Infernal Texts

Infernal Texts

The Anxious Generation. A any parent should reed!

Today's review! His Midshipman by Stephanie Lake:

"The author transports readers to London in 1779 with wonderful worldbuilding. I enjoyed this prequel... Its witty, serious at times and full of wonderfully intimate moments between Reid and David."

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Oh, and besides reviewing other people's books, I'm also still promoting my own ! If you haven't yet got your hands on "Hey, There's Science In This", note that reviewers have said "I wish it was about twice the length", "a definite recommend" and "you cant go wrong with this entertaining, non-fiction read" Here are some places where you can get it:


The Daily Heller: A Graphic Memoir of Love, Pain and Healing
Feat.: Jonell Joshua ( ig: jonell.joshua )How Do I Draw These Memories
By Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

The Daily Heller: SVAs 75th Celebrated on 23rd and 3rd
Feat.: School Of Visual Arts SVANews
Unveiling of the sign designating 23rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue as SVA WAY.
By Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

The Daily Heller: Our Earth as Women See It
Feat.: Rhonda Rubinstein + GoffBooks
By Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

Get ahead in planning your financial future with Five Smooth Stones- available now on Kindle! Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this journal is packed with invaluable insights to guide you on your journey to financial success.

Check it out here:

Having fun trying to generate banner images for my upcoming book:

Extending Excel with Python and R


this here guys is by far the best beginner's on getting started with a for a kid, a teenager or an adult noob. it's detailed, explains everything clearly without assuming the reader already knows half of it, yet remains readeable, i dare say enjoyable even for people with some experience (e.g. for when you lack the words to lay out thongs for your kid):

learn robotics with raspberry pi by matt timmons-brown.

if you only have patience / budget for one book, get this one.

I've ordered useful new tools to make this book the best one possible: "Rivet Your Reader with Deep Point of View" by Jill Nelson and "The Emotion Thesaurus" by Becca Puglisi.

New tools for magic
Emotional thesaurus
Deep point of view guide

Judith Butler Knows What Makes Tick
The famed talks with Them about their new , Whos Afraid of

"The Origin of Species" (1858), a revolutionary by a brilliant mind, Charles Darwin.
The word 'genetic' occurs only twice in the book. If he had only known what we know now. Not an easy read, and sometimes dated, but certainly a .

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

"Kentucky Folk Architecture" (1995)
William Lynwood Montell and Michael L. Morse

Simultaneously, I also came to realize more clearly that the consequences of not remembering the sacredness of the earth and the human soul are disastrous, both individually and collectively.
This is what we are living in the midst of today, a planet struggling to breathe, religious fundamentalisms that are fueling hatred and violence, and refugee families throughout the world being denied sanctuary. These and so many more are evidence of a tragic breaking apart of our interrelationship, the failure of not remembering the sacred in one another.

A new kind of for a in the US: copyright registration of her book does not recognize her as author of the whole text as is conventional for written works. Instead she is considered the author of the selection, coordination, and arrangement of text generated by artificial intelligence. This means no one can copy the book without permission, but the actual sentences and paragraphs themselves are not copyrighted and could theoretically be rearranged and republished as a different book.

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

This past weekend, several authors and book industry professionals commented on just how specific the genre of Amy Has Fangs is: young adult urban fantasy horror.

Young Adult Horror
Unique blending of genres
Urban Fantasy

Extrait Chapitre 3, que jai aim crire

 Mon corps fut assailli de frissons d la fois au froid et la sensation invitable que ce couloir est un limbe, un entre-deux o les mes sont perdues avant mme de quitter ce monde. Les faibles lueurs des lampes projettent des ombres allonges sur le sol, comme les barreaux dune cage immense enfermant tout espoir et toute chappatoire.  

A student shared this picture showing hes ready to dive into learning Hebrew!

Hebrew 1 & 2 teaching the Hebrew Print and Script Alphabet.

It really makes my day to share in someones excitement as they start their language learning Journey. Its a blessing for me as sharing Hebrew is my passion.

Thank you Ryszard, and to all keep the pictures coming. I appreciate you trusting in me and my resources, Mazal Tov!

"The Politics of City-County Merger" (2014)
W. E. Lyons

In case you missed 's and my livestreamed talk about our forthcoming book THE SECRET LIFE OF DATA, moderated by Laura DeNardis and hosted by & , here's the full video:

Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!

Our very own releases ' about his in .

tells the of a in .

In The Great Khan's Tent Episode 30: The Arabian Nights Part 28 is now out on all streaming platforms! Come in and listen to the stories of the slaves Buhkait, Kafur, and the main character of this Ghanim ibn Ayyub!

This picture book is truly amazing ! The illustrations are gorgeous and I love how the story is inclusive. It is extremely fun to compare the actual room and the imaginative sea adventure : the rug becomes the ocean or the vacuum is in fact a giant squid !

Three friends discover magic and mayhem around every corner of their school in this brand-new illustrated series from New Yorker cartoonist and NAACP Image Award nominee Liz Montague. 

May 21st is 'End of the World Day' and also release day for INVERSION, a speculative fiction from Lawrence Nault

The Phoenix Suns are playoff bound after a wild regular season but how far can they go

Flora Londinensis, or Plates and descriptions of such plants as grow wild in the environs of London by Curtis, William, 1746-1799-

4,000 instances of in so far this year

s latest shed light on the related to , , and , sparking and across the nation

Shifter Lucas was awaiting death at the hands of barbarous vampires when lovely Sarah rescues him from death. As they flee from the vampires Lucas realizes Sarah is his mate and he will do whatever it takes to protect her. - The Taken

Don Winslow is retiring from writing. I read 3 of his books and they were good but not great.

New: TQ Sims' queer sci-fantasy Godspeed, Lovers.

Lovable loner Casey Isaac thinks love isnt for him. Not since extraordinary events left him with supernormal powers and a great deal of trauma. But when Oscar Kenzari looks at him, he cant help but change his mind...

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Thoughts are false is another phrasing of the familiar Hindu statement, that that which can be thought is not true.

oh my god.

Follow the money. The non-profit Sesame Street would be following its teachings of fairness, equity. But the deal w HBO/ Max means strike tomorrow Friday.

Wills for Gay Couples