"Old Burnside" (1996)Harriette Simpson Arnow

"Old Burnside" (1996)
Harriette Simpson Arnow

: Wittgenstein and Ethics (by Anne-Marie Christensen):

So excited that the ebook version of Charged Bodies by Tom Mahon is now available:

If you look inside, you'll see I managed to get a praise quote for it from Vint Cerf -- a gentleman and a scholar who helped shape the digital revolution that this story is about.

The print book will be out later this year.

Tired of the same old stories, told the same old way

Well, have I got some books for you:

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

This is reduced to 22.14 on Amazon right now...

This is reduced to 14.63 on Amazon right now...

This is reduced to just over 20 at Amazon at the moment...


AM I LESS BRITISH Racism, belonging, and the children of refugees and immigrants in North London by Dou imek (2024)

"Am I Less British focuses on the children of refugees and immigrants in North London, whose parents migrated from Turkey.

Providing a rich ethnography of the lives of the children, the book studies their sense of identity, belonging and their transnational experiences. It aims to understand how the children position themselves within a range of locations (London, North London and Turkey), where they face class hierarchy, racism and discrimination, and explores how they think about their sense of belonging within the contemporary political context in Britain and Turkey."

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What's the directory structure of your please

sn-news: Understanding Deep Learning

Casi preferira no haberme metido en la madriguera del Conejo...

Y pese a todo, no se puede negar que este gnero de vida resulta interesante!

Releyendo , the

Tried to post this yesterday, but images weren't uploading. So...

Belated happy publication day!

I wrote a blog post to celebrate... about the book... and rambling.


Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!

EdJulliard NetGalleyFrance
Le talent deGwenalle Lenoirprojette son lecteur dans lincertitude de sa propre facult de rsistance. Car, selon le narrateur, rien ne le destinait devenir un hros, tel le vritable Cesar


Coucou mes Bookinautes chris ! Aprs une pause qui m'a t ncessaire et mme plus, me voici de retour avec une nouvelle chronique, enfin ! Laissez-moi vous prsenter "Obsolte" de Sophie Loubire, paru le 1er fvrier aux ditions Belfond !

Ma chronique :

On en parle ensemble Dites-moi tout en commentaires... Et bonne journe tous !

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

"The Carver's Art" (1996)
Simon J. Bronner

Speculators Going Crazy For Black Panther Is It Really That Good

BRIGHT, VIVID TALE of two Nigerian girls touched by the spirit world, driven toward each other by different destinies. Gorgeously written, with a brilliant kaleidoscope of detail. B PLUS

Feeling tempted to start yet another not sure if I will though

pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

"Jumping on the bandwagon" - tsssssss

1973 A man and woman looking at a newspaper

In this indoor setting, a man and a woman are engrossed in reading a newspaper.
They are both dressed in casual clothing, indicating a relaxed atmosphere.
Their faces, displaying expressions of interest, are clearly visible as they absorb the information presented to them.
The newspaper, an essential element of this scene, appears to be the main subject of their attention.
The woman, though less prominent in the scene, is actively participating in the shared reading.
The man's presence is slightly more pronounced, suggesting that he might be leading the discussion.
Their engagement with the newspaper highlights the importance of print media in daily life.

Did I the

Listening to audiobook CHIP WAR: THE FIGHT FOR THE WORLD'S MOST CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY (2022) - Chris Miller (read by Stephen Graybill)

I think I could be in Guinness Records for reading really quick books without missing the main theme of it.

Back in a day, in my home country, I was visiting frequently a library, with my brother.

We've both took books to read and sometimes just spent our time reading them in library. In fact, we read them that quick, that the old library female administrators didn't believe that we did, so sometimes we had to take those already books to home.



In Plain Sight
Siobhan Muir

Two Daddies for Henry
TL Travis


Blood of the Whirlwind
M.D. Grimm

Touched by Destiny
Jessamyn Kingley


A Lasting Vow
Ellie Thomas

His Grey Lord
Stephanie Lake


April Kelley

Intimate Night
Drake LaMarque

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Kevin's descriptions of how alive, beautiful and happy the world was during creation speaks to the soul.

The new The Seventh Direction tells the story of how The Great Spirit created the world and the gifts bestowed on each being, human, animal, plant and stone.

Creator leaves the most precious gift until last and brings the animals together to find a place to hide and protect it. The lesson is to keep spirit within their hearts.

Andr Gagns new book explores white evangelical support for Donald Trump, confirming that the New Apostolic Reformations preferred candidate for 2024 still remains the same.

Today's review: Shadows of Insurrection by Vanessa MacLaren-Wray:

"The worldbuilding here is stellar... an easy read that will keep you turning the pages, as events push Corren and his country to the precipice, and there are a number of great reveals. Its clear there are more to come in book two, Flames of Attrition, the final book in this duology. Highly recommended."


Kevin Durant shows out, Grayson Allen shows up as Suns beat Sabonis and Kings

DA Brown has another great blog post with information about and she found while researching her new Spit and Polish.

"Hayvan Mitoslar, eski alardan ve farkl corafyalardan geerek hayvann metaforik izlerini mitoslar araclyla sryor."

Deniz Gezgin'in 'Hayvan Mitoslar' kitabnn yeni basks yaknda Pinhan Yaynclk'tan kyor. Bende Sel Yaynclk basks var. lgilisine kesinlikle tavsiye ederim

My friend is looking at me in silence for a long time. Then she simply says, But you love each other. Isnt love the most important thing Shouldnt it be the only thing that counts

-- Quote from my novel Returning Home to Her

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

"At that moment, my urge to kiss her hits me so hard that I gasp. Without consciously noticing, I cross the distance to her with two quick steps.
Do you mean this I whisper, close to her mouth, and then our lips touch. She tastes of wine and salt, and I notice that shes trembling. Or is it me"

-- Quote from my Flowing like Water

La civilisation thermo-industrielle des superhros nest plus. Elle fut dtruite il y a fort longtemps par le Clovd, ce brouillard infernal qui englobe le monde dans son treinte toxique, meurtrire.

La nuit venue, les maraudeurs mergent de leur torpeur. Gare celles et ceux qui sattarderaient sur le chemin. La mort sera leur seule rcompense.

"The , with pictures taken between the 1930s and 1960s by , will be among books honored in a New York program March 26.

Pictures representing New York City life including scenes of lone workmen atop a high-rise building, children dancing along a sidewalk and people of all ages at the beach are among 150 images in a newly awarded book by Deborah Dash Moore, a University of Michigan history professor, Frankel Center for leader and Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization editor."

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