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Communicate with your local boat owners.

The Blues Brothers: An Epic Friendship, the Rise of Improv, and the Making of an American Film Classic is a new book heading our way. Details here


Double review: Fritz by Jackie Keswick::

Maryann: "A suspenseful, fast-paced thriller with many surprises in store. I highly recommend the entire series."

Gloria: "I loved this story... I loved the series I hope Ms. Keswick returns to the White Knight guys again in the future.. 5 stars."

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"Religious Rite and Ceremony in Milton's Poetry" (2014)
Thomas B. Stroup

Pen and Plot

The Daily Heller: Michael Stipe Goes From Stage to Page in a New Photobook
Feat.: "Even the birds gave pause" (damianibooks), is - ICA Milano ig: icamilano
by Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

Added a Bookish Resources section to The Book Ring featuring a bunch of great book-related resource sites, as well as an iframe map to all the Little Free Libraries across the globe! Use it to find the Little Free Library boxes in your local area and get free books using their honor system. Give a book, get a book.

of mastodon is there a about rare or cool words to use in such as

THIS Unlocks The Phoenix Suns

The Daily Heller: Japan Went Commercial-Modern Its Own Hybrid Way
Feat.: Gennifer Weisenfeld
The Complete Commercial Artist: Making Modern Design in Japan, 19281930
at LettArc
by Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

Recently finished this book that I downloaded by chance. An addictive & high tension story.
Quite intelligent.
I smile, remembering Margaret Winslow, from the board of directors of the Sinclair Fellowship, who was so proud of being a sixth-generation Australian. In the country of the oldest living civilisation in the world, some sixty thousand years of Indigenous history, six generations had seemed a pallid boast.

Meet Hebrew 3!

Teaching you the Nikud Vowel System it completes my book series that will have you ready to read & write Hebrew

What separates it from the other two You have the option to order a hard covered version with colored pages

I invite you to check it out globally on Amazon. Click my profile link to check out all of the resources or send me a private message for more information.

Lets Learn & Love Hebrew Together

Taylor has lived her entire life as a boy. Hiding away as a serving boy at a local inn, but when a pirate comes stumbling into her life, he brings adventure and horror with him. Whether she wants it or not.


Royal Road:

Read for free on Royal Road, or support me by grabbing a copy from Amazon.

pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

Bertrand Russell is a great mind. In his time, holding the belief he did wasn't an easy task.

I am done reading the , Why I Am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell and I am amazed at his head. such persons deserved to live forever! Although there were

Brilliantly written insightful "The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu" by Anshel Pfeffer

Sance de rattrapage ! Vous l'avez manque hier Retrouvez l'mission de NOV FM consacre Astralabe ditions sur le site de la radio :

Tell your story with our Reportage book services

Turn your journalism into a captivating reportage book, your travel diary into an interesting travel guide, write about your food experiences, publish in every imaginable format. Our Reportage book services help you all the way, from idea to finished product.

Greenlights - Matthew McConaughey

1966 A man and woman sitting on the floor looking at a crossword puzzle

A man and woman are engaged in a thoughtful activity on the floor, deeply focused on solving a crossword puzzle together.
They are comfortably dressed, suggesting a casual, indoor setting that feels personal and relaxed.
The presence of furniture nearby, possibly a table, along with books and what appears to be a newspaper, hints at a cozy living space designed for leisure and intellectual pursuits.
The visible text on the puzzle and the concentrated expressions on their faces underscore the mental engagement and cooperation between them.
The scene captures a moment of shared interest and companionship, emphasizing the human connection through a common endeavor.

Elecia's Making Embedded Systems, 2nd Edition ( published by O'Reilly ) came out today! Elecia( ) and Chris( ) talk about the changes, the writing, but not the eldritch horror.
They go on to talk about pianos and origami.

Listen to another fun episode of Embedded here( ).

Thank you to Memfault for sponsoring the show!

I Extra Virgin Gargoyle by Honey Phillips ( 11/Monsters Between The Sheets). This light-hearted series about transformed people into paranormal creatures by a variety of authors is fun . In this entry, human bookstore owner meets reclusive gargoyle CEO with a Beast-worthy library.

"What My Heart Wants To Tell" (1988)
Verna Mae Slone

The sand is soft beneath my feet.

Im sure Ive found a pleasant treat.

A metal door swipes across the sky,

removing the sun from the blue sky.

Trapped in a replica of my town,

I watch the sand become dark brown.

My longed-for peace wont be won

since Ive trusted the wrong one.


Snowbound at the inn,

no one can get in,

besides the cursed one

who has already won,

by picking off bodies,

one by one.


My husband just went to bed. I guess Ill put on some Lo Fi music and finish reading .

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The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I Didnt Do The Thing Today
Madeline Dore takes a hard look at the poisonous productivity culture that has permeated our lives and gives readers tools to reject it. No you don't need to find the best morning routine on YouTube, or the best task manager and system to use it.

You need to take a break, visit a friend with no aim but to visit and do nothing. The biggest predictor of resilience when life gets hard, is the friendsh

As previously mentioned, we couldnt bring you our Monstrous Regiment episode today. But to mark , heres a brief episode recommending some other and hosted entirely by women and non-binary folks:

The shows mentioned are:

Nanny Oggs Book Club
Teaching My Cat to Read

Special mention to Wyrd Sisters, who we didnt list because theyve wrapped up, but who definitely count!

Looking for recommendations. What is the most impactful or thought provoking book youve read Can be fiction or non fiction.

Are the Phoenix Suns a dangerous team like JJ Redick said

The 2nd Edition of Elecia( ) Making Embedded Systems published by O'Reilly is out!in ebook form

She has added 100+ pages, 4 new chapters, lots of ideas, tons of advice, a chicken button, and an eldritch horror.

You can get it wherever you find your electronic books (including Amazon, and Google Play).

Hard copies will be out in about two weeks and you can pre-order at

are , fam.

So who noticed the purposeful

It's - but do you know the behind it

Ocs i fascinaci

BFZF+18: Simultaneit e Chimismi lirici
Ardengo Soffici
Item date: 1915.


"Yankee Blitzkrieg" (2014)
James Pickett Jones

By giving dignity to educational institutions, the nation will automatically get the recognition of world leader: Chancellor.

Enjoy tracker free news reading with us.

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