Today's queer small press review! Apprentice's

Today's queer small press review! Apprentice's Luck" by K.L. Noone:

"A gentle tale about a young magician coming into his power, and finding love along the way. Throw in a little court intrigue and a plot to overthrow a good ruler, and it's quite an enjoyable read."

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It's almost here! We finished work on getting my new book "One Tree in Hell A Poetry Collection" ready. Everything looks great online, so now we are waiting on the proof copy to show up in a couple of days. As long as the proof looks good, I will be moving forward with publishing the book! Super excited to be getting this one out there! Cannot wait for you to read it!

There was a toddler in the library yesterday who kept repeating "book, book, book, book, book" as she was carried past the stacks. It was cute, and I agree that "book" is a fun word to say.

Facts about siblings. 1
Siblings fight. Sometimes with a conflict every 10 minutes. They stop just because their parents tell them to do so. If given the chance, the siblings would fight day and night, endlessly!
My new book is ready and available!
"The Disaster: or my horrible, terrible little sister"
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Okay, wait, let me get this strait. I ordered a from the . The publisher had it printed in . It was then shipped to a shipping centre in from where it was delivered to me in . The book therefore never left the , but I still had to pay because the address of sender was in Britain! Can this be right

BUCKLE UP for this fun piece of VIDEO GAME book trivia!

Known primarily for their Repair/Workshop manuals, did you know that HAYNES MANUALS actually released an ultimate guide to "Driving Games"

Speed on over to to learn more:

This weeks chapter is an Intermission. I've only ever written two of these before. Both of them were on different stories though.

It's content ups the stakes and has a little world building. Looking forward to everyone reading it.

Talk to the boat next door.

I just had to pay for a . Shouldnt that be free to promote or something

I maintain that my flood is mostly useless knowledge, but knowledge nonetheless!

I read a book a while back. One of those books that start in the Middle-ages and as you read you realise that you're in fact in the future and there's been a technological reset, and the archaeologists are being stopped by the government who don't want the people to rediscover the tech.

Can anyone remember what it's called

I've reviewed Norman Solomon's 'War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of its Military Machine':

New review! Come Away with Me (Midnight in Manhattan #3) by Rachel Lacey, narrated by Lori Prince

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Perhaps one of my new-to-me favorite YouTube channels focuses on reviews (mostly) centered (mostly) around .

I like that his videos simply jump right in without any crappy intro or anything. Just a dude telling you about books he read.

This week on

Review by Tiffany McDaniel

Review by Gillian McAllister

It's time for this week's post!

Check it out:

since the latest Miyazaki is
getting released outside Japan, it's always healthy to remember that:
"All too frequently, the transformation of historical personae into narrative characters glosses over complex problems of historical causality. Certainly, individuals sometimes...

I made a lot of progress with my depression these past weeks and am finally motivated to read and write again.
I've started writing an a long time ago, to cope with what I've been through, but also to release it one day.

I'd love to let other people contribute chapters to my book. Essays on various topics that come up in my story.

So now I'm asking you all, if there is anyone who could think of writing such an essay for me, because you are affected by the topic yourself, or are an expert in the field.
Or if you know someone, who would be perfect for that topic.

Here are a few of the topics:

( , you said you might write that one, still interested)

There are other topics as well, but I already have people in mind who I'll directly ask to write essays about them especially topics around .

The essays should be at least 2-5 pages long and provide a general gist about the topic, but ideally also contain something personal, like what the topic means to you.
Written in or .

Preliminary deadline is summer '24, but a lot can change until then and if you need longer, don't worry.

Please :boost: . Thanks.

look forward to reading Clements' new updated book: Anime: A History, out on September 21.

A New Decade of Anime: A History with Author Jonathan Clements

This sounds amazing! I'm trying to convince my uni library to buy copies, and trying to fund a copy for myself.

I get so frustrated with book prices.. the ebook of this is almost $70aud.

If you'd like to help a struggling student, my details are here:

"Abolish Criminology presents critical scholarship on criminology and criminal justice ideologies and practices, alongside emerging freedom-driven visions and practices for new world formations.

