The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore,

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907


I joined this fight like an idiot And do you know why I wanted the girl, sobbing with gratitude, to kiss her saviour on the hands, and her father to thank me on his knees. In reality her father fled with his attackers, and the girl, drenched in the bald mans blood, threw up, became hysterical and fainted in fear

Said the hero in "The Last Wish" by Andrzej Sapkowski

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell. A story written in Edwardian England to help working people understand and agree on the worst aspects of Capitalism and the consequences on their lives of the inevitable self-interest of owners and landlords. Tressel maintained that it's the workers who are the philanthropists.

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When alpha wolf shifter and retired army ranger, Lucas is rescued from sadistic torture at the hands of vampires by fellow captive Sarah he recognizes her as his mate. Can Lucas keep Sarah from the vampires out to claim her The Taken -

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Aplicaciones de la Inteligencia Artificial en la solucin de problemas reales

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"Dissertations in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Volume 2" (2014)
James R. Chatham and Carmen C. McClendon

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I finished reading All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr last night. This book was a as Im going to spend in the St. Malo region this year.

I appreciated reading this novel, its a beautiful story taking place in Germany and France during World War II. I will skip the Netflix series though, Ive heard from to many people that it has comes nowhere close to the original story.


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Enjoyed doing this interview with Shaun Mcclure where I get to talk about life, work, art and writing

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ActesSud Jai ouvert le livreTerrasses. Je lai referm lorsquil fut fini, le cur mu mais fier queLaurent Gaudait mis en mots, de si belle manire, cet vnement qui restera grav jamais dans nos mmoires

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Phoenix Suns Need To Beat The Sacramento Kings To Stay Alive In NBA Playoff Race

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

A PERSONAL REINVENTION REVISITED with added layers of distance French writer douard Louis retells the story of transforming himself from a poor village boy to an elegant Parisian autobiographical novelist. Thought-provoking yet a bit artificial. B PLUS

On that topic, you might enjoy my book about travelling across post-communist Poland (available as an ebook or in paperback)...

The Kick of Stalin's Cow


So I've been working on this story in my head for years now called "Eternity." It's to be an anthology of sorts centered around a main protagonist. The setting is around an apocalyptic biblical world ending event. America's hunger for power ends up the world's downfall only not in a post nuclear event but a supernatural arms race where the paranormal is all too real. Coupled with the church the united states govenment meddles in things they shouldn't. Out of the ashes rises a powerful neo church instating a violent theocratic rule to regain some semblence of order. Demons walk the earth and merge their world with ours forming a new and terrible hellish terraformed environment.

The story follows a young girl with a certain speciality as she is abducted and experiemented on by the US government. She is one of only a handful of very rare "prophets" who are given supernatual abilities by being bound to a demonic host with whom they share mortality. In Ana's case it's a demonic raven creature. These prophets are very powerful and used by the powers that be to intimidate and strong arm regional control.

This is a basic background of the "Eternity" that I hope to get more written in the near future. I've had a few chapters in the past, but I've wanted to rework my writing a bit. I'm pulling inspiration everywhere from Stephen King to video games like DooM.

"The Passionate Fictions of Eliza Haywood" (2000)
edited by Kirsten T. Saxton and Rebecca P. Bocchicchio

A short story in my "Eternity" universe...

On The Wind

Sarah loosened the grip on her reins as she pulled up to the barn with her mother. This old stable has been worse for wear since Pa had passed some years back. It doesn't feel like years not to Sarah. Feels like maybe only a week has passed and it sure feels it every time she glances at the hollow blank expression on her mother's face.

