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Hey, I'm having a story

You can win a copy of my friend's new (Gutter Punks) and our new booklet (Chaotic Shots and Cocktails That Will Hurt Your Friends).

Looking for your biographical (750 words max) about and debauchery.

Details in this week's episode:

"the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home" a Welcome to Nightvale novel by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Top ten (new) posts in April 2024

MK's Frankenstein (the novel) updates today! Be warned that this is rated M for body horror, violence, drawn blood and more.

Heeeeyyyyy, my latest review for LIBRARY JOURNAL is now available!

Check out my review of charleneelsby's profile picture
charleneelsby Violent Faculties - the story of a former professor who has gone totally, violently wild.


Animal Life and the World of Nature A magazine of Natural History -1902-

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Lesestoff fr den Start in den neuen Monat.

Should The Phoenix Suns Run It Back With Booker, Durant & Beal Next Year

PC Gamer is remembering "the weird HeroQuest novel that combined Beowulf, Discworld, Dying Earth, and American Psycho", and I am reminded of the completely surreal Zork Chronicles by George Alec Effinger.

Here's the link:

Patricia Garca-Rojo
Ester Len
Laura S. Maquiln
Virginia Orive de la Rosa
Sofa Rhei
Marina Tena Tena
Susana Vallejo
Roco Vega

Diferentes visiones sobre el solsticio de invierno y las brujas.

Intenso, oscuro y vibrante. Todos los relatos me han gustado, siempre me resulta curioso en las antologas como desde el mismo punto de partida se puede llegar a resultados tan diferentes sin romper la armona del conjunto. Marina Tena es siempre bien.

A new upcoming (in German): Wem gehrt by Jens Berger SFgezwitscher May 27, 2024 WestendVerlag

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find GREAT books!

"So Much to Lose" (2014)
William J. Rust

EdRecamier La robe de jaguarest la mtaphore qui permet ValerieFayolledillustrer le moment, souvent fugace, o lharmonie entre soi et lenvironnement est accomplie. Rose, quarantenaire, va la dcouvrir au fin fond de lAmazonie


The industry reduced to -produced, mass- piece of entertainment... and now industry will take over the mass production faster than other industries through ... reason being simple, the 'truth' of art is not available in a .

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Umbrella is a beautiful and poetic picture book about empathy and community. As young Clara is bored in the park, with no friend to play with, she finds an old and abandoned umbrella. Little does she imagine that it is everything, but ordinary. Look inside me whispers the black shelter. And as she complies, magic happens.

I finished reading A Mysterious Affair At Styles! by

That was quite an entertaining read, did not dissapoint :P

8th of the year, done!

Prince Fans Can Celebrate Purple Rains 40th Anniversary With New Collectible Book (And Its 25% Off)

Check it out!

We found a seed is a perfect read for ! As two children play outside, they find a seed. After playing with it, they decide to plant it. As the seasons pass, readers witness the evolution of the seed, until it becomes a beautiful flower !

This book is simple, but truly interesting and engaging. With beautiful illustrations and a sweet story, young readers are introduced to the cycle of life and how working with nature is rewarding.

Looking forward to giving this talk next week about my book Naming Gotham! If you are on Long Island, come gossip with me at the Seaford Public Library! (link in comments)

I should be working on getting older reviews ready, but I am tired because meds.

Friends & who are and : This book sounds very cool! Designing Gender: A Feminist Toolkit, by Sarah Elsie Baker.

Finished listening to this early this morning its set in current times in the and areas. The characters were endearing right away. Small town life themed. Imperfectly perfect stories for all the characters. The ending has an unexpected surprise that made me go back and read the beginning of the again to set all the details in place.

Adjusting my writing style in light of new concepts I recently learned has been hard work, more so considering just how many times I've rewritten this book. At least I'm close to perfection.

It's a lot of work
Reworking the book again
This time, almost done.

Annotated allow the reader of the to enter the mind of the writer. It adds another layer of understanding to the text. I suppose they are like the note writer's 'fingerprints' all over the .

Is there anything more beautiful than a well annotated with extensive

The Kids in Mrs. Zs Class is a new exciting chapter book series focusing on the kids of the same third - grade class : each book shares the story of a different kid. I definitely love this concept that allows young readers to discover new adventures in a known environment. The children of Curiosity Academy have challenges and conflicts to deal with, but also friends they can count on to find solutions.

: April Wrap-up - The Road to Oz

Writing a History of Ignorance

"There are many kinds of ignorancesimply not knowing, being aware of not knowing (like Socrates), wanting not to know, and not wanting other people to know."

She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome
On Amazon.

7 Books to Help You Understand Modern A.I. (plus a quick history & overview)

Currently Reading: 59 Memory Lane by Celia Anderson

Hermitcraft: Nettles

Surprisingly delicious.

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The States is a modern reimagining of Jane Austens Persuasion, a story of love, obligation, and second chances.