What book do you tell people

What book do you tell people youve read, but have never tried to read

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What book do you tell people youve read, but have never tried to read

I finished reading The Humans by last night.

A of the How To Focus by Jamie Kreiner:

What Monks Know About Focus, Joel J Miller ().

Via HN:

A brilliant, delightful, and scathing of the Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson, which is more than a must-read:

Very Ordinary Men, The Point ().

A of the Free Agents by Kevin J. Mitchell on , , and :

The Fate Of Free Will, The New York Review ().

A of the Emperor Of Rome by Mary Beard & their work on in general:

Sex And Grue In Ancient Rome, Harpers ().

Book 9 of 2024. Twisty and turny and very Japanese. Excellent set of small rough cut gems.

A of the Economics In America by Angus Deaton:

The Stagnant Science: Mainstream Economics In America 2023, American Affairs ().


Talk to the boat next door.

Pleased to report that shipping delays for the hardcover edition of "The Spiral and The Threads" are finally down to under two weeks. Grab yours today!

Also available in paperback or Kindle eBook. Read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Malek : La du
Des Ce nest que la partie de ce auquel invite Malek Labidi, dans son

Time to review Chicano Frankenstein. It inspired me to make I loved this novel and think it was so thought provoking !

"Reform in America" (2014)
Robert H. Walker

Book Guardrails: Guiding Human Decisions in the Age of AI

When we make decisions, our thinking is informed by societal norms, guardrails that guide our decisions, like the laws and rules that govern us. But what are good guardrails in todays world of overwhelming information flows and increasingly powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence

Heres How Phoenix Wasted Otherworldly Game By Kevin Durant Suns Vs. Celtics Postgame

A of the The Art Of Libromancy by Josh Cook & on the job of a :

There Is No Such Thing As A Good Book: On The Art of Libromancy 2023, Public Books ().

Butterflies of Hongkong -1907-

Beneath the Gods Tree S Kaeth

This was me second visit to S Kaeth's fantasy world, the first being Between Starfalls. I again found the world interesting and the story generally well written. If I have any critisim of the book it would be around some of the dialogue. Specifically some of the dialogue between Taunos and Amanah as they're figuring out if they're going to go forward with being a couple.

"Gender and the Writer's Imagination" (2014)
Mary Suzanne Schriber

1987 A group of women sitting on a couch

In the image, there is a group of women engaged in a social gathering, comfortably seated on a couch placed within an indoor setting.
Their attire suggests a casual, yet thoughtful choice of clothing, which adds to the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the scene.
Each individual's facial expression, captured with remarkable clarity, contributes to the overall feeling of camaraderie and warmth among the group.
The presence of a book suggests that their gathering might involve a shared interest in reading or discussion, further emphasizing the intellectual and social bonds between them.
The room is illuminated, possibly by natural light streaming through a window, highlighting the details of their surroundings, including the subtle textures of the couch and the walls.
This scene is rendered in a striking black and white palette, which not only adds a timeless quality to the image but also focuses attention on the expressions, interactions, and the intricate play of light and shadow, enriching the narrative conveyed by the photograph.

Biblio File column!

"Love Bath" by "Caroling Atomz."

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Book mail! I own every poetry by Seuss. I just love her voice. This is her latest, Modern Poetry.

The Lepidoptera of Ceylon by Moore, Frederic, 1830-1907

Book - Open source and interactive textbooks on Stats & Probability

For this weeks , I've got a fast paced sci-fi adventure for you to check out called Remix. It's a in the Night Owls series. Stephen Gay crafts an action packed yarn you'll love.

Pen and Plot

Beautiful book post!... 'The Shadow of the Wind' by Carlos Ruiz Zafn, with illustrations by Jorge Gonzlez, just published by The Folio Society.

Quick tutorial on CROOKED NECK's book cover. Get the full tut when you get the "Avid Artist's Bundle" add-on here:

I jumped straight into painting color. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. The picture doesn't read. Things I think need to be therelike the camera floating atop Influencer's palmthere's no room for 'em!

I need a plan.

pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

New sapphic book review: The Rewind by Nicole Stiling

"To Reach the High Frontier" (2002)
edited by Roger D. Launius and Dennis R. Jenkins

These are the two that I today. What are you currently

I've got another awesome for the weekend : "You're Paid What You're Worth" by JakeRosenfeld1 HarvardPress

What I 'm at the weekend ... "Economics in America" DeatonAngus an awesome written from the bottom of author's heart PrincetonUPress Oct 2023

I'm giving up on a . It's by RF Kuang. On paper it sounds great! Oxford, academia, magic, language. Right up my alley
But it's incredibly tedious. None of the characters have any personality. They're just like outlines without much content. And then she takes every opportunity to tell, and show, and tell again. Get this. The British empire is evil.
I'm not objecting to that as a historical truth. Its just repetitive and very boring.

Just had to get it out. I'm pissed it wasn't good!

Sometimes you found treasure's in the garbage -

Big news

Finally finished some new -- a scene from THE END OF THE WORLD. Presenting the villain of my future Earth: The After Lord. If you've read my , you know the shit that's going down here. If you haven't, give it a read ( )

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