Her older brother Billy took it even harder than she had. He'd act out always getting into trouble. Even though Billy was her elder of 5 years he could throw a better tantrum than she ever could muster. Sarah would always cry red faced when she'd get mad. No violence only tears even though sometimes she wanted to. Oh boy sometimes she sure did

Billy ran out on them. Straight into the night like a bullet. He got into a nasty fight with mama, and she had slapped him hard across the face. Like a shotgun it was so loud. After youd be able to hear a pin drop in the mountains it was dead quiet. Those two staring each other down like two wolves fighting over a kill. Then he just ran off. Took Pas horse and disappeared they hadnt heard him since.

but then she heard it. A voice on the wind. Mama was getting the horses fed when Sarah caught a sound slipping through the trees like a snake to her ear. It sounded like a man no, a boy. Hey mama you hear that

Huh hear what Nothing out that way for miles but coyotes and god knows what else. She lowered her voice a bit and repeated, ...god knows what else. Sarah could tell she was thinking of her brother. Despite her trying to be hard she was aching inside. A hurt a mother cant shake no matter the bottle shed find herself in.

There it was again. A yell No a sceam. It was a boy she could tell that much. Sarah found her feet slowly drifting her toward the fence line in its general direction.

Kidnaped by sadistic scientists Lucas thought hed never see his pack or find his mate, and then fellow prisoner Sarah rescues him. Lucas recognizes her as his mate and will do whatever it takes to keep them both safe - The Taken

In his recently published , The Exhausted of the , proposes this burnout is an inevitable consequence of the capitalist system. Citing influences from Karl to Walter , he builds the case for how treats as disposable, just as it destroys global such as , and exhausting one location before moving onto the next.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Book - Riding Rockets: The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut

I found this good one at my school library, which is Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. I have read it for 50 pages for now, and I have enjoyed reading it. It's about a love story between two geeks in the 1980s, and has been pretty nice to read.

Here's one of he nicest books I've read on consciousness. It's also a very well written diary sort of thing.

Every other chapter is he author's story of being a young medical doctor in Japan in the 70s getting (and it was quite difficult) into a Zen monastery as a student, every other is his reflections as a medical professional of how the Zen practice affects his brain.

Way better than I make it sound. Please place it on your bookshelves and look at, as I'm looking at it now.

Day 103 / 366 "PARADISE RAPED"

Day 103 / 366 "PARADISE RAPED"

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This book is, all in all, metaphor. Story. My story about story.
Stephanie S. Tolan, Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Honored to keep company with , 's about his own experience of . The tattoo in the title is the bleed (aka ) that occurred while in related to anti- drugs. He has no regrets & would do it all over again if it might advance brain science & help in the effort to .

If you have read either my or his, please consider reviewing them on . In different ways, we both aim to inform readers & undercut .

Another off the list: I FINALLY got around to reading The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. It's not a HAPPY book, but it is a HOPEFUL one, and I actually feel better having read it.

Although, not sure about the emphasis on blockchain tech being a solution to our climate issues through the money sector - if I recall correctly, it uses up a TON of energy. Or is that crypto specifically Feel free to correct me if I'm off base.

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Book-Publishing Fun-Fact.

In 2012 I self-published a 30-page , DELILAH DIRK AND THE SEEDS OF GOOD FORTUNE, about quality goods, dishonest salesmen, and luck.

11 years later, in 2023, despite the default pay-what-you-want price being $0.00 and only being available in (DRM-free) PDF format from one obscure store, it made up 5% of my "royalties."

It's not the complete picture, but take from that what you will.

Man of Muscle Mystery

The book you are about to read may challenge your view of reality. I hope so. I also hope it will give you a greater sense of the importance of story in human life and the power of imagination that underlies our ability to both tell stories and change them.
Stephanie S. Tolan, Change Your Story, Change Your Life

The Heavy Bag is a powerful and poetic picture book exploring the different stages of grief from a childs perspective. Death and grief can be difficult topics to speak with children, but Sarah Surgey and Larisa Ivankivic share the different emotions with simple words and images.

It's a unique steampunk tilt influenced by Oliver Twist and Peter Pan, and today is its Bookiversary! Celebrate by adding a copy of Lostuns Found to your library today.

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