Happy Casimir Pulaski Day! Fun Fact:

Happy Casimir Pulaski Day! Fun Fact: Pulaski was the father of the American Cavalry and was almost definitely intersex. Researching Pulaski was a fun part of writing

Andrew Scott is Ripley in the trailer for the new series adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novels

Today's review!

Fairest by K.S. Trenten:

"I rate this highly because of the creativity of the plot and Trentens skill at bringing these various fairytales together. Also, the queer! Give me all the queer!... Recommended for anyone who likes high fantasy, fairytale retellings, or queer fantasy."

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It's actually starting to feel like spring, any advice for a from the crowd

A of the How to Be a Renaissance Woman by Jill Burke:

A Delightful Look Back At How The Renaissance Changed Beauty Standards 2023, The Washington Post ().

Anybody have this one

It was released in 2005 as part of the City of Villains Collector's DVD Edition bundle.

First half = City of Heroes and by flipping it around, the other half is based on City of Villains!

She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome
On Amazon in English and Italiano

Communicate with your local boat owners.

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"The Spanish Ballad in English" (2014)
Shasta M. Bryant

You've read the tales, now get the books!

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La tua assenza tenebra - Jon Kalman Stefnsson

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Une spciale , qui raconte le quotidien de cette gnration dore qui a des douleurs arthritiques maintenant, mais pas qui se refuse quitter le devant de la scne
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(Feisty Women Book Club: Warriors, Witches, Women: Mythology's Fiercest Females.)


It's BACK!

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Find out what has been happening throughout February on the blog, along with my !

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find GREAT books!

Jusuf Nurkics historic night wasted as Suns comeback falls short Suns vs. Thunder Postgame

Well, it was worth to wait watching until was released.
And what a stylish and cultural is.
6.5 hours if sitting & watching made very comfortable.

I still miss some details. Like, where is the Space Navigators Guild

On the other hand: every movie adaptation has to loose details compared to the s

ACTION-PACKED SPACE OPERA draws on astrophysics and the mythology of Ancient Egypt to create a memorable tale. Fresh, original, well crafted science fiction! B PLUS

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Biblio File column!

Healthy Young Children, Sixth Edition edited by Alicia Haupt, Brittany Massare, Jennifer Nizer, Manjula Paul, and Louis Valenti.

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I'd love to use to generate the for my

but so far, in my side-by-side experiments, has been been less painful and more intuitive. its possible that both its code paths & docs are getting "more love" from younger devs these days

Markdown it shall be! unless and until I run into a concrete reason for something else

its not even the ultimate source syntax. my source is a program with structured data literals in it. plus templates & shell scripts

Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

"The Hollywood Motion Picture Blacklist" (2022)
Larry Ceplair

I wrote a about two years ago, and I'm grateful that I still have a day job. Some learnings and reflections on two years as a author.

Oh ..

I understand why some call this ...

This is so weird .......

This is the **first** in my I can 100% sympathize with the notion

"The is better than the movie.

The version being the book here...

I need to think....

i don't think i've experienced this much joy reading a book than i did reading the Third Day of The Spear Cuts Through Water by Simon Jimenez
the past two hours have somehow been the best reading experience of my life, after 2-3 weeks of not reading anything...
kinda feel like eating someone now idk
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Added a new part in my inquiry about Science Fiction. Make sure you read it and provide feedback. Science Fiction isn't going to define itself if we do nothing about it

"Tanimachi Monthly Market of Secondhand Books" at saka Kosho Kaikan.
Though almost all are Japanese books, English ones were there too.

Dans Vivonne de Jrme Leroy, lespoir est sans aucun doute ce qui nous anime. Cest lespoir dune existence amliore, plus radieuse, plus intense et plus humaine. Nos socits, hlas, offrent peu ou pas despoir, avec des futurs qui semblent ntre quune succession incessante de catastrophes et de crises. Mme si nos anticipations...


suggestions for March, women's history month:

Freedom is a Constant Struggle

Are Prisons Obsolete

Women, Race & Class

Palestine: A Socialist Introduction

Assata: An Autobiography

Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger

Today's Conference of the Books wisdom:

"The result of a search is not the point -- the point is the search. A life consumed by the search for Divine Will is the Divine Will and is the ultimate morality."

(The Search for Beauty in Islam: A Conference of the Books, by Khaled Abou El Fadl)

suggestions for March, women's history month:

Red Emma Speaks: An Emma Goldman Reader

Let This Radicalize You by Kelly Hayes of Truthout

Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones

We Do This 'til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice

No More Police: A Case for Abolition

I Stranded With A Ravenous Shifter by Olivia Turner ( 1/Marooned For A Night). Meh. I finished it but I wasn't compelled to. Title pretty much covers it.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

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New: Edward Kendrick's MM fantasy romance trilogy Of Another World Box Set:

Three interconnected fantasy tales of danger and romance by best-selling MM author Edward Kendrick. Contains the stories:

Of Another World: Castaways Tony and Daniel learn they are far from home from elf Brion who says only ...

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Anyone got experience with companies who scan books and give you a PDF (or zip of images)

I have a few (5) books that I'd like to convert to digital. I could scan them myself, but that's lots of time. I'd prefer non destructive scanning. Any recommendations