Today's review: Power 2 by Michael

Today's review: Power 2 by Michael Barnette:

"Barnette has crafted an intense series. Power 2 is the seventh book in the series, and is especially nerve-racking and intense, with some very explicit scenes. Barnette plans to wrap up the series soon. I cant wait."

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"A Cold War Odyssey" (1997)
Donald E. Nuechterlein

Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2), by Abby Jimenez


Worst Wingman Ever by Abby Jimenez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Theres really not much to say about this beyon...

I've dirtily and quickly reviewed Madhumita Murgia's 'Code Dependent: Living in the Shadow of AI'.

Communicate with your local boat owners.

Therapy session 101

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

EdRecamier Demain, Karine Giebel est au QuaisPolar pour son dernier avec Gregory, infirmier humaniraire
de ici

Get it if you're a mom or dad!

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt shows how the play-based childhood began to decline in the 1980s, and how it was finally wiped out by the arrival of the phone-based childhood in the early 2010s.

CastermanJ La petite sur de Tintin, cr par deux belges, Martine, fte ses 70 ans.Laurence Boudart, directrice du Muse de la littrature de Bruxelles, publie. Lternelle jeunesse dune icne, avecFranois Marlier

Tom Kitching is a cool fiddle player whose previous books and albums Ive really enjoyed, particularly the Busk England project that led to the Seasons of Change album and book - so heres a link to the Kickstarter for his latest project that Id like you to back too so I get the things Ive pledged for!

Excerpt From The New Book "Math Rock" By Jeff Gomez

Reid Ashbaucher is the author of several books, all written in the Theology/Religion, Religion/Philosophy or Christian Spiritual Growth genres.

He is using Sassy Social Share to allow the website visitors to share content over popular social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, X, Gab, Gettr, Mastodon and over 100 more in one click without saving cookies in their browsers.

Visit and know more about his publishings.

"Every night, I sleep through the same nightmare. I hear a roar coming towards me, an increasingly menacing rumour. I don't turn round. I don't need to. I know who's chasing me... I know they have machetes. Somehow, without turning around, I know they have machetes... Sometimes there are my classmates too. I hear their screams when they fall. When they...Now I'm running alone, I know I'm going to fall, I know I'm going to be trampled, I don't want to feel the cold of the blade on my neck, I...
I wake up. I'm in France. The house is silent. My children are asleep in their room.

Scholastique Mukasonga, in her book "Inyenzi ou les Cafards" (incipit)


British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

"The Little Shepherd Of Kingdom Come" (1993)
John Fox, Jr.

Calibre'ye gncelleme gelmi, ama bu ne istiyor, silip yeniden kurmak m istiyor ne diye aratnca Calibre Kullanma Klavuzu buldum.

launch event - Sunday Letter

The Krav Maga Expert by Boaz Aviram.

Listening to audiobook A CONFEDERATE GENERAL FROM BIG SUR (1965) by Richard Brautigan, read by Jim Meskimen

Taekwondo: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique by Marc Tedeschi.

Ed Parker Ed Parker's Infinite Insights Into Kenpo.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Vamos bien este ao

A book years in the making

The of Rabbit Fever en has arrived!

Free eBook

The third volume of the Novellae Draconum, He Was Once A Greedy Dragon, will be released on May 7!

He was once a greedy dragon... he's no more a dragon.

A mage called Galain tricked him, and turned him into one of the very creatures he used to extort gold from: a human.
And he won't get his body back until he gets taught by Galain what it means to be a being he always deemed inferior...

Cover by Agnieszka Krzesiska:

Hello! Heres a new sweet historical romance called DREAMS FOR COURAGE by Shanna Hatfield. It is out and it is the 3rd book in the Holiday Dreams series.

"What is the most boring history book you have read, and why Excruciating tedium can have intellectual value, says George Garnett."

Also I was in the spirit vision and beheld a parricidal pomp of atheists, coupled by two and by two in the supernal ecstasy of the stars. They did laugh and rejoice exceedingly, being clad in purple robes and drunken with purple wine, and their whole soul was one purple flower-flame of holiness.

New Tamsin Mather (April 2024): Adventures in Volcanoland: What Volcanoes Tell Us About the World and Ourselves

It's a new beta, with a new chapter!

Buy Business Success with now and be one of the first to read Chapter 19, The of Releasing !

New: K.L. Noone's MM superhero box set Extraordinary:

Johns a weary superhero who lost his first partner. Ryan used to be a sidekick but always wanted to be in charge. And Holiday, trained to be a supervillain, is trying to learn to be good. The three of them make a fantastic team on a mission...

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"America's Israel" (2020)
Kenneth Kolander

Ama yazma tarzlar ok garip! Ne Avrupallar gibi soldan saa, ne Araplar gibi sadan sola, ne inliler gibi yukardan aa, ne de Cascagiallar gibi aadan yukar tpk ngilteredeki bayanlarn yazlar gibi, kdn st kesinden alttaki kar keye doru eri br bir eyler.

(Gliver'in Gezileri, Birinci Blm, Lilliputa Gezi, VI, Sayfa: 105)


my sole intention is to have it formatted as an eBook in order to give it away freely to any and all who might enjoy the ride and find some value in it.
Elisabet Sahtouris, VISTA

This book is the story or rather, a slew of stories about the development of my own Vista, so that you, Dear Reader, can follow my trajectory in my hope it might help you in evolving your own Vista.
Elisabet Sahtouris, VISTA Life and getting where you want to be

Hesap edildiine gre, eitli zamanlarda on bir bin kii yumurtalarn sivri utan krmaya katlanmaktansa lme raz olmular.

- Gliver'in Gezileri, Birinci Blm, Lilliputa Gezi, IV, Sayfa: 89 -

Byle eylere baylyorum.

To create the human future well, I believe we all need good Vistas consciously created belief systems comprised of worldviews, what we believe to be facts about ourselves, our world, the whole cosmos, and the values with which we steer our way among them.
Elisabet Sahtouris, VISTA

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