New MM:

New MM:

Benedict and Bear
Lisa Oliver

Pick Up Man
Jodi Payne & BA Tortuga
Western & Cowboy

Pucking Screwed
Charity Parkerson

To Fall For a Dragon
Toshi Drake

Hooch and Howls
Karenna Colcroft

Half Empty
Alexa Milne

The Hencha Queen
J. Scott Coatsworth

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Things get real in the trailer for Harold and the Purple Crayon. Watch it here

Thursday, 18 April Launch - Being a in a Time of Breakdown

New sapphic book review: Dark Star by C. X. Myers

Zany Cosmic Horror (TM)
Hostest d' Mostest, Uncle Aberrant
Plenty of laughs and screams
Collection of nutty authors
Space potatoes

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Greenlights - Matthew McConaughey

Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!

New Bruce S. Lieberman and Niles Eldredge (August 2024): Macroevolutionaries - Reflections on Natural History, Paleontology, and Stephen Jay Gould.

Dernire sance du sminaire "Au carrefour de l'imprim contemporain" aura lieu le jeudi 28 mars 16 h.
(IMEC : 6 rue Antoine Dubois, Paris 6e arr.)

Programme :
Goulven Le Brech
Cdric Biagini

The library has one of these books on order, and 9 holds on it locally. It's a good book that no one can easily right now. BUT, I did find an excellent price, for those of you who still READ .
List Price:$35.00
Our Price:$4.88 CAD Book depot


The Neverending Story is being adapted for a new series of films. Details here

Talk to the boat next door.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Elecia( )'s Making Embedded Systems, 2nd Edition( published by O'Reilly ) is here in paperback format!

Get a copy at .


Today on I am sharing this week's post. Find out what I've recently finished reading, what I'm currently reading and what I plan to read next!

Check out my post here...

Thanks for that and I hope people will check out the which will give people an insight into the much bigger picture of Iraqi-Jewish history.

Equally, people can also check out the MENA archives at the , which is located in the old Spanish and Portuguese synagogue in Cheetham Hill, .

The museum opened in 1984 but was founded as a synagogue in 1874 and included the Sassoon's among the congregation. We also launched TWoB at the MJM in 2021.

Se volete leggere un bellissimo libro sulla corsa, e sulla filosofia che ci sta dietro, il buon caro vecchio ci ha scritto un libro dal titolo "l'arte di correre".

P.s: Murakami ai tempi correva 10 km tutti i giorni, e ha partecipato a pi di 26 maratone.

lecherchemidi de Lolita Sene qui raconte les difficiles tentatives pour une jeune fille de saffranchir du poids familial. Avec motion, le lecteur suit la construction dune femme face au poids du silence


editionsfolio Gallimard Babelio En prenant une autre chelle, celle du monde,Mathieu Lours, permet ses lecteurs den aborder la porte universelle. En effet, nos regards ne gardent souvent quune image tronque.


I snuck another World Atlas into the house!
The collection:
Encyclopaedia Brittanica 10th Edition Maps c1897
The Century Dictionary, Cyclopedia and Atlas c1897
The Modern Pictorial World Atlas c1939
Encyclopaedia Brittanica World Atlas c1961
Encyclopaedia Brittanica International Atlas c1965
Rigby's Concise Atlas of Earth c1973
The Macquarie World Atlas 2nd Edition c1994
Readers Digest World Atlas c2004
Encyclopaedia Brittanica World Atlas c2005
The Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World 12th Edition c2007

Can The Phoenix Suns Turn It On In The Playoffs And Make A Run

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

It was super cold today - so I thought Id be productive and do my laundry, maybe a little reading while I wait. I started reading this advance-reader copy of All This and More (by Peng Shepherd)

Did I mention it has branching storylines And maybe Ive spent almost 12 hours doing nothing else but read and plot my paths

titles that are also things I repeatedly have to tell my

"The Philosophy of The X-Files, updated edition" (2009)
Dean A. Kowalski

Written by the developer of , this book offers 10 Steps to Making Your First Game Successful!

From pre-production to marketing, PR, and distribution, it's a great resource for beginners with no prior knowledge of game development.

The Phoenix Suns BIGGEST Weakness


: THE , , and

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Since I've shared this everywhere else...

This book does no(w) exist...

Nearly three years ago, I abandoned this project because I couldn't see it working, and time has allowed me to appreciate it anew. In-fact, it has perhaps now found "its" time, in an age of converging concerns over AI, drones, conflict, and ecology.

Before self-releasing, as I usually do, I've decided I'm going to at least try to find an actual home for this - I think it deserves to see print, if possible.

pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

if u give this Gryph a blank book . everything about the Gryphons wud soon appear in2 this book v

Who's going to at 9pm

Confused I may be,

I cant set him free.

He has me in his thrall,

but I refuse to fall.

After I shut my eyes for the night,

its his face I see in the dim light.



The Dead arrive

in the dark of night.

Time stands still.

Birds take flight.

Ive had my fill

of demons in the night.


Silence reigns supreme.

The sun hides its face.

Palm trees shake their leaves.

Winds quicken their pace.

The hotel stands deserted.

Flapping sounds fill the air.

Dark shadows join the fray

beneath his icy stare.


by Susanne Leist

in Common Lisp we can also raise/throw/signal non error signals and if client is ready to catch them, he could call a "restart".

You can read more on this technic in this chapter of the really cool book Practical Common Lisp.

What do you fall to

A quotation from Montesquieu:

The mania afflicting most French people is the desire to be witty, and the mania afflicting those who want to be witty is the desire to write books.
However, this is a very bad idea.

Full quote, sourcing, notes: