Reading Children of Time by Adrian

Reading Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovski and oh boy is it good!

Norma Jennings created a well written and interesting novel unveiling the brutality of imperialism in Ireland and the Caribbean Island of Jamaica.

Queer indie review!: Night Ivy by EDE Bell:

"The world-building is seamless, with beautiful details that give a real sense of what the world Xelle lives in is like. I really enjoyed Night Ivy, from start to finish. I need more Xelle."

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Ah, the immortal Bozart.

Adult Fantasy Dystopic Sci-Fi
Evil mega corp...
...Vs nature gods
Leads to sibling strife
1 Part 1 of the Fatality series

Big Name Hunting Arnie Wilson -fiction

US DEALS: share if you read on a budget! All under 3.99 USD

The Doors of Eden
Not Your Ex's Hexes

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

This book explains that Islam is a code of living that covers all aspects of life. It comprises a set of acts of worship: some verbal, some practical and others that are constituents of belief.

Downloud pdf here

Finished the Craig Brown book about Princess Margaret yesterday. Enjoyed it overall, although I found some of the "alternate reality" chapters to be a bit daft. Going to read 'Modernity Britain' by David Kynaston next.

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Today I am sharing my of by Lindsay Currie!

Here's what I thought:

(Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Kids for my copy, in exchange for an honest review)

The time has come to read the trilogy that fathered the entire modern genre, I'm hyped!

Cover-to-Cover 12/17:
Tglich ein Cover. Jesus: Ein Mann und seine Mission. Gnadenlos und ohne Rcksicht auf sich selbst kmpft er fr seine Kinder. Die Sache hat nur einen klitzekleinen Haken.

And another of Yi , the latest in my obsession purchases. This one is called (Mig) You can read about it() (if you read Chinese). It is a collection of ...
OK, this is complicated. I'll break it down. is the Chinese transliteration of an Yi word which is usually transliterated into Maegor. And the term "maegor" refers to two things.
The most common meaning of "maegor" is a general term for Yi nationality oral folk traditions: song and dance, mostly. It is a **style** of such. (There are several styles of Yi folk traditions, see.) But... "Maegor" (big-M) is also the title of a specific work in the maegor (small-m) style which contains the creation of the world, the origin of human beings, the creation of, e.g. marriage or funereal social rites, and the history of the relationship between the Yi and other ethnic groups.
It's a hefty tome of fairly dense poetry in an unfamiliar-to-me style. It will be a lot of work to decode. More fun!

If youve not started this series, nows a good time to do so. 4 is coming soon!

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

"Hollywood's West" (2008)
Peter C. Rollins and John E. O'Connor

I've recently added two new writing prompt stories to my website. Come and visit if you're looking for something quick to read. As well as five prompt stories, my old story about the Coober Pedy Winter Olympics is also available, and my novella 'Neighbor' is still free to download.

A and a

What could be better

Japanese Cinema in the Digital Age
by Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano

Not the the or the . Im only going to be David Cross so if you like the characters I have now & the world building dont worry, its only and just him. Though roles and importance to the plot may change.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

FAR-FUTURE SPACE NOIR set amid Earths post-apocalyptic diaspora to Jupiter is at once an exquisitely crafted mystery, a relatable love story, and a brilliant piece of worldbuilding. You wont want to put it down! A MINUS

Feel like a little poem to dance your way through today How about one with the problems of life, death, and a little gardening

You can get it .

The Uniquely Portable Magic Tier gets you 4 ! That's every in the campaign for only $25! That's a lot of magic at a great price, & you will be helping an bring more great into the world.

McDonald, D., Hunt, L. B. (1982). A History of Platinum and Its Allied Metals. United Kingdom: Johnson Matthey. (47)

Thats a shame.

so sad.

So, anyway, Im trying to raise money for resources for my next project, if you know anyone who doesnt have multiple state and federal indictments for election fraud thats willing to help!

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

s Battle with Publishers Leads to Lending Restrictions: IA's lending will be severely limited to avoid copyright liability. IA & publishers have agreed to terms of judgment that leaves one crucial question open for court. Publishers are not against per se, nor do they object to lending, but authorized libraries typically obtain official license or negotiate specific terms. Internet Archive has no such license.

If you listen, you'll hear them.

If you hear them, you'll see them.

If you see them, they'll see you.

If they see you.....

..... my God, if they see you.

Don't listen.

Don't look.

Just run.

Tonight I had to put down midway through the Scholar's Tale. Rarely a hit me so hard, and so unexpectedly. It deserves all the praise it got

"Yes, that's very nice, I know that youre conjuring up some wonderful theoretical thingamajig, but Samantha, would you fuck me now, please" - The Hermetic Library Blog

36 of 2023

Sharpes Tiger by Bernard Cornwell

My Dad had all the Sharpe books when I was a kid so I would occasionally read bits of them and then watched the TV series. This is the first time Ive read one since and they remain very readable engaging historical adventure stories. Interesting reading this prequel and seeing how much Sean Beans performance clearly influenced Cornwells later novels in the series.

Here's a working cover for my upcoming narrative art book, Uncertain Placement. I can't wait to push this project through the finish line.

This weeks staff picks in new nonfiction.

I'm attending my first-ever industry for ! It's the latest virtual convention from the or (, happening September 27th to 29th. If you'll be attending as well, drop a line and let me know!

Thank you
Youll find that the practically reads itself, its like a cross between a play and a movie.

If interested, heres a piece I did contrasting Oscar Wilde with that other great contrarian, Nietzsche:

Today's queer small press release: Fiona Glass's MM fantasy/paranormal romance Feathered Friend.

Not your average peck on the cheek Mild mannered Derek is a perfectly ordinary bloke living a perfectly ordinary life. He works at the library, supports Stoke City football team...

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"Racial Politics And Urban Planning" (1993)
Robert A. Catlin

Looking for a Fake Marriage Certificate?