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" careful when choosing what you're proud of--because the world has every intention of using it against you."
From "Rules of Civility" by Amor Towles

I via Love and Other Wild Things by Molly Harper ( 2/Mystic extra. Bayou). Bear shifter Zed falls in love (first) with a commitment-phobic energy witch. This is in the Audible Premium Plus catalog, so I didn't pay extra.

"Pogue's War" (2006)
Forrest C. Pogue

It features 8 articles, 3 of which I made some illustrations for! It was really fun getting back to draw more for recently.

On the upcoming Friday, I will be reading texts from my book for the first time, which will be published in February.

Together with Sara Reichelt and Thomas Manegold, we will kick off the lively "TresenLesen" at the literary caf Periplaneta in Prenzlauer Berg.

Title of the book: Drte berwinden.

Premiere: February 19th.

Come by, it will be fun!

More info:

Im half way through reading my 2nd book this year. Check it out on Goodreads: Whispering Nickel Idols

Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Some changes are occurring that are beyond the ability and daring of our modern world to even report.
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Abysmal 4th quarter dooms Phoenix Suns as Ja-less Memphis Grizzlies PHNX Suns Postgame Live

: Halfway by B.E. Jones

Philippe Besson fait revivre ladolescent quil fut avec sa bande damis et raconte le passage, plus rapide que prvu, la vie adulte suite la disparition dun des leurs.

LaManufDeLivres Franois Mdlinechoisit le pour raconter la des puissants partir dune affaire qui ressemble, trangement, celle de Jrome Cahusac. Passionnant !

Talk to the boat next door.

EdRecamier Une dmonstration implacable, un style matris, des personnages inoubliables, des clefs de comprhensionUn grand assurment ! ici

Belfond DansUn si beau bleu, le narrateur a un rve : gravir le mont Cervin, celui qui illustre la publicit Toblerone. florianforest raconte avec posie, humour et motions le combat dun homme pour se dpasser dcouvrir +ici

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

There is structure to this book, but you dont have to stay on the paths, you are free to explore it The book means to show how we think about space and how we use space to think. The premise is audacious: spatial thinking, rooted in perception of space and action in it, is the foundation for all thought. The foundation, not the entire edifice.
Barbara Tversky, Mind in Motion: How Action Shapes Though

Biblio File column!

"Sierra Blue" by Suzanne Morgan Williams.

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I Am God, channelled by Daniel Torridon is available from Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle eBook.

Get it from

"America Recommitted" (2000)
Donald E. Nuechterlein

Listening to "Sure, I'll Join Your Cult: A Memoir of Mental Illness and the Quest to Belong Anywhere" (2023) - Maria Bamford

Have you read Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by anthropologist David Graeber

Or Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed about the lives of low-wage workers Or her book Bait and switch : the (futile) pursuit of the American dream Both worth reading.

INNOVATIVE WORLDBUILDING AND THOUGHTFUL characterization make this steampunk speculative fiction tale about the hidden marvels in a glacial mountain shine. B PLUS

What Lies in the Woods, by Kate Alice Marshall, My rating:5 out of 5 stars, Read from: 01/06/2024 - 01/07/2024.

Book description: Naomi Shaw used to believe in magic. Twenty-two years ago, she and her two best friends, Cassidy and Olivia, spent the summer roaming the woods, imagining a world of ceremony and wonder. They called it the Goddess Game. The summer ended suddenly when Naomi was attacked. Miraculously, she survived her seventeen stab wounds and lived to identify the man who had hurt her. The girls testimony put away a serial killer, wanted for murdering six women. They were heroes. For decades afterward, the friends have kept a secret worth killing for. But now Olivia wants to tell, and Naomi sets out to find out what really happened in the woodsno matter how dangerous the truth turns out to be.

this is the overarching theme of the book, Children of Memory by Tchaikovsky. Great .

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

Being the change
Perry Garfinkels Becoming Gandhi is a well timed , with the author following the Mahtms ways and finding truth in his quotation, Be the change you want to see in the world

The following website has been stealing books and offering them for free. If you're an author, you may want to see if you have been affected. Send them an official email to remove your content.

Sites like this HURT all authors.

Top nine (new) posts on the blog in 2023

Library books returned Jan 7, 2024 (today!)

My books:

The Road to Roswell - road trip with aliens, classic westerns, and all the notes of a romcom. Kind of ridiculous but really fun. I should probably subscribe to Connie Willis's mailing list so I know when stuff is coming out but the new release shelf had my back.

Crumbs - sweet, magical coming of age and romance. World has a similar vibe to the unfinished webcomic Aerial Magic so if you're sad about never getting an ending to that one you might enjoy this!

Wolfsong - I read 165 pages but decided picking it up was a chore and I didn't really want to read 700 pages of this. There's a low-level continuous sense of foreboding over top of slow character development and the main character constantly saying he's slow/stupid and it wasn't for me.

The Last Dragon King - trope-y but in a good, relax and enjoy the familiarity kind of way. I was probably more fond of it because I read it after my meh experience with Wolfsong.

Library of Things: a giant walk-on snakes and ladders board. Kiddo loved it but parents did not appreciate having the giant (heavy) foam die launched at our heads.

Pokmon Clash of Ages movie. Kiddo enjoyed it.

Pokmon Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures - this got taken off Netflix and kiddo wanted a rewatch. Still fun!

Kid books:
Everybody Says Meow - cute book where everyone most definitely does not say meow, (but the game gets changed to be more inclusive when it turns out not everyone can meow)

Something Good - kids covering up bathroom graffiti of something bad with a mural that helps them deal with the feelings that having something bad in their school has caused.

City Green - cute story about a community garden with pointers on how to get official permission to use a public space this way.

My Grandpa is grand - super cute pictures

My Brother Is Away - story about a girl who goes to visit her brother in prison.

Pen and Plot

Here is the first chapter of my Novel. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

Animal Law Expert Explains How Increased Animal Rights Help Humans in New Book

I had such a good time talking about Jackie Robinson, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., and who gets to decide what counts as history.

The Corpse Gods life flipbook The Corpse Gods life flipbook

My first book of 2024 is...

by Bruce Sterling

A wild mixture of "anything scifi" in the Shapers vs Mechanists struggle to further humanity. A most enjoyable read.

New blog post: Spotlight on Monopoli and Polignano in Puglia!

Reading this book, "Rise and kill first, the secret history of Israel 's targeted assignations", quite interesting because it's clear the current fight against Hamas and Hezbollah in and outside Isral, is nothing new, lots of parallels with the past

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