Looking for recommendations on CD for

Looking for recommendations on CD for my dad to listen to (his eyesight isn't good enough to read books anymore). He likes stuff like but he's already read them so many times. Courtroom, crime and s are good, no fantasy please. He was listening to a western called "the tracker" but he just said he's tired of it because it's too episodic, there isn't really a singular plot building up throughout the book. Thanks!

Today's review! Mu Legend of a Lost City by M.D. Neu:

"An exciting and colorful journey into the Pacific and the beautiful world of Mu, an emotional story mixing heartbreak, jealousy, cruelty, danger, suspense, and friendship - a mystery and an adventure that's absolutely unforgettable!"

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O Ill be sure to burn their fucking offices down when I get out of here. Where do they get off selling me my death. If I want gift-wrapping for my imminent non-existence Ill be sure and fucking seek it out.

Talk to the boat next door.

System Collapse (The Murderbot Diaries #7), by Martha Wells


System Collapse by Martha Wells

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was so looking forward to reading this and I real...

Les champignons (fungi, hymnomyctes) qui croissent en France - 1878

Austin Street in Forest Hills is named for raging anti-Semite Austin Corbin, the crooked railroad investor who, along with his partner-in-crime Arthur Benson, swindled the Montauketts & took their land. The Montauketts have been trying to get justice for a century. Recent article about their latest attempt in comments. Its past time to right this wrong (& to rename the street!)

Anyone out there use E-Readers What is your favorite brand Im looking into them atm

In this heartwarming story from New York Times bestselling author Courtney Cole, an unhappily married couple makes a wish on an enchanted snow globe that they had never met, but when they wake up the next day in separate lives, the magic of Christmas helps them to realize that some love is just meant to be.

New sapphic book review! Magdalene Nox by Milena McKay

Die Geschwister Oppermann aka The Oppermans by Lion Feuchtwanger.

Have just finished the Czech translation. My second time with the Oppermann family, still strong reader experience after 30 years. Especially in the current climate of rising in the West.
Do grab it, you may find it surprisingly timeless.

46 of 2023 without a doubt my favourite in the series. Did not end the way that I thought it would. Outstanding

Tim George's timgeorge86 incredible photos capture the rapidly vanishing world of pubs in the East End
Feat.: HoxtonMiniPress
by Dominic Carter DomCarterWriter at creativeboom

Pity, Power and Tolkien's Ring (and more!) -- Tom Hilman interview with The Tolkien Collector's Guide

"Fifty Years of Segregation" (1997)
John A. Hardin

Vol. 2 of , "Marianne - my queen", is almost complete.

Meanwhile you may buy vol. 1, "Marianne - my princess", also here(1):

(1) The place where vol. 2 will be available soon.

This book is about a love story. ... Don't let yourself be fooled because it has also a lot of sex.
-- Alice Enamour, "Marianne - my princess", Preface

Des protge-livres comme s'il en pleuvait !
mettre sous le sapin, dans la chaussette (propre) ou dans un joli papier cadeau
Les commandes sur mesure sont ouvertes si votre tata prfre n'aime que le bleu pois

Book covers/protectors, made on demand if needed, comissions open

Osnat Barzani was born in Mosul in 1590 and her story is relatively unknown to modern readers.

Osnats father was a great scholar whose house was filled with books and she convinced him to teach her.

In turn, she grew up to teach others, becoming a wise scholar in her own right and the worlds first female rabbi!

Have you read 'Osnat and Her Dove' by Sigal Samuel Check it out here:


My review of by Ronald Malfi is live on !

I thoroughly enjoyed this gripping, unnerving collection of stories from a favourite author of mine and master storyteller.

Check out my review...

(Long-lost Scottish monastery is FOUND after 1,000 years: Archaeologists discover site in Aberdeenshire.)

Day 21

Today I am delighted to welcome to to share 3 favourite books published in 2023

Find out which 3 books Anne chose here...

Creativity is a moody beast but sometimes a good workout is what it needs to sort itself out. A page of drive designs and the beginnings of components that make them up. I have been doodling these ideas for at least a year and am now thinking about how they'd go together in .

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826


Was eine Person fruher in zweieinhalb Tagen geschaffen hat, schafft sie jetzt an einem. Das ist der Mittelwert der Produktivittssteigerung uber alle Branchen gesehen, vom Industriearbeiter bis zur Lehrerin und zum Krankenpfleger.


Coucou mes Bookinautes chris ! Aujourd'hui je vous parle d'un roman aussi attendu qu'inattendu : "Lux" de Maxime Chattam, paru le 02 novembre 2023 aux ditions Albin Michel...

Ma chronique :

Avez-vous dj lu ce titre Dites-moi tout... Et belle journe tous !

I Keep by Anna Hackett ( 2/Fury Brothers). CW (& spoiler) for child abduction. Otherwise it was very good. Bounty hunter falls for his office manager.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Sometimes when you buy an old book like this 1903 Color Key to North American Birds by Frank M Chapman and Chester A Reed you end up with more than just an old book.

I asked and the seller from Alabama gave me permission to share our messages.

"Freedom on the Border" (2010)
Catherine Fosl and Tracy E. K'Meyer

Check out my fun book called . Perfect for any kid or immature adult in your life.

Pick up your copy at or

I want every author to know: I am willing to give you an extra +30% for your if you provide it free.

Her mind was drifting like a turtle in the bitter sea.

Reyna in Cant Spell Treason without Tea

This Im is as good as Legends & Lattes, if youre a fan of , oh .

I've found myself seeking out comfort reads lately, but I somehow just randomly decided to do a reread of one of the angriest books I can remember ever reading.

1966 A man and woman sitting on the floor looking at a crossword puzzle

In this indoor setting, a man and a woman are engaged in a mental exercise.
They're comfortably positioned on the floor, absorbed in a crossword puzzle that's spread out in front of them.
They're surrounded by furniture, hinting at a homey environment.
The puzzle is printed on a newspaper, with visible text that contributes to the intellectual atmosphere.
A book is also present, suggesting further intellectual pursuits.
The woman is clothed in light-colored apparel, while the man has darker clothing.
The look on their faces speaks of concentration and engagement.
The floor beneath them, though partially visible, provides a casual and cozy backdrop to their activity.

Ger.: Es ist sonderbar wenn ein Buch ber zwei Tage bei 95% so sehr fessel und ein weg legen wirkt wie eine Pause im Kino.
Oh, seit wann/seit welchem Jahr haben Kinos aufgehrt Pausen bei 50% des Filmes zu haben

Eng.: It is strange if a book grip you over the past two days at 95%, and take it away appear like a break in Cinema.
Oh, when/at which year Cinemas stopped to have breaks at 50% of a Movie

Another portrait for the "Princesse Sybille" universe, a story written by my friend nicolasvasquez !

Check out the book here:

This is Tristan, one of the most enigmatic characters in the book!

Process video here:

As always, it was a pleasure and joy to work with Nicolas on this and I'm super excited that my artwork is a part of Sybille's universe!

Help! Reviewers!
need 34 reviews on amazon in 10 days!!

jiujensu - a friend wrote a book! If you like and haiku!!

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slams requiring to use vague for and as a form of that ,

The Treasure of Milky Lake


get your copy today!

The Treasure of Milky Lake


get your copy today!

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