Warlords of Xuma

Warlords of Xuma

A of the "Book Madness: A Story Of Book Collectors In America" by Denise Gigante:

"A Degenerate Assemblage", London Review Of Books ( or ).

A of the "The Reopening Of The Western Mind" by Charles Freeman:

"'The Reopening Of The Western Mind' Review: Old Ideas, New Dawn", The Wall Street Journal ( or ).

A of the "The Once And Future Sex" by Eleanor Janega:

"'The Once And Future Sex' Review: Daughters Of Eve", The Wall Street Journal ( or ).

New sapphic book review! Deeds and Words (Louisa & Ada #2) by Sarah Bell

Communicate with your local boat owners.

A of the "Porn: An Oral History" by Polly Barton:

"For Your Viewing Pleasure", Literary Review ().

A of the "The Earth Transformed" by Peter Frankopan:

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It", Literary Review ().

Giving my brain a break with my next .

Today's review! Rocking Karma by Kaje Harper:

"Dax is thirty-one. His past has not been easy, but hes survived. Lane is twenty-two, and is very nave. Hes also keeping secrets... absolutely rocked... Harper brings out all the warmth, caring, romance and love from her wonderful characters."

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"something is happening worldwide. ... threshold of current society and maybe.


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Becoming the Parable of the Movement

At the Black Hive, we have developed a Black Climate Mandate that lays out the changes needed so that all Black people worldwide can thrive

Visible Monsters paperback arrived

A new book graces the site

Combining theories on fictional persons from Japanese and Euro-American practices, this book discusses characters in our popular media culture in which they are constantly re-imagined.

Sometimes, we get what we need. And sometimes, we get what we deserve. I guess you could call it .

Check it out today!

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Love these pics of me, , , , & Ariane Ollier-Malaterre at the panel at last week. We look so seeeeerious.

"something is happening worldwide. ... threshold of current society and maybe.


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The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Ellian is thrust into leadership long before she thinks she is ready. She has just two choices before her: fly or fall.

The future of dragonkind depends on her getting it right.

Meredith Bagby

In the late 70s, NASA introduced their first class of civilians, women, and POC "those f*ing new guys" as the old-timers put it. Bagby details four decades and a dozen astronauts, offering plenty of space history without getting bogged down. In effect, this is a biography of the space shuttle program itself. That includes cynical beginnings, heartbreaking tragedies, and infuriating mismanagement. The New Guys rise above it all.

Daro Vilas Couselo (Vigo, 1979) un escritor, profesor de escritura creativa y guionista. Ha colaborado con varios sellos. Asimismo, fue el creador de las webs culturales Horror Hispano y Cultura Hache, ambas centradas en la obra de autores nacionales, as como impulsor de varios premios y certmenes literarios. Habitualmente, colabora con publicaciones especializadas como la revista Scifiworld o la web OcioZero. En 2014 gan el premio nocte a la Mejor Novela de Terror Nacional publicada en 2013, con El hombre que nunca sacrificaba gallinas viejas,
A finales de 2017 impuls en Vigo el proyecto cultural Librinde, que culmin con la apertura, a principios del ao siguiente, de la tienda, y espacio cultural, homnima. Tambin introdujo la figura del Cazalibros, una opcin mediante la cual los compradores solicitan ttulos difciles de conseguir, descatalogados o de coleccionista, con un presupuesto mximo fijado de antemano, y desde Librinde se encargan de conseguir el artculo. Por otra parte, Librinde alberga eventos y cursos relacionados con la literatura y otras disciplinas creativas.
En 2019 fund el sello editorial Mentiras Necesarias, en colaboracin con la editorial Saco de Huesos. Jaime se encuentra en momento confuso de su vida, una chispa har que vuelva a nacer su obsesin por una chica desaparecida hace veinte aos que lo embarcar en una cruzada para resolver el caso.

Intrigante, oscuro y tenso. Una atmsfera gris y de apata te conduce por este relato al interior de la mente humana y a lo desconocido. Mantiene una tensin y regusto amargo en la boca que te hace estar pegado a sus paginas, no es buena idea leerlo de madrugada.

Taking a week off because Ive barely used any holiday this year. Ive not gone anywhere, but Im very much enjoying just lying about reading a (Showtime: Magic Johnson and the La Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s by Jeff Pearlman). Later, some and then off to track to my guys through a mile time trial. Then home for Bake Off. No work in the way of my day. Its all good.

Flying to the South Pole sounds a lot easier than walking there. But in 1929, is was still a massive undertaking. "Little America" by Richard E. Byrd tells the story, and is a .

Cold weather and sappy books just go together.

Excerpt from On Second Thought Chapter 23.

This from the "America's first cuisines" is wild. The entire thing is an old man and a goddess fat shaming some while they sink into the ground for being too heavy. Still, the quote at the end is still profound because old age doesnt have to suck if you live healthy.


My review of by Ruth Kelly is live on !

A very suspenseful, highly intriguing read with lots of surprises along the way, a stunning setting and a cast of interesting characters.

My review

"something is happening worldwide. ... threshold of current society and maybe.


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Hurray, my article on understanding the impact of your has just been published! If your book was downloaded 500 times, is that actually good Read on to find the answer .

Snijder R, Measured in a context: making sense of open access book data, Insights, 2023, 36: 20, 110 DOI:

Last day of the
Just 99p!

Lady of the Court, servant of Queens, courtier, wife, spy... And constant heart

This is the story of Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford

Mistress Constancy, Book One

Un parcours de rtablissement est rarement droit, la persvrance est de mise et un jour vous pourrez dire : je l'ai fait !

On en parle dans "Journal d'une polyaddict libre"

Commande :
- l'diteur eyrollesbienetre :
- la FNAC :
- Amazon :
Et bien d'autres et en librairie !

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Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

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The leaves are turning red. The temperatures are cooler ! Fall is in the air and Look ! The Mailman dropped the October surprise mail from ! How exciting ! What book do you think is hidden inside A small clue : it is a middle grade graphic novel recently published !

A girls love for her dad shines in this exquisitely illustrated story about the honey gatherers of the Sundarbans.

To any animal lover interested in animal cognition I highly recommend this by David Pea-Guzmn.

It's a bit technical, and I had to research a few terms while reading. However, it's still very accessible to the average reader even without much scientific background such as myself.

I learned a lot. The book describes many experiments performed with animals, some of which are less than ethical in my view. The conclusions the author offers are worth reading through the difficult parts.

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When Will you Die?