What You Do Matters

What You Do Matters

As I completed Emma Seppalas last week, I noted a documentary What You Do Matters.

I highly recommend prioritizing time to be inspired and motivated by watching!

Clavis Diplomatica
Item date: 1737.


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Fabulous Harbours

Well this is a lovely start to the week!

My first ever book contribution is out there in the world: I wrote one of the case studies (Low Cost, High Fun) in this fabulous new about engaging young kids with ! :blobbook:

You can get it from here if you feel so inclined:

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Recently read: Jo Walton's Necessity.

I freaking love Jo Walton. Every book is different yet full of weird and interesting ideas. Necessity is the last of the The Just City trilogy and, while the whole trilogy is delicious this one was surprisingly the best.

Costanoa California: If you hate camping, youll love this place.

Join us this week on the for a symposium on Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta's new book, The Abstracted () with commentary from Dr. Mark Sprevak, Dr. Carrie Figdor, Dr. Dimitri Coelho Mollo, and Dr. Tina Rck.

Todays post from Chirimuuta provides a prcis and overview of the 's content:


Wer den netten Heizungstypen reinlsst, dem tritt das frher oder spter die Haustr ein.

Einordnung gefllig Bekommt Ihr in unserer aktuellen Episode:

Delighted to receive my copy of "How AI Ate the World" by through the post this morning.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

I have read 2 books in the last week

The first one was The Ascendant (Der Analyst) by Drew Chapman from 2013. The book is about a war between the USA and China, but without fighting. Its all about an upcoming war on stock exchange, real estate market, Hacking, espionage, revolt, It was written quite well and was throughout interesting

The second one was Stoner by John Williams. The book was written in 1965.
The story takes place mostly on a university and the city of Missouri. It starts in 1910 and illuminated the life of an unimportant professor. The book is about different kinds of LOVE - to his wife, his daughter, his parents and his beloved/mistress. highly recommended

pour servir by Cuvier, Georges, baron, 1769-1832 Audouin, Jean Victor, 1797-1841-

Another generational spaceship that may appeal is An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon. A difficult but rewarding read.

Dejarlo todo y empezar de nuevo puede ser una gran idea si te vas al lugar adecuado. Aunque puede que sea el lugar idneo para acabarlo todo.

Directa, atrevida y oscura. Con un tempo como el de la tormenta que empieza como una suave brisa, se va hilando la trama y despedazando a los personajes llegando a temer tanto por la cordura como por la propia. Situaciones cotidianas que se van estirando hasta lo inverosmil y gatos que hablan forman parte de esta genialidad.

I finished reading I Am Death by Chris Carter last night. This is another book in the Robert Hunter series, a series that I have been reading over the past 18 months. I finished this 7th book in the series in less than two weeks. This is a good book that constantly raises anxiety. Definitely worth a read if you are into thrillers and enjoyed the previous six books in this series.

From my perspective this isnt the best book in the Hunter series. At two thirds in, I figured out the story ending myself. I dont believe Ive had that before with any of these books. The character and scenery building itself is very well done.

My book ratings for the Robert Hunter series:

The books that I still need to read in this series:

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Les rgles du Mikadoressemblent aux valeurs quon simpose dans la vie. Alors dun vieux sage une enfant, la conversation a des accents de transmission et pour le lecteur, dhritage mditer. Erriders Gallimard


Coucou mes Bookinautes adors ! Dbutons la semaine en compagnie de et son roman "Peines perdues", paru le 06 mars 2024 aux ditions du Masque !

Rsum dans ma chronique.

Ma chronique complte :

On en parle ensemble en commentaires Belle journe tous !


Hey, , YOUR

find GREAT books!

Enjoy free stories full of magical hijinx!

Including my gender swapped Frog Prince retelling

"Slender Is The Thread" (1992)
Harry M. Caudill

Morgens um 7 in der Bahn

RJ writes quirky romantic humor books because writing is the one thing he can do that doesn't make any noise when he is hiding from his woman when she gets angry.

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ADRIFT IN A NEARLY DESERTED VENICE in the early months of the 2020 pandemic, a writer contemplates his native Nigeria, his life in Detroit, his love of travel, but most of all his complicated family. Beautifully crafted prose, distinctive story. B PLUS

authors and readers don't have much say in labelling. That's done by publishers and marketers with an eye to sales and profit. Whatever sells.

Biblio File column!

The Jefferson State Rebellion: A Story Of Northern Californias Past, Present, And Future by Robert M. Jackson

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Illustrations of new species of exotic butterflies : selected chiefly from the collections of W. Wilson Saunders and William C. Hewitson -1806-1878-

Anne McCaffrey

(SFF Book Club's pick) Alas, not for me. Though I grew up with a well-worn Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, the novels still lose me. As a kid, I thought the dragons were oddly contrived. As an adult, gender essentialism puts me off.

The War of the Worlds (1897) by H.G. Wells (film 1953)

My All-Time Favorite Classic Sci-Fi:

Sci-Fi has captured my imagination for years, and these classic novels and their film adaptations are some of my absolute favorites:

The Time Machine (1895) by H.G. Wells (film 1960)

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) by Jules Verne (film 1954)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) by Jules Verne (film 1959)

Can you recommend other classic Sci-Fi works

Now on sale for $2.99!

Stories from Puglia: Two Californians in Southern Italy

Just started listening to 's Alien Clay. The writing, as always, is just brilliant.

Really looking forward to the rest of it!

This may be a silly question, but how does one actually read short story collections Is it the same as if reading a novel Do you put the book down between every story Do you look for connections between the stories Am I supposed to read them linearly


a very special New Bedford

# . #

The Cat in the Hats Learning Library introduces nonfiction to the beginning reader and serves as a great resource to help teachers make abstract scientific concepts come to life! As the students are entertained by the intriguing stories, they will also learn about fascinating facts that will keep them reading to learn even more.

next in the queue

I'm a few pages in and already quite excited about the content. The quality of the writing *and* the quality of the content is already noticeable from the introduction.

"Absentee Landowning and Exploitation in West Virginia, 1760-1920" (1994)
Barbara Rasmussen

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