, so I could buy one before I die

( on my site)
Bon les piailloux je tiens plus.
Alors je vous le dis en premier.
Je me suis dcide faire des protge-livres.
Un librairie me l'avait demand et je sais pas pourquoi j'avais bloqu.
Bon c'est gnial pour finir les "grandes chutes" donc je saute partout. J'espre que a vous plaira aussi.
videmment si vous en voulez vos couleurs => call me.

Another day, another completed. Loved reading this.

Just finished Olga 's 'Empusion', her first since winning the Nobel prize.

A magical, intoxicating, even addictive read, with such literary beauty as I've rarely found in a novel, much less a novel that cheekily mixes quirky intellectual caricatures with good old folk

Saying anything more might spoil the experience: best to discover its joys without knowing too much in advance!

Sergio Snchez Morn (Reus. 1984)es un programador y dibujante de comics y escritor. Morn comenz a editar su primer webcomic eh tio en abril de 2005. Desde entonces ha compaginado continuar publicndolo ininterrumpidamente con otros diversos proyectos, entre los que destaca guionizar el webcmic El Vosque a partir de 2009 y la seccin de la revista El jueves. dos ltimos proyectos as como una de las series de Eh, to! han sido editados en papel como lbumes recopilatorios.
Ha creado la saga de novelas de la detective Parabellum: El dios asesinado en el servicio de caballeros, Los muertos no pagan IVA, Se vende Alma (por no poder atender) y La muerte est echada. Tambin tiene otras novelas como El Lingotazo. Una princesa digo detective siempre hace lo que toca para que triunfe el bien.

Divertido, original y entretenido. Gran invento que se ha sacado de la chistera Sergio digo Vernica, una adaptacin del cuento a los tiempos que corren, me ha encantado.


Today's MIGHTY MISSION risking JANE AUSTEN PERIL at LYME HOUSE (+10 wallet damage) and a DARCY DUNK in the lake (+8 shirt dissolve damage)

Our Mission takes us to author C.K. McDonnell's LAIR where his friendly HELL HOUNDS Jackson and Diller could inflict GRIEVOUS SNIFFS! (Oh no!)

Will we get home to the cats, Madame Harriet and Miss Smudge with our shirts intact! *Gasp*

--- A review - an academic by Martin Riker: The Guest Lecture (2023) groveatlantic January

"Three Melodramas by Pietro Metastasio" (2014)
Pietro Metastasio

Just finished up a quick for tomorrows , you should come along.

2/9. Pantser or plotter
Total pantser and proud of it, I think about how the story might shape up ahead, but things still change when I actually write it. Characters have minds of their own they arent mere puppets in my hands.
The funny thing is that in my non-fiction career Ive done many books that were tightly planned and templated, including guidebooks and photography manuals.

Pilze der Heimat eine Auswahl der verbreitesten, essbaren ungeniessbaren und giftigen Pilze unserer Wlder -1913-

Discover Jerry Lawson, the genius who transformed gaming, in this picture-book biography

From inventing swappable cartridges to founding the country's first African American-owned video game company, his journey reshaped the industry forever

While shipping can certainly add an exciting layer of intrigue to a narrative, there's something profoundly meaningful about fostering and celebrating actual relationships within the world of storytelling.

(And it's definitely has nothing to do with the fact my ships are never cannon)

Look, I get it. I'm a sucker for shipping stuff. I think some of them are great fun, but I need to know that the teasing the author is doing will pay off in the end, otherwise I just don't see the point besides setting the ship on fire with oil while the other one sails away.

I love relationships, I love everything that comes with them. The commitment, the over protectiveness, the cutesy stuff, the weird things couples do but they can do them because they're in a relationship with each other. The way couples can read each others minds. Sure you can do this stuff without your characters getting together, but it's a different feeling when they are.
Having crushes is normal, having those crushes drag on is also normal, but waiting until the last book until they get together, while it can makes for some fine storytelling. Doesn't give you any room to actually explore what they're like as an actual couple.

It's one of those, they said "I love you" and now they live happily ever after sort of thing and I want to know what their life is like now that they're together.

Some people don't stay in relationships after they move in together because the person they had a crushed on, isn't the same person they live with. Show this side of relationships as well!

You created a ship, and at the very last chapter the ship sails...does it reach it destination, does it sink What happened on the ship There still are plenty of questions left to answer and those are the questions I wish more authors wrote about.

Am I salty my ship wasn't cannon Yes, but please create more relationships and not just ships.

HEARTSTOPPING MICHIGAN GOTHIC builds on the loneliness of shattered families, the protective anxieties of pregnancy, and the harsh realities of the deep woods. Stunningly fresh and decidedly modern take on a classic genre. A MINUS

Las rosas no lloran: ni una ms, ni una menos, enfrentando a la oscuridad.

Hollndische Architektur (Bauhausbcher 10)
Lszl Moholy-Nagy
Item date: 1926.


Alright friends can I get some Having a lot of pain lately and want to read something enthralling but also funny. Lots of adventure with plenty of snark along the way. No on page animal cruelty please.

"Some good twists and turns here, and as always, wonky characters you won't soon forget."

E-book versions for "Murder Becomes Macau" are available now for less than $5.

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Buy it. Read it. Review it. Thank you!

And in the mail today....a couple more books....

Various Authors - Baker Street Irregulars Book.
And Various Authors - My Best Science Fiction Story Book

Major acquisition made in Phoenix I PHNX Suns Podcast

The Daily Heller: Is Post-Branding a Thing
Feat.: What is Post-Branding by Jason Grant of Inkahoots Design Studio and Oliver Vodeb from RMIT School of Design
By Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

Enjoy ! Hosted by:

Sheryl Frazier:

Gomery Kimble:

Cassie M Shiels:

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Hosted by Joyce di Pastena:

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

Prison Left Me Laughing: A Conversation with Ngg wa Thiongo By Remo Verdickt, Emiel Roothooft

"NGG WA THIONGO is considered one of the leading writers on the African continent of the last 50 years. On December 31, 1977, he was arrested and spent a year in prison as an opponent of the Kenyatta dictatorship."