Its ! Heres our video about

Its ! Heres our video about the history of the book:

Kathleen Hanna Reveals the Story of Her Life in Rebel Girl - The New York Times

'I keep trying to make my rapes funny, but I have to stop doing that because they arent, she writes in the book, which comes out on May 14.'

'These days, Hanna is relieved that selling out is no longer a weapon wielded against struggling artists. Also, she finally knows what it feels like to enjoy economic stability: because I married the Beastie Boys guy, she said. Which is just, to me, very, very funny.

In 1995, the rap trio invited Bikini Kill on a festival tour of Australia, where Hanna met the sexiest boy Id ever seen in my life, she writes. Afterward, she bought a Beastie Boys poster and kissed Horovitzs face with such dedication that it became wavy and discolored. When he finally came to visit, he discovered the poster rolled in a closet and said: Whats wrong with my mouth They married in 2006, when Hannas health insurance coverage ran out, and adopted Julius in 2013. Hanna wears a gold nameplate ring that reads ADAM, and he wears one that says KATHLEEN.'

Holaaa, me recomendis algn libro/cmic/manga que sean de terror o de fantasa Algn art book o libro de arte guay tambin me vale.
Tengo cuponcete en la casa del libro y como hay descuentito pues quiero ver si pillo algo. Me da igual lo largo que sea que cuando es mo lo leo a mi ritmo.

Y si, sigo vivo, he empezado un mster as que por eso he estado un poco bastante muerto por aqu :gamingkirby2:

Hi! Heres an awesome new cozy animal mystery called MUSEUM OF MURDER by Leslie Langtry is available now and it is the 30th book in the Merry Wrath Mysteries series!

No matter how intense the charge or if we love for fifty years at our core, we do not merge. Your lover looks through different eyes, two worlds existing side by side: two images, unique and whole, of the oasis of the soul.

Hello, heres a new sweet cowboy romance called LESSONS FROM THE RANCHER by Anna Grace that is available now and it is the 1st book in the Teacher Project series!

New: Becky Black's MM sci-fi romance Liars Waltz:

Lieutenant Greg Matthews took a transfer to space station Saira to make a fresh start. But a rogue military intelligence officer has discovered the closeted Gregs secret and forces him to spy on Karl Webster, the owner of the last gay bar ...

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New book review: The Price of Cookies by Finnian Burnett

Today's review!

Under His Name by M.A. Grant:

"This is the first time I've read something by M.A. Grant. I was thoroughly entertained with this very well-written story. The plot is solid, filled with suspense, excitement, fast-paced action, danger, humor and romance."

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Hi! Heres an awesome new sweet romance called HER HOMETOWN SECRET by LeAnne Bristow is available now and it is the 3rd book in the Coronado, Arizona series!

Hello, heres a new cozy animal mystery called GRAVEN IMAGES by Lori Roberts Herbst that is available now and it is the 6th book in the Callie Cassidy Mystery series!

The series is still sitting in my backlog.

Released in 2000 exclusively in Japan, this comprehensive "World Guidance" art book covers everything you'd want to know about

This just landed on my doormat! The second edition of .NET MAUI Cross-Platform Application Development by Roger Ye.

Updated for .NET 8, this book teaches you how to write apps using .NET MAUI whether you want to use XAML and native components or Blazor and render that to a web layout.

You will learn about what it takes to build an app, but also it also shows you how to add tests and even what it takes to publish it to the app store!

Urban sketcher Len Grant captures the quirky charm of Manchester's Northern Quarter
Feat.: Len Grant LenGrant on
by Dom Carter DomCarterAgain at creativeboom

Hi! Heres an awesome new cozy crafts and hobbies mystery called FOUR-ALARM HOMICIDE by Diane Kelly is available now and it is the 6th book in the House-Flipper Mystery series!

Zum Tag des deutschen Bieres und Welttag des Buches hier eine fast schon knstlerische Darstellung von Dingen fr einen entspannten Feierabend. Und sollte es das Wetter zulassen, gibt es (fast) nichts Schneres, als sich mit einem Bier und Buch der Wahl an die frische Luft zu setzen und Sonnenstrahlen zu tanken. Prost, Cheers, Kanpai, Skal, Sant...oder wie stot ihr so an

Hello, heres a new historical romantic comedy called EARLS TRIP by Jenny Holiday that is available now! Dont forget to take a look at my review!


The books are HERE!!!

I'll be shipping them out next week after giving everyone a chance to update addresses, and my cat cannot wait for these to ship so his boxes will be empty!

