New sapphic book review: Blood Rage

New sapphic book review: Blood Rage (The S.P.E.A.R. Mission Files #3) by Ileandra Young

Today's review! Hurricane Reese" by R.L. Merrill:

"I highly recommend Hurricane Reese, the first book in the Forces of Nature series. The writing is perfect, and it's filled with heart-wrenching sadness, joy, understanding, love of family, romance and hope for an everlasting love."

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First: "The Rise Of The Meritocracy" is in fact a view of the future to which segregationist, elitist and very expensive education system would lead to British people.A written by Michael Young in 1958
Brutal satire, is inherited and presupposed from parents' social status and right to surrogate in parents' job and social status
word was recovery by Laborist leader and british PM Tony Blair as part of his now failed "third way"

Rulebook and Battle Book for the win!

Time is running out

For preorders.

Deux excellents essais de Yuval Noah Harari qui explorent lvolution de ltre humain travers les sicles et spculent sur son avenir.

a fait rflchir :)

Chocolat (Chocolat #1), by Joanne Harris


Chocolat by Joanne Harris

This is one of the rare occasions Im giving up on a book but I just dont enjoy this one at all From the beginning, I...

Sneak peek!

Cover design behind the scenes!

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

Communicate with your local boat owners.

Pen and Plot

No skin in the Big Game Just need a bit of a break from sportsballing Come hang out with me for some time on Superb Owl Sunday! (6 PM US Mountain Time to whenever)

I re- The Rake and the Wallflower by Allison Lane. This Signet lived in my purse for a year of waiting for the kid at bus stops from school b4 I stopped repeating it. It is so much better than the bad Amaz0n blurb. It's also shallow & self-righteous & sweet. Easily standalone but some put it in a series.

A very long and interesting read about the (nonexistent) importance of for the industry The gets shortly mentioned too (In the last third of the text and not in a negative way, it's just not the focus of the text)

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-



5.- Existe la Nada
- Does Nothingness exist

Dispn de estas leyendas libremente excepto para fines comerciales.
Se me ocurren sin propsito, solo para hacer pensar.

Puedes verlas todas en la web de referencia.

I have just read , and was positively surprised! I had enjoyed the series of short videos and like her work on YouTube, but this was a debut novel and, as Jill Bearup herself admitted, the series alone was not enough to fill the novel. Despite all that, the was well rounded and a joy to read. I laughed a lot and even shed a tear or two at a particular scene. I'm sorry she disliked writing the book, because I would certainly enjoy reading the next one.

Dropped a new excerpt from my free webnovel, Below the Heavens - JiangXi!

Below the Heavens is a high fantasy web novel series featuring a quick witted protagonist and a world and magic system crafted from scratch, incorporating east Asian culture and influences.

This indie novel is available for free on Royal Road via the web browser (link in my bio) or their app! Also available on Scribblehub, and I have a Patreon as well where you can read ahead on a sizeable portion of content!


by StuffGuy123:




Ooh, looks like dinner *and* a show!

1971 A record player and a record player

The image showcases two record players, one in the foreground and the other slightly blurred in the backdrop, indicating a possible depth of field effect.
The record players appear to be vintage, hinting at a nostalgic or retro theme.
Both seem to be placed on a flat surface, possibly a table or a desk.
Despite the lack of color information, one can assume a monochromatic palette due to the vintage theme.
The image also seems to contain text and fonts, perhaps on the record labels or on the record players themselves.
There's also a suggestion of a book present within the frame, which could be a songbook or a manual for the record players.
The image is wide, with a width greater than its height, accentuating the horizontal layout.
However, the precise nature of the text, the specifics of the book, and the exact model of the record players are not clear from the description.

Entertaining read about best techniques of overcoming difficult situations that you will likely never going to encounter

The Awful Alphabet, by me and Sara McCall Ephron is now LIVE on BackerKit. This picture for adults is the perfect elixir for the enuii with envelops your heart.

Support the project here

The front cover of 1970s Bewitched The Opposite Uncle has a great illustration style, but its back cover is even better.

Artist: Ben Otero

Il 20 febbraio in libreria e spero presto su Audible.

3.- Si muero yo antes que t
- If I die before you...

Dispn de estas leyendas libremente excepto para fines comerciales.
Se me ocurren sin propsito, solo para hacer pensar.
Publicar ms, supongo.
Puedes verlas todas en web de referencia

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

The present translation attemptsto ground the text in its traditional intellectual context but to articulate the subject matter in a way that is accessible to the educated nonspecialist as well as to scholars
Edwin Bryant, The Yoga Sutras of Patajali

On the build-up to the new by Emily Wilson that is a new of :

She Reeled Us In With The Odyssey. Now: The Hard Stuff. 2023, Slate ().

A of the Everyday Utopias by Kristen Ghodsee:

What Can We Learn From The History Of Utopianism 2023, The Nation ().

A of the Ian Fleming by Nicholas Shakespeare:

Becoming James Bond 2023, Literary Review ().

Unbelievable: Robin Wall Kimmerer's gorgeous book "Braiding Sweetgrass" was published 10 years ago. Unlike other global bestsellers, the book has changed people, woken them up and inspired them to take action. Rosanne Deerchild talks with the author in her podcast Unreserved:

Excerpt from New Jerseys Morristown Minute.

Anyone know of a commercial ebook store that does not have DRM

#book #ebook #epub

Anyone know of a commercial ebook store that does not have DRM

Just got a library card and read this book here. It's an easy read and a pretty good book.
By Huda Fahmy ( ). I love her webcomics and wanted to read this for a while.

Black Box Diaries

This 'self-made' follows Shiori Ito through her ordeal in Japan. Also a : 'Black Box: The Memoir That Sparked Japan's Movement'

Hard to watch because she does not shy away from showing her pain (you just want to give her tons of hugs!). For those unfamiliar with Japanese culture, it is a fascinating contrast to what us Westerners are use to - especially with how the movement was addressed.


Today's review! The Great North by J. Scott Coatsworth:

"This trippy little novella is a fascinating mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, with a post-apocalyptic surprise I did not see coming... You cant read his stories without thinking, or at least you cant really appreciate them if you dont."

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