New: Andy Gallo's MM fantasy book

New: Andy Gallo's MM fantasy book Under a Spell:

Leothius Hollen arrives in Presque Isle, Maine, home of the dragon rulers, to investigate the murder of the mage ambassador. The last thing he expects is to run into the sexy as sin guy who stood him up when he was in gryphon territory. No, thats not ...

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Read the , the for You. Do you read the message

Today's review: Fill the Empty Spaces by Karenna Colcroft:

"Dels husband Austin died in a car accident, and Del finds it hard to get back to any semblance of a normal life.... well written and tugs at the heartstrings, but there is always hope in the offing... an absorbing and uplifting read."

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The Idea of You Book Just Unveiled a New Cover: How to Read the Harry Styles-Inspired Story Before the Movie Premiere

Check it out!

Force of Nature: The Dry 2 gets a new trailer and a US release date. Trailer and details here

The Atheism of God. Allahs the Atheist! He owns no Allah. (Bagh-i-muattar) To admit God is to look up to God, and so not to be God. The curse of duality.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

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Today marks the release of the Official Design Works in Japan!

A ton of behind the scenes commentary and some interviews in this one - so if you're a fan - check it out!

Becoming a writer is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Here is the story of my struggle and what I learned in the process.


The Giddy Death of the Gays & the Strange Demise of Straights re-edition comes out May 28!

A touching of , love, and gender, Paste magazine said:

"It is truly impossible to describe this in a way that does it justice just download it immediately."


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find GREAT books!

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for the nice review:

The reason many shy away from the topic, is because the kooks bring and craziness to the topic.

Sane people, including Jewish sane people, like co-authors and are NOT being heard.


"Claude A. Swanson of Virginia" (2014)
Henry C. Ferrell Jr.

LaManufDeLivres Claire Vesindcrit une interne qui est seule, lors de son 1er stage, pour grer le service durgence pendant une garde de fin danne. Puis 6 mois de la vie des soignants. Selection
des lecteurs OrangeLecteurs

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

EdRecamier Parution aujourd'hui !
Nouveau de la Reine du .
Une russite poustouflante au cur des humanitaires de la Croix-Rouge internationale.
Incontournable !

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Voxel Palette 3.0 is my attempt to build an ideal, general-purpose . Includes black & white and 11 luminance shades of
grayscale (0 % saturation)
7 colors (33.3 % + 66.7 % + 100 % sat.)

for a / / about , &

Feedback appreciated
License: Attr. 4.0 Intl. vrtxd
Wed 27 Mar 2024

THE GREAT MIAMI NOVEL may well be this devastating blend of satire, magical realism, and local historythe story of a wannabe gangster and the imprisoned orca that fascinates him. Startling, distinctive, surreal. A MINUS

Starbrood is a series set in a trinary meta-star system. , , , , and peril can all be expected....:-)
Get the first 3 episodes for only $1.99.

Starbrood is a series set in a trinary meta-star system. , , , , and peril can all be expected....:-)

Get the first 3 episodes for only $1.99.

of Middle Eastern
Terri Ginsberg
Chris Lippard


pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

Tell me something cool about /

Have just catalogued 12 books onto the site, and have no idea what this series is all about.

Looks really cool!

A fun bit I just read in The Mating Season by PG Wodehouse...

"Airlines and Air Mail" (2002)
F. Robert van der Linden

American Association reports record number of unique titles challenged in 2023

Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Becoming a writer is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Here is the story of my struggle and what I learned in the process.

Today's review!

Third Front by E.M. Hamill:

"Another edge-of-your-seat thriller, full of revelations and truths with have cosmic implications... Action-packed sci fi with queer characters, alien civilisations and cultures, spaceships, and moral quandaries. You will love this book."

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(on my reading list, definitely) A new A Worry by alextanner Alexandra Tanner March 26, 2024 SimonSchuster book review nytimes

New from Abraham and Barreto: Bait and Switch
The American Alt-Rights Manufactured Martyrdom
TLDR: Rather than see the Alt-Right as an outlier, it is an integral part of an endemic battle over the articulation of American national identity.


Now on sale for $2.99!

Stories from Puglia: Two Californians in Southern Italy

Happy book drop day to The Wedding Party ! This psychological suspense novel by L.R.Jones can now be found in the Blue Box.

For a bride-to-be and her fianc, secrets and lies make this a killer celebration in this psychological suspense.

My gf told me Im obsessed with stories about people stranded in snow. I dont know what she means.

2/2 DO NOT attempt to mask the large repositories of collective (i.e. general intellect) that are appropriated and encoded into this algorithmic model to produce the artefact that is the -cum-commodity.

DO endeavour to draw attention to the process whereby both the and labour of a multitude of and others is extracted and by using numerous quotations, references and endnotes to locate it in a network of texts and intelligences.



The Girlfriend Charade
Maxine Hall


The Archivist
Xavi Frey
Sci Fi

Third Time Lucky
Alexandra Y. Caluen

Two Thousand Tears
Jocelynn Drake

The Regency Lords
Stephanie Lake

Daranii Justice
C.J. Dragon
Sci Fi

Swamp Dog
Jules Radcliffe

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