The book introduces readers to a detailed history and analysis of crime as a concept and its colonizing trajectories into existence and enforcement. These significant contexts buried within peculiar academic histories and classroom practices are often overlooked or unknown outside academic and public discussions, causing the impact of racializing-gendering-sexualizing histories to extend and grow through criminologys creation of crime, extending how the concept is weaponized and enforced through the criminal legal system. It offers written, visual, and poetic teachings from the perspectives of students, professors, imprisoned and formerly imprisoned persons, and artists. This allows readers to engage in multi-sensory, inter-disciplinary, and multi-perspective teachings on criminologys often discussed but seldom interrogated mythologies on violence and danger, and their wide-reaching enforcements through the criminal legal systems research, theories, agencies, and dominant cultures.

Abolish Criminology serves the needs of undergraduate and graduate students and educators in the social sciences, arts, and humanities. It will also appeal to scholars, researchers, policy makers, activists, community organizers, social movement builders, and various reading groups in the general public who are grappling with increased critical public discourse on policing and criminal legal reform or abolition."

Day 8: Did you like to read as a child Which books were your favourites

My library knew me by name. I read everything from the Muddleheaded Wombat to everything by C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, to K.A. Applegate, Pratchett and Sanderson, and so much more.

But... If someone wanted something to dive into... Then the very Aussie "Tomorrow When the War Began" would be a fantastic start.

"Mission to Yenan" (1997)
Carolle J. Carter

Lineguagliabile bellezza di un libro cartaceo

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

Ive Coveted By The Hunter by Lynnea Lee ( 10/Xarcn Warriors). This post-apocalyptic alien series is definitely one of my favorites. I hardly ever read right when they are released but this was close - it was new in August. The MMC isnt as human-savvy as some of his fellow warriors so mistakes from earlier books are repeated with different outcomes. TW for abduction & giant, gross insects.

Ive His To Have by Genni Bee. This is a short boss-to-lover with a pregnant FMC. One of my favorite tropes so easy to enjoy it without thinking too deeply.

I placed first in my library's summer reading challenge, and picked up my prize today. I thought it was just a gift certificate, but the librarian handed me a heavy book bag that also contained two hardcover books, an art card, and library-branded mug, pencil, Post-it notes, keychain, magnets, and pin. This library nerd is pleased.

Haven't shone the spotlight on a Polish book in a while, so here's a new one that recently graced the library!

Bartomiej Kluska's "Legendy Gier Wideo" recounts twenty stories about some of the greatest industry legends from Miyamoto to Kojima.

"Cocaine removes all hesitation. But our forefathers owed their freedom of spirit to the real liberty which they had won and cocaine is merely Dutch courage. However, while it lasts, it's all right." - The Hermetic Library Blog

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Was lese ich als nchstes

-Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke
- Interview mit einem Vampir, Anne Rice
- Der Geisterbaum, Christina Henry

oder was ganz anderes htte auf jeden fall gerne etwas schaurig-schnes, mystisches, mit nicht allzu krassem grusel und es sollte als hrbuch verfgbar sein.

What the behind one of s most has to say about today.

, a pioneering author of , is part of a against a s .

Doetl jsem prvn knihu, kter mi byla doporuen tady na Mastodonu. Dky, za shrnut toho, jak ns jako jedince a spolenost online platformy psob. A koho tma zajm, mu doporuit k peten.

Watercolor of a ghost reading

The to .

To mark the release of Dr s new , heres our on the of .

Suddenly awakened in a new world, with no memories of his own, Rath negotiates a primitive, post-apocalyptic world terrorized by The Grey Marauders. The denizens of this strange land await with resignation The Destroyer, destined to remake and enslave the world. Rath must prove, and discover for himself, if he is The Hero promised to stop this Destroyer, or if he actually is The Destroyer.
The Destroyer Returns is now available for Kindle at Amazon

"The Braided Dream" (2014)
Randolph Paul Runyon

at Rodneys Used Books

worth getting this one from 1988

My poll shouldve been which one I shouldnt read because Ill probably read both Expanse and Dune. (And other wonderful suggestions Im getting for masto-friends)

The People`s Court