In the "Now, a picture book

In the "Now, a picture book by Antionette Portis" the "Now" encourages readers to appreciate the present moment and find in simple pleasures. By paying attention to the little things, we can cultivate gratitude and contentment in our lives.


Today's release: Elizabeth Schechter's queer fantasy Valley of Shadows.

When the Heir to the Firstborn is chosen by the Mother, the lore dictates that they must find their Companions among the tribes, and the first of those shall be Water. But when Aeris, oldest daughter and Heir to Firstborn Aria makes her Progress, her Water ...

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Communicate with your local boat owners.

Just finished number 6 this year:

I'm looking forward to speaking in-person at Agile South Coast and I'll be bringing a signed copy of my book to give away

Today's review! A Winter Fox by J.C. Owens:

"Violence, betrayal, lies, secrets and romance - I loved this book, the complex characters, and the fact that there was not one borking moment. I couldnt put it down for fear of missing something - the mark of an amazing book. Five stars."

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Beast or a God



The Drain System of Knossos

One lesson I came away with when I think back on 2018-2021 young adult is that women are absolutely shitty to each other - especially when one thinks they should be successful and another actually is successful.

El edificio existe, existi y existir aunque no lo percibamos lo sentimos.

Sorprendente, impactante e impresionante. Un libro diferente, donde el protagonista est pero no hace, casa captulo es menor de una pgina y un Micro relato en s mismo pero no deja de contar y aportar a la historia.

Hi, I am new here and would like to introduce my books

"Their shells remain, clinging to their delicate frame: the first and last breath of chalazae, bursting into unmistakable life."

The Lapwing in the Belfast Review

First published in Northern Gravy

If you like the work, pick up my latest from Downingfield here (or order at the bookstore!):




This points to the many different that are often available for his , with notable differences.

There's a reddit about this.


The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

A Brief Collection of Math Metaphors in Literature

Just finished this book by it is one of the best Ive read!

Just about 70% through Ng Pkanga o Aotearoa. I am just starting to get it. Why Mori are (rightfully) pissed and what utter morally-bankrupt, pustulent viral infections the cretins whose names pollute this land to this day really were. This is a hard read, but one worth doing. I love this book!

(Books: folklore and fantasy combine in Langabi, a supernatural historical epic from Zimbabwe.)


My review of by Georgina Lees is live on !

A hugely addictive novel, utterly compelling and nigh-on impossible to put down. Tense, involving and very intriguing.

Check out my review...

Un placer haber podido entrevistar a la periodista Sally Hayden. Su libro Cuando lo intent por cuarta vez, nos ahogamos (Capitan Swing) en el que narra el drama sufrido por los refugiados libios en campos de detencin, es dursimo. La foto es de Capitan Swing

A new upcoming The Road to Freedom by JosephEStiglitz Apr 23, 2024 wwnorton

I've reviewed Teresa Aranguren, Sandra Barrilaro's 'Against Erasure: A Photographic Memory of Palestine before the Nakba':

Robert Ovetz's "We the Elites: Why the US Constitution Serves the Few" is a crucial read for all Americans, whether you've always suspected the system is stacked against those without power & money, or whether you're a True Believer. In fact, the ever-worshipped Founders were very wealthy people (often slaveowners) who feared democracy-from-below would threaten their property, so they created a complicated, elite-stacked, anti-democratic national government, to slow-down change.

I just read this titled "Weapons of Mass Destruction' by Dr Cathy O'Neil.

Even though it was published in 2016, it is probably even more relevant today.

Her work presents several hypotheses on how data-driven models used in a variety of industries (education, health, law) may contribute to inequality and multiple reinforce social issues.

It is a worthy book that does not go into technical or scientific details on these models, so it can be read by anyone.


The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907


februllage day 8: ladder

handcut paper collage on matboard (a book in progress)

Our next book for is MONSTROUS REGIMENT!

We normally wait a little longer after our current episode to announce the next , but its been a while since weve done a full novel, so we wanted to give a bit of an earlier heads up. Plus we know this is one of s most beloved works!

Reply or email us with your questions in the next couple of weeks.

Well do a reminder closer to the deadline.

So much different tastes! I gave "The City We Became" by N K Jemisin 5/5 Such a relevant for modern times, political pressures, and tribal identifications.

OTOH it took me a couple of goes to get into The Broken Earth series before I loved that too.

Book 6 of 2024. Honestly didn't enjoy this book that much at all. I loved the broken earth series, fwiw, so I was really unhappily surprised. I found this one self-indulgent and myopic. Not my thing. But it wasn't terrible.

In his "How to Survive History" Cody Cassidy explores how to survive historys greatest threats: getting eaten by dinosaurs, being destroyed by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, succumbing to the lava flows of Pompeii, being devoured by the Donner Party, drowning during the sinking of the Titanic, falling prey to the Black Death, and more .. Cassidy gives you a detailed battle plan for survival, helping you learn about the era at the same time

- See Stunning Photos of Pompeiis Wall Paintings and Mosaics, Now Compiled in a New

As requested - a few ideas from me!

Phoenix Suns trade for Royce ONeale & David Roddy PHNX Suns trade reactions

James Bond Dr. No: nuevo libro de

Edicin limitada y de lujo

Have you seen Spiral Then read on . . .


Une vision du sillon fictionnel...

Who are you

Today's release: Jessamyn Kingley's MM fantasy romance Touched by Destiny:

Gabriel Wolfebrier believes his honor is forever tarnished. For the first fifteen years of his resurrected life, he did whatever his necromancer told him. They were friends. Family. So, Gabriel asked no questions as he helped...

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