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What was it like to bake a era dessert in Canada's Kitchener-Waterloo region during the early 1900s

This video from Parcs takes us on a journey back in time, featuring the making of Cottage Pudding and Lemon . The is from The Berlin Cook Book, a Canadian published in 1906.

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Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Ling Nam Hung Gar - Paperback By Sifu Wing Lam.

We're just a day away from the start of my latest book giveaway, so I wanted to share the following image, which shows how the stories in "Shards" relate to the other works from "The Nod/Wells Timelines." Hopefully, this will give everyone some useful context, and some ideas about which other books of mine to explore if they enjoy their time with "Shards."

Note that you can always find the most up-to-date version of "The Nod/Wells Timelines" via my official web site:

Edinburgh journal of natural history and of the physical sciences, with the Animal kingdom of the Baron Cuvier

I'm reading "This Is How You Lose The Time War" and this is the second time in my life I get to read books written in colour. Not printed in colour, mind you. But written in a way that makes reality bloom.

I love it.

Abbiamo pubblicato la biografia del mitico Ighli Vannucchi, ex fantasista di Salernitana, Empoli, Venezia e della Nazionale Under-21

Rakkan 5 launching tomorrow (Friday) at Outland in Oslo at 17!

The anthology cover vs my redraw cover (each artist were invited to do their version).

"The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles" (2000)
John Jacob Niles


Today I am sharing my for October!

Check out what I am planning to read next month:


My review of by Peter Swanson is live on !

A gripping, unsettling story with a devastating, dark twist that had me completely enraptured.

Check out my review...

Dark adult fairytale After The Forest is written by Kell Woods, a LordGrimdark fan. here
Kell will be a DMZ podcast guest on 9 October. bookstodon

Les champignons (fungi, hymnomyctes) qui croissent en France - 1878

28/9. Side character POV: Describe the MCs sense of humour.
Railu: Jeryas quite a serious person, not a joker. I dont want to make her sound dour or dull, because shes not. Shes as ready as anyone to laugh at the absurdities of life. Of course, most of the time Ive known her, life hasnt given us a great deal to laugh about. I think were both ready for that to change.

My own journey back to time has taken more than twenty yearsthrough my struggles with relativity, quantum foundations, and quantum gravity, which finally led me to the view described here.
Lee Smolin, Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe

THE HAZARDS OF FINDING YOURSELF and creating a lifelong friendship in the midst of unrequited crushes, awkward love triangles, and the overall gloom of an economic recession. Witty, insightful, eloquently Irish coming-of-age novel. B PLUS

Biblio File column: You Cant Complete MeBut I Can!: A Self-Love Story by Hayley Kaplan.

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Arte de Escribir
Rotllan Blas. Ametller, Torcuato Toro De La Riva
Item date: 1798.


and , trying to out-fascist each other again.

Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil de 217 planches dessines d'aprs nature by Lveill, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870 Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826

"Demon-Lovers and Their Victims in British Fiction" (2009)
Toni Reed


Physical editions of my book "Let's Make a Fansite" are now available to order!

This is me, looking plaintively at you in the hope that you will buy and review my new book, OCD-Free:

Look! My Book!
Please buy & review it!
Essays, poems & short stories about obsessive-compulsive disorder and suggested practices for recovery.

I believe that to make sense of the picture of the universe that cosmological observations are bringing to us, we must embrace the reality of time in a new way. This is what I mean by the rebirth of time.
Lee Smolin, Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe

What is time Lee Smolin, Time Reborn

I bought a few books while I was in France and again todayI used to have a bad conscience about my pile of unread books but not anymore!

Fancy some spooky reads in time for Halloween I still have a few copies of my zine with the amazing author Kirsty Logan available over on my shops. Featuring 6 short queer stories inspired by myths and legends from the British Isles. Grab one while you can!

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From to , this details 's rich in City

wrote ": A Cultural History of in . Her debut book delves into drag's journey in the city, from 1860 to today.

Latest queer romance releases:

Hostage to Fortune
L M Somerton

An Angry God
Russell J. Sanders
Young Adult

Repairing Destiny
Geneva Vand

Honey Mead Murder
Dahlia Donovan
Mystery & Thriller

The Gauntlet Runner
J. Scott Coatsworth

Erin M. Leaf

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I can very much recommend Nick Harkaways Gnomon

It is a long book, it's an extraordinary book. Starts slow, gets weird fast but stays the course.

It is SF and nominally cyberpunk, I guess, but it's so much more than that. So very smartly written. Goosebumps several times at the end.

Possibly one of the top ten books I've read.

British birds by Thorburn, Archibald -1860-1935-

Nirvana Biography Come As You Are Getting Annotated Super-Expanded Edition


It's time for this week's !

Here is what I am currently reading, what I recently finished, and what I plan to read next:


The Satanist - The Hermetic Library Blog

What readers are saying: Names from history I heard of actually became real people and interesting. review

Our very own Aaron Randolph has published his first novel THANE

Check out the trailer now and get your copy.

New sapphic book review! Not Just Gal Pals by Elizabeth Luly

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