Popular Book Teaching Kids The Power Of Positive Affirmations Now Available In Isizulu

Hi! Heres an awesome new cozy culinary mystery called DOUBLE ESPRESSO DECEPTION by Agatha Frost is available now and it is the 10th book in the Claires Candles Cozy Mystery series!

Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, books have the power to transport us to magical realms and expand our horizons. Let's celebrate the joy of reading and the wonders of storytelling!

Hello, heres a new cozy culinary mystery called DEATH BY CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY SCONE by Sarah Graves that is available now and it is the 6th book in the Death by Chocolate Mystery series!

Apr 23: Today is World and Day!

Apr 23: Today is Day!

Hi! Heres an awesome new cozy culinary paranormal mystery called A TWINKLE OF TROUBLE by Daryl Wood Gerber is available now and it is the 5th book in the Fairy Garden Mystery series! Dont forget to keep an eye out for my review!

If you like this : calligraphy from Marc Drogin, despite the cover and edition quality, it is really the best I ever read, history and technique, so intersting!

Another commissioned painting! This is Neylin and I've shared her backstory along with the painting process, on my YouTube channel:

Hope you all like this one!

Hello, heres a new sweet cowboy romance called A FAMILY FOR HIS BOYS by MK Stelmack that is available now and it is the 3rd book in the Ranch to Call Home series!

Fonts matter - and I don't just mean don't use Comic Sans!


Cats and books go together like something else that goes well with things.
I couldn't think of a simile okay But you get what I mean

If you wanted to buy a Pluto Book anyway, this week they donate 30% of all money* to Medical Aid Palestine.

"Any full-priced book, ebook or audiobook bought on between 12:00am BST 22nd April 2024 and 11.59 BST 29th April 2024 is eligible. Please note this does not include any orders where a discount code has been applied, or the books price is already discounted. Pre-orders for books published in the future are also not eligible.

Pluto will donate 30% of all money taken on these eligible orders (*excluding tax and shipping) to MAP Medical Aid for Palestinians as soon as possible after the drive has ended."

To donate directly to Medical Aid Palestine:

Nchster Lesestoff.

buchetchastel netgalley En liant sa passion du football avec son analyse de la socit contemporaine,EricHalphenpropose son dcortique le retentissement de lintime dfaillant lorsque leur rvlation se fait publiquement.

The Lost Frontier Handbook Review

What is the Lost Frontier manual and does it really work The answer is yes, it really works. The Lost Frontier manual is a definitive guide to self-reliance that unlocks lost ancestral skills and knowledge for dealing with crises, according to the creator.

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Okay, I am getting a bit tired of the Horus Heresy. I am on Book 5, Fulgrim. The last few books, including this one, are the same events of the Istvaan Drop Site Massacre told through the eyes of different characters belonging to different Space Marine legions. I need a break, but I am still interested in the Warhammer 40K universe.

Since my life reads as a supernatural drama or horror story anyway, I really like horror. So, I decided to browse through the Black Librarys horror section, and I found .

Amidst the bloody wars, fanatical cults, and mad tyrants of the Imperium, there lurks a far quieter horror. Valgaast is an entity that compels and corrupts. Darker than the pits of hell, incomprehensible as death, it seeps into the hearts and minds of those weakened by misfortune.

A premature heiress grieving the loss of her family. A bleak man of faith with unquenchable desires. A woman whose broken memories replay terrible violence. A little town left to rot in a sun-scorched wasteland. Such victims are easy prey for a being like Valgaast and through its malicious intent, they are pushed to their very limits.

I am a horror anthology person. I love short stories, novellas, and anthologies, so it caught my attention.

The crazy thing is that various types of horror are the only genre that holds my attention nowadays because it is the only genre that seems remotely realistic to me. How cynical is that As usual, I am ravenous at midnight, so I think I will listen to the audiobook while I cook myself a meal.

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Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Birth Anniversary of William Shakespeare (1564) - widely regarded as the in the English language and the world's greatest .

Birth Anniversary of Max Planck (1858) - considered as the originator of theory.

Today is World and Copyright Day and UN Language Day.

Not sure but i think the strategy in is equivalent to with predictable . From this 2020 paper, long after 's , and Axelrod's Tournament. Here's the paper:


Ann Leckie

A cozy mystery rapidly spins out into a multi-factional courtroom drama. The alien backdrop remains grounded by a personal story of identity, family, and agency. Also, as with PROVENANCE, I like the outside POVs on the Radchaai.

Listening to audiobook A RUNNER'S HIGH: MY LIFE IN MOTION (2021) - Dean Karnazes

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