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The Daily Heller: 20 Years, 600 Concert Posters, a Legacy of Music Design
Feat.: Jeffrey Everett IG: rocketsarered "Let it Bleed: Twenty Years of Poster Design"
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A quotation from Herbert, George:

Wo be to him that reads but one book.

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The 'My Life in Dire Straits' is an enjoyable by the band's player and cofounder John Illsley.

After having read dozens of biographies on musicians and bands, this is one in very few (another example would be Iron Maiden) where the band avoided being blatantly ripped off by music industry executives, managers, lawyers, or accountants.

I found it surprising how the band gained mainstream success so quickly, little more than just a year after its formation, and how they were able to handle it reasonably well. Thus, it is refreshing not to find in this book the usual stories about addiction, narcissism, and hedonism.

Got inspired to write another book.

"Avishais explores the increasing visibility of the community within Orthodox in and how this phenomenon has contributed to the rise of a productive activist movement. The book largely centers on recounting stories from openly queer people."

New sapphic book review: At Her Service (Out in Hollywood #2) by Amy Spalding

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

DE: 's ist gerade voll mit bchern! vielleicht mchtest du ja eines davon haben.

EN: 's is full of books in german language right now. maybe you want to get one of those.


No.1 in an occasional series:

Kate Crawford, Atlas of : Power, Politics, and the Planetary Costs of Artificial Intelligence (2021).

Crawfords Atlas of AI is a classic example of a work that emphasizes how media is made from natural resources, fuel, human labor, , , while leaving its own media-materiality masked.

Of course, there are any number of authors producing new theories of the politics of in old ways.

If we want to be more hospitable, then, we can follow Crawfords lead when she writes about the importance of understanding how AI is fundamentally political. Taking her ideas about a multitude of interlaced systems of power to their logical conclusion, we can see Crawford as encouraging us to ask: what is being optimized, and for whom, and who gets to decide with respect to the abstracting away of the hegemonic, authoritative, material conditions of the making of her own as well

"Itinerant Ambassador" (2014)
Michael J. Brown

Devin Booker goes off but its not enough as Suns fall to Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and Mavericks

a question to everyone who doesnt use amazon-owned goodreads:

do you prefer or

ive been using storygraph for over a year now, but ive been looking at alternatives and librarything seems like the best one. while storygraph has extensive tagging and content warnings, librarything is older and has a bigger catalogue, while storygraph is relatively new. cant really decide if moving over is the best idea or not

would love to hear from anyone else whos used librarything

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(Book Review: Reflections on a Life Suffused With Science.)

This week on ...

Review of - Marie Tierney

Review of - Amy Goldsmith

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La tua assenza tenebra - Jon Kalman Stefnsson

Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!


(worthwhile) A new awesome Youre paid what youre worth And other myths of the modern economy by JakeRosenfeld1 Febr 2024 HarvardPress I need to read this ASAP!


The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I as The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by James Daniel Brown. This 2014 biopic has recently come to attention because of the Clooney film. The is more accurate. I want to watch a rowing regatta now. This was my first Spotify audiobook.

Does anyone have any recs on religious , or like behavior My mother was . Her charismatic did everything but handle snakes.

Ahh... Another Pretty Kitty Art There's a lot more to those cat naps than you might think!
newly added to my gallery Available here:

, who spent less time in office than a head of took to rot, has announced this -filled cover of the US edition of her .

Like, good fucking god.

Today's review! Midwinter Firelight by K.L. Noone:

"Its a very short read but there are a whole lot of emotions packed into that space! I love Kit and Harry and their relationship. I loved the magic system here too."

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"Paul G. Hoffman" (2014)
Alan R. Raucher

The problem with catching up on a series is that you can read through all the material faster than the author writes the next new edition.

The Diaries Book 8, where ART thou

A quotation from Catullus:

So new, so smooth, my dainty book,
A gift for whom Cornelius, look,
Tis yours: for you in early days
Were ever wont my rhymes to praise.

Cui dono lepidum novum libellum
arido modo pumice expolitum
Corneli, tibi namque tu solebas
meas esse aliquid putare nugas.

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The frustrating thing about reading a book is that its often a solitary experience, unlike watching something with someone. The cool thing about audiobooks is that it turns it into a shared experience. My husband and I are in the car heading to the grocery store while we listen to a Warhammer 40K novel. Warhammer is not his thing, though, hell play and listen to it with me. He hates that its such a horrible dystopian future where everyone is awful. I told him thats the point.

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Todays short story goes to Mischa DeMarco. It is a small piece I wrote right now.

Now that the Secrets of the Famiglia is finished I am going to be doing a Spin off series about the Shadows. But before that I am going to do a full novel about 20 year old Mischa (Marcos daughter)

The Sins of my mother


I used to think life was easy, I used to think that I could make any choices, and I would never turn my outcome. So I lived, I loved, I breathed on my sins until I suffocated. Gravity forgot about me. The earth was too low from the sun. I felt invincible. I had hopes and dreams that didnt mean much to others, but to me, it meant everything.

I remember the day when I met you. Your heart was vaulted behind your pain. Your eyes a mystery for the hurt you festered for so long. I knew you were drowning and I wanted to save you. I wanted you like I wanted my next hit. I knew I could twist your pain into just remembrance. I was certain I could make you laugh harder than the ice surrounding you. So I set it up, I twisted your faith because I could and in the interim I fell hard and fast for my next addiction.

I never had an intention on staying this long. My heart didnt have a feeling besides a coldness that resuscitated me. I would dream of it all. I used to believe in a world were I couldnt exist. I hated myself. I wanted it to end. I wanted it to become a memory. But I pulled on my ropes too hard that my bleeding wounds remained. I couldnt hang on not even for you. But then she came and I knew I had to try. I fought my demons everyday and I began to believe that I finally conquered it. There was hope after all. Do you remember the times when I laughed. You really did that. You out of the entire male population breathed something into me. But my darkness swirled, it didnt like the power you had on me. So I did what I always did. I made sure you soared while I died. I made sure you smiled while I pretended.

I am not sick or crazy. I am not mad or insane. I am just haunted by my past. I fear that if you really saw me, if you really looked in my eyes it will frighten you. I am not made for this happiness, I was made for something else.

She is my anchor. I will live for her, I will soar because of her, but I have to let you go. Its for your own good. God abandoned me the day I was born. I have never told anybody this but I know about my father. My mother once got so high that she confessed. I was the product of a rape. I was a mistake. Something born with no love. You are an amazing man but I can not be that girl. I have to live in the darkness where I belong. I do not deserve your love and affection. I dont deserve to smile when I am the outcome of anothers torture.

It isnt much,but I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Between Starfalls
Never leave the path, but if your son goes missing maybe all those dogmatic rules no longer make sense and you're willing to risk everything to get him back.

What's a recommended book that could help a friend's child better understand chess Thks


NEEDING SHIANNE by PJ Fiala is out now! Check out the small town protector romance and be sure to grab your copy today!

Chronique - L'amour

Je viens de finir lamour , le dernier roman de Franois Bgaudeau, paru aux ditions Verticales .

Lire la chronique

Then, one immaculate divinest whole, Plunge, fire, within all fire, dive far to death Till, like king Satans sympathetic breath, Burn on us as a voice from far above Strange nameless elements of fire and love

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"Looking for a good Try one some aren't allowed to ."

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The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907