Profiling Django App, Bayesian histograms, and

Profiling Django App, Bayesian histograms, and The Burning

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A mans possibilities are the heights to which he should climb. They are inherent in his own nature. Possibility fulfils itself whenever any individual makes it actual. The effect of any such act is to create the ineffable joy which accompanies the satisfaction of the ache resulting from the sense of imperfection.

Two months ago, I held a promotional campaign where my followers could download my book for free for 2 days.

In those 2 days it was downloaded some 50 times.

Of course, I am curious to know which of you who downloaded it also found the time to read it and what you thought of it.

Thank you!

Once the epub version is ready, I will repeat this promotion.

Charlene Prempehs new , Now You See Me: An Introduction to 100 Years of Black Design, is available now in the UK and coming to the US in Feb 2024. Bottom link is to the US bookshop.

Article: Now you see me: the Black fashion designers overlooked by history in pictures

Today's release: Eule Grey's FF paranormal romance Sealed With a Hiss:

Mave Kitten is ecstatic when she lands a dream job as a paranormal journalist for a local newspaper, the Echo. Its a chance in a lifetime for a neurodivergent Witch. Shes a little nervous about the boss...

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Best books read in September, #1 -
Terry Pratchett: A Biography with Footnotes by Rob Wilkins

So good, but bittersweet knowing how it would end.

My StoryGraph review:

Issue 105 of Pride & Possibilities is up! In it, Alexandra Jorgenson compares dating in the 21st century to romance of the Regency era.


(of Fully Charged and Red Dwarf) has a brilliant Black Mirror thriller waiting for a space on your bookshelf.

Pledge now for the Early Proof level, and youll get to read it before everyone else!

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I mean obscene might be overstating it a bit, perhaps rude would work better...

Calculus Made Easy, by Silvanus Thompson

seems a very good book which explains the even for kids.

Dont miss to read it if you like to do a timetravel for your school days.

No tenis libro que leer en Halloween
Os recomiendo La rosa y el abismo de Ral Reyes. Yo lo he disfrutado muchsimo. Tanto, que no me ha durado nada .

Si queris leer mi resea y otras

Contraction des mots anglais (le livre) et , le est la sphre de Youtube ddie aux passionns de . On y retrouve des lecteurs (appels booktubeurs) qui publient des vidos pour parler de leurs lectures, partager leurs dcouvertes, coups de cur et avis

Ce phnomne mondial du a pris de lampleur et sa popularit a dpass les frontires de Youtube et stend dsormais plusieurs rseaux sociaux et plateformes (Tiktok, instagram...).

Reveals New Short Series The series draws on the and will launch with 'Bedsit Land: The Strange Worlds Of Soft Cell' by Patrick Clarke to be published in September 2024


Tengo una pequea duda, a ver si me podis ayudar para saber qu es lo mejor.

Creis que es adecuado que algunos betas leyesen parte de lo que tengo de antes de seguir con lo que queda

O debera de esperar hasta tenerlo todo para verlo en conjunto

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

"Practicing Theory and Reading Literature" (1989)
Raman Selden

Buen da!

Musiquita y vamos a darle un poco a las teclas


My review of by Adrian Hyland is live on !

A thoroughly absorbing and highly compelling read which I loved from start to finish. One of the best books Ive read recently.

My review

Any other books like the Witcher series I should know about

11pm idea: write a called On Feeling Unloved: A Collection Of Essays About The Childhood Memories That Still Haunt Me As An Adult And Keep Me Up Past 11 PM At Night And Giving My Brain Silly Ideas Like Writing Books On Trauma

The seeds of this book have been with me for years. The size of the second edition of The Change Handbook disturbed me. We were cataloging methodologies that were being created faster than we could document them. Something deeper was happening. Understanding that something mobilized me to write
Peggy Holman, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity

Engaging with atheism: Faitheist

British mammals -1860-1935-

A MAGIC-INFUSED FAMILY SAGA traces the lives and the gifts of three generations of Dominican-American women. Beautifully realized characterizations and lush prose shine. B PLUS

Just wanna eat popcorn and read my . Is that too much to ask

The Creator's Economy: How to Unlock Your Creative Potential and Transform the World: The Rise of the Creator's Economy!:

I am still working my way through the third book in the Cure series, but I'm not enjoying it at the moment. I am reading book 3 in small chunks. I want to get through them but I'm finding it very hard work.

For those who like the Ngaio Marsh books, I highly recommend Death in a White Tie. Not all this series of books is good in my view, but this one was outstanding. It's one of those books where a character I really liked was murdered which was sad, but it was a good read.


Scholastic tried to avoid blowback from displaying childrens & books on LGBTQ issues, and books with BIPOC characters. Separating these books into their own catalogue brought even more fury, so Scholastic says theyre not going to do that either.

I Wicked Prince by Laylah Roberts ( 3/New Orleans Malones) over the last 2 nights. This slow-burn, relatively sweet (until near the end) is somehow spanking/kinky as well. TW for childhood trauma, assault, and sexy feet.

New book catalogued into !

The official origin story of Life Is Strange fan-favourite Steph Gingrich featuring + romance, inevitable heartbreak, and the punk-rock beginnings of Drugstore Makeup.

They'll retire the censored books list *in January*, issued apologies. Scholastic reverses decision, will not segregate banned books next year for easy removal at book fairs. So this fall, schools will still be able to delete all the questionable titles with a nice & easy "bigot button".

I finished reading this today. There were some minor plot points that I could have done without, but overall, it was an interesting read. 3

Samuel was back. It seemed unfair to be blindsided. And in church no less. Shouldnt there be a commandment about that Thou shalt not step foot inside thy exs place of worship.

A hilariously intimate memoir that gets to the turbulent joys and pains of coming of age and looking for love as a Black woman in America.

The ultimate holiday gift from New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs: a delightful novel about a Christmas transport of rescue puppies thats guaranteed to warm readers hearts.

, a and show by covers this very well.

From Greta Kelly, the author of the Warrior Witch duology, comes The Queen of Days, an epic adventure that weaves together a flawed-but-lovable family of thieves, a battle between fallen gods, and stakes high enough to cause vertigoperfect for fans of The Lies of Locke Lamora and Six of Crows.

I've taken my data for the past 13 years and built a bookshelf for each year, along with some stats for pages read, minutes listened, library books borrowed, etc. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

I think it's technically as it uses Flex to scale the sizes.