Today's review!

Today's review!

Maryann reviews "The Shaman of Heaven and Hell" by Chris Kim:

"Kim spins a fasciamting tale out of Korean myths, spirits, and demons... the worldbuilding and descriptions were done very well - full of creative ideas and a suspenseful atmosphere. I would love to see what Kim writes next."


4th read so far this year! I'm quite impressed that I'm finding the time...
Anyways, as with the others, A Million Little Pieces - James Frey was thoroughly enjoyable!

Next up is a new book, bought solely on the strength of a 'Staff Recommends' card in Waterstones


Blake Crouch

An interesting approach to the multiverse, but hampered by a revenge plot I just couldn't get into. (I imagined the main character as Tom Jayne's method actor from Arrested Development.) The few female characters repeatedly meet a gratuitous end.

Talk to the boat next door.

CM Nitish releases the book 'Loktantra Ke Peharua' based on the collection of articles and speeches of Rajya Sabha MP Bashistha Narayan Singh.

Enjoy tracker free news reading with us.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

A virtual Shelf - 90 titles from

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A bit of a plot twist!


Stopped for a , forgot to bring my ...

Laboiteabulles NetGalleyFrance Une spciale , qui raconte le quotidien de cette gnration dore qui a des douleurs arthritiques maintenant, mais qui se refuse quitter le devant de la scne bsegui

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find GREAT books!

Is the spring coming he said. What is it like" "It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Tobacco Merchant" (2014)
Maurice Duke and Daniel P. Jordan

FUNNY, SAD, SILLY, wise novel about the end of a long relationship and what comes after that. Strong characterizations and a distinctive voice take this a level or two above the ordinary. B PLUS

How little we know of ourselves at any moment how distinctly human that is. There is such little grace given to the perfect messiness of desire.
You can be a stranger to yourself: you almost certainly will be, at some point or another. It is inevitable, as inevitable as the moment of rupture that sends you hurtling toward the self you were always going to be.
Carmen Maria Machado, 'Both Ways,' It Came from the Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror

Was Royce ONeale the missing piece to a Phoenix Suns championship PHNX Suns Live Show

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

I am inordinately proud of the fact that I hung a shelf. All by myself. Only mangling the drywall a little bit.

I needed the shelf because I have more books than shelf space.

To celebrate hanging this shelf, I think Ill buy even more books

A new month On a

It's time for , and since we're now in , it is also time to start the !

And of course, I am still doing , this month's being "The Blue Train", which not only is a (duh!), but also fit for MMM's first prompt, "dressed to the nines".

pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

Latest books I bought, screaming to be read

...this not a How to manual, but rather a Why inquiry into what makes anticipation characteristic of the living.
Mihai Nadin, Prolegomena, in Anticipatory Systems by Robert Rosen, p. l

"The Struggle for Cooperation" (2019)
Robert L. Fuller

I'm really sad to read that A Book Apart is ceasing its publishing activity, which for almost 15 years has built up a collection of must-have reference books.

I still have some of these to read

The Ruby Throne

A of the Big Fiction by Dan Sinykin:

Do We Need To Save Fiction From Conglomerate Publishing 2023, The Washington Post ().

Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!

The first part is right, I make no promises about the second part

New: Russell Klyford's queer sci-fi book Emergent Mars:

A hard science fiction novel that raises the question: How will humanity free itself from all the mistakes of its past as it expands into the solar system

Mars, once humanitys new frontier, is now in a tight situation. After nearly twenty-five years...

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Spent my birthday tokens. One about death, one about 18th century menswear. Very me!

I did have my usual qualms - will they take up too much space Should I buy something more sensible WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK But I'm trying to get over the last of those questions as it's been ringing round my head for years, and lockdown taught me the answer is IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEY THINK. So I got my books on men and morbid art.

Today's review!

"Nightshade Emporium by Hayden Thorne:

"The characters are the authors take on Greek mythology, but with different names. I enjoyed seeing how this immortal family interacted with mortals firsthand, and earned a new appreciation for what they go through in life and death. 4 stars."

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The Daily Heller: Fred Troller and His Modern Legacy
Feat.: voldotco + uniteditions
by Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag

The Daily Heller: Tombstones That Killed
by Steven Heller thedailyheller at printmag
: Author Anthony Martignetti + editor/designer Daniel Melamud Deep Thoughts From a Shallow Grave: Epitaphs to Die For. RizzoliBkstore

Lady Luck Giveaway Hop March 1st - 15th

Giveaway: Winners choice of a Book, eBook, Audible Credit or Chirp eGift Card up-to $15 (INT).

just finished reading this fascinating about a life in by one of my scientific heroes, Peter Grant! moochas smoochas to kate the magnificent & PrincetonUPress for sharing it!

New sapphic book review: Tempting Olivia (Oxford Romance #2) by Clare Ashton

like interested in & this highly-recommended arrived yesterday, thanks to rose the magnificent & ChelseaGreen ! so excited to dive in!

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Fans of speculative fiction should give it a try!

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