Today's release: Gustavo Bodoni's queer sci-fi

Today's release: Gustavo Bodoni's queer sci-fi book Amalgam:

Virtual Emily and Rome have returned to Earths simulation where they find all the people have vanished. Revolt is brewing in the Tau Ceti colony, as Mira Heine refuses to accept defeat, and a mysterious crime boss eliminates all who ask the wrong questions. ...

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Today's indie author review! Chaos and Conjurations by K.L. Noone & K.S. Murphy:

"An entertaining MM romance set in a Regency England ... builds well on the plot arcs of Spells and Sensibility. Recommended, especially for fans of alt-historical fantasy romance."

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The Analysing Leading Works in Law series so far! Six books published by Routledge and many more in the pipeline!

If youd like to edit a book in the series then do please email me for a chat:

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

I bought Out There Screaming yesterday. Haven't started it yet, but looking forward to reading the stories.

October is for Horror Fans! Here are 8 Scarily Good New Releases

The Fermi Paradox - Are We Alone by Reason to Doubt

We'd Recommend Checking this one out!

'In this episode Jared and Jordan will take a deeper look at the Fermi Paradox in a live discussion. Are we alone in the universe
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Twitter: Reason2Doubt PressXtoDoubt'



Communicate with your local boat owners.

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'Not only is pro-Europeanism analogous to nationalism - something like nationalism but on a larger, continental scale," Kundani argues, but the EU itself has become a vehicle for imperial amnesia" thereby promoting and privileging whiteness".'

Hans Kundnani, "Eurowhiteness: Culture, Empire and Race in the European Project" (Hurst, 2023)

New Books in Critical Theory

I am ridiculously excited to wrap my nerdy little hands around this, the second book in the Hild series. Loved the first one so much--hypnotic, engrossing, compelling, all the praise. Seventh-century Britain's cultural, religious, linguistic, and political sea changes. And queer AF natch.

So... would anyone be interested in publishing a book featuring edited, enriched, updated, and perhaps even illustrated versions of my game urbanism / game-city-design articles

Ive Swimming Against The Tide by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood. This college is closeted frat boy & out/proud boy, with a predictable plot. Cute but not their best.

A humanitarian assessment of Africa and the First World War 1900-1932 OIiver Schulten

Today on Medium, an excerpt from Successful Independent Consulting by Johanna Rothman:

Pick up the book:

Et hop, ultime RE:lecture du tome 14 termine !
La semaine prochaine, je continue l'adaptation du tome 26 de SAO (commenc y'a deux semaines).
N'oubliez pas : vous pouvez me soutenir sur Ko-fi, o je mets de jolis graphiques de l'avance des tomes non sortis !

"Gegen Flut von KI-generierten Bchern:
fhrt ein

Angeblich sieht man bei Amazon keine Flut an KI-generierten . Trotzdem fhrt der ein tgliches Publikationslimit beim Self-Publishing ein."

Al final de mi destino: la novela de nuestra existencia.

Reading 's Doppelganger.

It sucked me in like a damn thriller. Can't put the down, Im turning pages in a baffled trance to find out more...

Simultaneously it's a very insightful analysis of this attention economy & social media bullshit we're thrown into.

Retro Fusion their awesome new 'The Book of the Game of the Film' just dropped in my mailbox. I love and I love games, so this publication is just perfect!


Today I am sharing the for (book 4 of the series) by D.H. Willison!

Check it out:

It's time for this week's post!

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This week on ...

returns on 1st Nov!

Review of by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Review of by M.W. Craven

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-


Coucou mes Bookinautes chris ! En dpit d'une semaine prouvante, je ne suis pas peu fire d'avoir respect mon programme et de vous proposer aujourd'hui une nouvelle chronique !

Laissez-moi vous prsenter "Il ne doit plus jamais rien m'arriver" de Mathieupl Persan, paru le 09.03.23 aux ditions de l'Iconoclaste !

Ma chronique :

Belle journe tous !

I think it should be a rule that every or should have to include the title somewhere in the dialog.
* "Oh him, he's the Lord of the Rings."
* " look at those big 'Jaws'!"
* "...this is my right hand of darkness, and this is my Left Hand of Darkness."

"OPEC" (1986)
Mohammed E. Ahrari

What (if any) has made you cry the hardest For me it was When Breath Becomes Air. I can still make myself tear up by remembering the letter he wrote to his baby daughter, and the fact that when he asked to go home what he was really trying to ask for was just her, to hold, at the end.

Pilze der Heimat eine Auswahl der verbreitesten, essbaren ungeniessbaren und giftigen Pilze unserer Wlder -1913-

Someone's next

Hidden in Contradiction: Humanity in Christ before, during, and after the Fall

...Jeff McSwain

Does God's grace grab you and stir you to purposeful, Spirit-filled living Or is the gospel that you hear and preach big on belief and short on embodiment Do you see a need for change, whether personal, ecclesial, or social, that transcends "us" (righteous) vs. "them" (wicked) polarizations Beginning with every person's participation in Christ as a keystone to creation, Jeff McSwain introduces the vibrant reality of Trinitarian community and shows us the dangers of losing sight of the belovedness we share as humans hidden with Christ in God. Avoiding simplistic categories, McSwain exalts the total goodness of every person in this world (by virtue of creation in Christ) while also acknowledging the simultaneous contradiction--the total depravity of every person (by virtue of the fall). If ignoring our human duplicity contributes to relational fractures at every level, McSwain's dimensional view of human agency urges us to embrace the redemptive truth of our identity in Christ and to refuse our false, destructive selves that have been crucified with Christ. Filled with scriptural exegesis and practical illustrations that pastors and teachers will especially appreciate, this project is a refreshing application of Christology to anthropology and everyday life--an inspiring work of systematic theology aimed at systematic change.

Van Het Letterscrhift
Willem Bilderdijk
Item date: 1820.


I most of Rebel Revenge by Elle Thorpe. Upsides: couples modeled by MCs & others. TW for scenes of rape & aftermath. Downside & why I DNF: 1. this turned out to be a serial youll need to buy all three. The 3rd isnt released until next week. 2. I have some difficulties w the sub plot of murder that brought them together.

"I may now point out that the reign of the Crowned and Conquering Child is limited in time by The Book of the Law itself. We learn that Horus will be in his turn succeeded by Thmaist, the Double-Wanded One she who shall bring the candidates to full initiation, and though we know litter of her peculiar characteristics, we know at least that her name is justice." - The Hermetic Library Blog

"La gente que se da aires de importancia no es especial, solo es presumida. Los genios son sencillos: no piensan que son genios."
Juan Villoro. El libro salvaje

In Search of Worker Strategy
Seams, Chokepoints, and Organization

And wherever you put things together, theres a seam or a zipper or a hub or a joint or a node or a link, the more technologies together, the more links, the places where it is not integral (26). It is at these many points that workers have unique power to halt, delay, and/or disrupt production, profits and accumulation.

Never yet tracked this classic down. Its the kind of that, while its almost certainly out there as a pdf or something, I only want to read in its 1970s edition form. Im sure will be full of shit but you feel it will be entertaining shit.

She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome
On Amazon.


People sometimes ask me how I come up with my ideas. I usually just say: "Scotch." (But it's a little more complicated than that.)

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

My latest book review for LIBRARY JOURNAL is out. Kirkus gave this a starred review, and I didn't, so just dismiss my clearly pedestrian opinion.

Checked a new book out from the library! Its spooky season so had to dive into a haunted house.

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