"The Encyclopedia of Louisville" (2000)edited by

"The Encyclopedia of Louisville" (2000)
edited by John E. Kleber

New releases:

Not That Kind of Demon
Lisa Oliver

The Flying Mermaid
Eule Grey

Seeds and Sunshine
Jodi Payne & BA Tortuga
Western & Cowboy

A Demon of a Deal
Charity Parkerson

Werewolf Days of Summer
Zavian Glory

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They only have eyes for each other. That's why they're walking into a wall.

It's high time to stop denying that Amy Has Fangs is, in fact, part of the horror genre. Although it features few actual deaths and leans heavily on comedy, it doesn't shy away from gore, creepy atmospheres, the depravity of humanity, or other dark topics. That said, although it has a romantic subplot, it really isn't a romance, despite containing vampires.

It's a horror book
Time to stop denying that
But still not romance

Announces Same- and Next-Day

New sapphic book review! Manhattan Moon (Shape-Shifter #3) by Jae, narrated by Abby Craden

I highly recommend this . I dont watch TV but I do read and listen to a lot of books. Just finished this one again (I read it years ago). About the life of a emigrant who is separated from his brother on their journey to the United States in the mid-19th century. Such a great book!

In the Distance

Recipe Book To Write Your Own Recipes 120 Pages 7 x 10 Hardcover


Besides teaching meditation and self-regulation, I work in public healthcare with my background in the medical use of radiation. I have personally witnessed how decades of knowledge about the health risk of EMF radiation got thrown aside to make room for The Mobile Industry. Today you can download the details as a free e-book. -

Crap! I bought a that I thought was a book, but instead I find it's .... ....

I Leias Playmaker by Nichole Rose ( 2/Silver Spoons Falcons). There are dozens of in the Silver Spoons world, now going through the minor league team roster as a spin-off series. Tried to post this last night & fell asleep halfway through. Glad it didnt go through half-done!


It's time for this week's post!
Here is what I am currently reading, what I recently finished, and what I plan to read next:

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Some of the covers I did at the beginning of my career, with a slightly more punk drawing style.

The Perpetual Race of Achilles and the Tortoise This all ties into The Rigor of Angels (my current nonfiction that Im reading):


Today on I am sharing this week's post. Find out what I've recently finished reading, what I'm currently reading and what I plan to read next!

Check out my post here...

Overnight I reached a small milestone

Over 100,000 pages of my 2 books have been read through Kindle Unlimited mainly The Redeemer, as thats been around for 14 months, whereas The Associate is only 2 months old.

Im small fry in an ocean of UK crime authors.

But celebrate every milestone

And continuing in the whole "Republicans are still acting like Nazis" theme, we have this:

BoingBoing: Texas school district fires 8th grade teacher for assigning Anne Frank's Diary

As many of you know I'm writing a , an .
I'd like to protect it from eventualities. Not that it's any good - at least not yet - but I'd still like to release it one day and not loose it.

So what I'm looking for is some setup, where I can store it online, work on it, have backups and have someone else have access to it in case I die from suicide or something. Oh and I shouldn't be able to delete it and the backups either.

That someone should be a person I can trust and that would be interested in doing something with the unfinished book if it came to it. Oh and the person should ideally know German, or know a good translator, because for now the book only exists in German (I'd like to translate it myself to English one day, but it might never come to that).

And the setup shouldn't cost too much and of course be FLOSS.

Any ideas

A new episode has been published on

Show: Redefining CyberSecurity With

Episode: Book Irreducibly Complex Systems: An Introduction to Continuous Security Testing

Guest: David Hunt

Podcast format: Video & Audio


"Order in Chaos" (2015)
Hermann Balck

Biblio File column:

Deborahs Gift by Lois Ann Abraham.

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Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

"Soul Food" collects 18 essays by contemplative writers including Lerita Coleman Brown, Tilden Edwards, Gay Byron, Margaret Benefiel, Marcelle Martin, Elaine Voci and others (including yours truly).

Learn more

I have been enjoying the Slow Horse series. Also read a short story called The List. Recommend that book too. I see the BBC are carrying a reading of The Secret Hours by Mick Herron. You can get it here:

My first book is out! Well, I edited, coordinated and wrote much of a on the of the Science Writers & Communicators of Canada/Canadian Writers Association. :"From Typewriters to Twitter". It is 92 pages long with lots of fun photos, and may be the only book about science in . It covers 50 years of the association, and profiles a number of big name Canadian science - including some eccentric ones. Controversies the association has faced in the past are included.
A digital copy is available on the SWCC and is free to members -- available on the link below.
*IF* there is interest in getting digital copy and you're NOT a member, send a note to the SWCC office ( I think it's still free.

If you are interested in a possible soft-cover version, contact the SWCC office and let them know. They're gauging interest.
A print version will only happen if enough people are interested - and would pay to get a copy to cover costs. It would probably be about $30 (plus or minus) plus shipping -- and you wouldn't need to be a member.
And ask them to let me know.

Have you read The Ministry For The Future by Kim Stanley Robinson Near future . It starts with a in India killing millions and moves on to international responses, including India's next steps and those of other nations. Worth reading if you have the concentration.

van Lohuizen, J. (22 Oct. 2014). The Dutch East India Company and Mysore 1762-1790, Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. Available From: Brill Accessed 19 September 2023 (60)

I enjoy this author and the way he writes. Simple, character based, stories that move via thoughts and emotions of the main character. Yet, complex and drag you into their lives.

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse - The Hermetic Library Blog

Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Thoroughly enjoying the Farseer trilogy. Gonna see if the library has the last book tomorrow!

Recommended for those who like Gormenghast/a little bit of Earthsea magic/espionage of GoT/etc

Just a fantastic new book from that I can't put down! If you're into and , you definitely need to check out Man's Search for Meaning by Frankl. It explores existentialist themes and delves into the psychology of finding and in , even in the most challenging and dire circumstances

Have you read the book

111 series: 111 Places in X That You Must Not Miss

's choose-your-own-path book came out so good and is HEFTY (demonstration pictured.) Another instance of featuring alongside other illustrators I really like.

it's available US/internationally, but on the 28th for the UK

series: 111 Places in X That You Must Not Miss

What caught your attention and would recommend it Preferably not on outerspace.

It took me about 15 days to read "The Kremlin Conspiracy" (2018) by Joel C. Rosenberg. I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 stars. The author did a great job developing the characters. However, the main character was just a little too good of a super hero. If he toned down the super-hero stuff to something more believable, it would have been a better book. Also, the author should tone down the religious aspect spread throughout the book.

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